• Celebrity Name Game

    Stacey Dash and Mario Lopez.

    TV Series
    Next On: New CC Sun 04/19, 03:00 AM
    Ch 192 WGNHD
  • Mo' Money (1992)

    A con man (Damon Wayans) gets mixed up in a credit-card scam. Amber: Stacey Dash. Seymour: Marlon Wayans. Lt. Walsh: Joe Santos. Keith: John Diehl. To...m: Harry J. Lennix. Chris: Mark Beltzman. Eddie: Quincy Wong. Lloyd: Kevin Casey. Directed by Peter Macdonald. [+][–]

    Next On: Tue 04/21, 09:20 AM
    Ch 519 ENCRC
  • Escape From Pearl Bailey

    Steve plots revenge after girlfriend Debbie (voice of Lizzy Caplan) loses a very dirty election for class president. But it backfires badly.

    TV Series
    Next On: CC Tue 04/21, 17:30 PM
    Ch 219 TBSHD
  • Moving (1988)

    A man suffers a number of unexpected problems while he tries to move his family from New Jersey to Idaho after accepting a new job.

    Next On: Thu 04/23, 19:00 PM
    Ch 361 BOUNC
  • Clueless (1995)

    Witty look at a posh Beverly Hills high school and its most popular student (Alicia Silverstone), a teen fashion plate devoted to makeovers and matchm...aking. Dionne: Stacey Dash. Tai: Brittany Murphy. Josh: Paul Rudd. Amy Heckerling directed. [+][–]

    Next On: Fri 04/24, 14:20 PM
    Ch 294 CMDYD
  • Hook'd Up (1999)

    A New York writer (Malik Yoba) researches a story by dating 30 women in 30 days after placing a personal ad. Agreeable romantic comedy about the singl...es scene by first-time screenwriter-director Mike Sargent. Stacey Dash. [+][–]

    Next On: Fri 05/1, 00:00 AM
    Ch 390 WOCKE
  • Phantom Punch (2008)

    A biopic of world-champion heavyweight boxer Sonny Liston (Ving Rhames) covering Liston's discovery, rise to success and untimely death in December 19...70. Stacey Dash, Nicholas Turturro, Alan Van Sprang and Bridgette Wilson also star. Directed by Robert Townsend. [+][–]

    Next On: CC Fri 05/1, 18:45 PM
    Ch 537 STZB
  • Gang of Roses (2003)

    Cowgirls square off against a gang of murderous, gold-hungry outlaws in the Wild West during the 1800s. Monica Calhoun, Lil' Kim, Stacey Dash. Singers... Macy Gray and Bobby Brown make appearances. Jean-Claude La Marre directed, wrote and produced. [+][–]

    Next On: Sat 05/2, 06:40 AM
    Ch 529 ENCA
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Love (2014)

    A meteorology graduate student gets the opportunity to do the weather on a local TV-news show, where there's the potential for a full-time job and a p...ossible romance with a co-worker. [+][–]

    Next On: CC Sat 05/2, 16:00 PM
    Ch 321 HCHD
  • Getting Played (2005)

    Three attractive but romantically troubled ladies decide to seduce---then humiliate and humble---a random man. Bill Bellamy, Stacey Dash, Carmen Elect...ra. David Silberg wrote and directed. [+][–]

  • Ghost Image (2007)

    A video editor (Elisabeth Rohm) whose boyfriend was murdered begins to communicate with him through footage she'd previously taken and wonders if she'...s actually making contact with the other side or if she is going mad. Waylon Payne, Stacey Dash. Directed by Jack Snyder, who cowrote the script with Srikant Chellappa and James Dean Schulte. [+][–]

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