• Are We There Yet? (2010 - 2012)

    A newlywed couple with two children face various family-related obstacles in this sitcom based on the 2005 film of the same name. Rapper-actor Ice Cub...e, star of the film, serves as an executive producer. [+][–]

    TV Series
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  • Ride Along (2014)

    A motormouthed high-school security guard joins his girlfriend's brother, a decorated police officer, on a ride-along through the mean streets of Atla...nta. In the process, he learns that life on the force is no picnic. [+][–]

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  • Are We There Yet? (2005)

    A kid-hating collectibles dealer takes his lady friend's two bratty children on a nightmarish trip from Seattle to Vancouver in order to impress her.

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  • Are We Done Yet? (2007)

    A family exchanges a cramped New York City apartment for a rural fixer-upper in this feeble, slapstick update of "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House...." Ice Cube, Nia Long, John C. McGinley, Aleisha Allen, Philip Daniel Bolden. Directed by Steve Carr. [+][–]

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  • Next Friday (2000)

    Sequel to 1995's “Friday” sends slacker Craig Jones (Ice Cube) on the lam to his lottery-winning uncle's house in the suburbs to hide from an escaped ...con (Tom 'Tiny' Lister Jr.). Day-Day: Mike Epps. Mr. Jones: John Witherspoon. Uncle Elroy: Don 'D.C.' Curry. Roach: Justin Pierce. Karla: Lisa Rodriguez. [+][–]

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  • All About the Benjamins (2002)

    A bounty hunter (Ice Cube) teams up with a small-time con man (Mike Epps) to follow the trail of a fortune in diamonds and a winning lottery ticket. A... flat buddy flick mixing action and comedy. Tommy Flanagan. Ice Cube also co-produced and co-wrote the script. Kevin Bray directed. [+][–]

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  • Players Club, The (1998)

    A single mother (LisaRaye) who dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist resorts to stripping in a men's club to pay her college tuition. Dollar Bill:... Bernie Mac. Ronnie: Chrystale Wilson. Blue: Jamie Foxx. Reggie: Ice Cube (who also directed). Ebony: Monica Calhoun. Tricks: Adele Givens. Mr. Armstrong: Dick Anthony Williams. [+][–]

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  • XXX: State of the Union (2005)

    En esta secuela, un agente especial sale de la cárcel gracias a su jefe y tiene que impedir un atentado contra el presidente.

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  • 21 Jump Street (2012)

    Two youthful cops join the police force's secret Jump Street unit and go undercover at a local high school to investigate a violent and dangerous drug... ring. In the process, they are forced to face the anxieties of adolescence all over again. [+][–]

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  • Barbershop (2002)

    Ice Cube stars in this funny comedy-drama about a day in the life of the cutups who work and chill at a barbershop on Chicago's South Side. Cedric the... Entertainer is a blast as an opinionated barber who spends more time cracking jokes than cutting hair. Followed by a 2004 sequel. Directed by Tim Story, who made his name shooting music videos for 'N Sync, R. Kelly and India.Arie. [+][–]

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  • CB4 (1993)

    Rap satire about three friends (Chris Rock, Allen Payne, Deezer D) trying to make it in the music industry. White: Chris Elliott. Robinson: Phil Hartm...an. Gusto: Charlie Murphy. Sissy: Khandi Alexander. Albert Sr.: Arthur Evans. Directed by Tamra Davis. [+][–]

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  • Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004)

    A Chicago barber (Ice Cube) tries to prevent a greedy land developer from getting his shop in this hilarious sequel. Queen Latifah costars as the sass...y salon owner; Cedric the Entertainer reprises his role as the opinionated Eddie; and Eve returns as a stylist. Ice Cube also served as co-executive producer. Former NBA great Norm Van Lier plays a customer named Sam. [+][–]

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  • First Sunday (2008)

    Ladrones ineptos intentan robar una iglesia en problemas económicos, pero terminan llevándose una sorpresa en esta mezcla de sentimentalismo y comedia... del director David Talbert. Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan, Katt Williams. [+][–]

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  • Three Kings (1999)

    An audacious blend of political satire, drama and action focuses on four GIs in Iraq at the end of the Gulf War who try to steal a cache of gold. Geor...ge Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube, and Spike Jonze star. David O. Russell directed and wrote the script.. [+][–]

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  • Janky Promoters (2009)

    A pair of ambitious club owners manage to book one of the biggest rap acts in the country to play at their modest venue, but their plans quickly spin ...out of control and the two find themselves in way over their heads. Ice Cube, Mike Epps, Young Jeezy. Directed by Marcus Raboy. [+][–]

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