• Enemy of the State (1998)

    Will Smith stars as an unsuspecting lawyer whose life is turned inside out by government agents after a friend slips him evidence regarding a congress...man's murder. Gene Hackman. Reynolds: Jon Voight. Carla: Regina King. Rachel: Lisa Bonet. Zavitz: Jason Lee. Directed by Tony Scott. [+][–]

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    Ch 300 HBO2H
  • 227 (1985 - 1990)

    A sitcom about a busybody in a Washington, D.C., tenement, her family and assorted neighbors. The show was based on the play '227,' which featured ser...ies star Marla Gibbs. [+][–]

    TV Series
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    Ch 527 ENCRB
  • Boondocks, The (2005 - )

    Animated adaptation of the satirical comic-strip series.

    TV Series
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    Ch 226 TOOND
  • Where the Truth Lies (1999)

    A well-known female lawyer must defend a deaf woman (Oscar winner Marlee Matlin) accused of killing a Memphis senatorial candidate. Regina King.

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    Ch 527 ENCRB
  • Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous (2005)

    Newly famous FBI agent Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) makes the talk-show rounds while investigating the abduction of a pageant queen.

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    Ch 564 MMAX
  • How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998)

    Angela Bassett stars as a 40-year-old businesswoman whose Jamaican vacation lands her a fine souvenir: a hunky, twentysomething suitor (Taye Diggs). D...elilah: Whoopi Goldberg. Vanessa: Regina King. Angela: Suzzanne Douglas. [+][–]

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    Ch 567 5 MAX
  • Higher Learning (1995)

    John Singleton's group portrait fixes on the tensions fragmenting the freshman class of a fictional college. Omar Epps, Kristy Swanson. Remy: Michael ...Rapaport. Taryn: Jennifer Connelly. Fudge: Ice Cube. Prof. Phipps: Laurence Fishburne. Wayne: Jason Wiles. Deja: Tyra Banks. [+][–]

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    Ch 61 VH1
  • Egg Salad Equivalency, The

    Sheldon earns a date with the Employee Relations Department when he gets accused of sexual harassment, and it looks like Leonard, Raj and Howard may g...o down with him. [+][–]

    TV Series
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    Ch 219 TBSHD
  • Down to Earth (2001)

    A heavenly mix-up causes the untimely death of a black comic (Chris Rock), who returns to Earth as a rich---and white---old-timer. Uninspired comedy, ...but Rock is appealing. Regina King. A reworking of the 1978 film “Heaven Can Wait” (which was a remake of 1941's “Here Comes Mr. Jordan”). [+][–]

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    Ch 123 OXGN
  • Tenure Turbulence, The

    The guys' competition for a tenured professorship leads them to shamelessly schmooze committee members, including an HR manager who's had a run-in wit...h Sheldon. [+][–]

    TV Series
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    Ch 219 TBSHD
  • Our Family Wedding (2010)

    Dos padres obstinados intentan dejar de lado sus diferencias personales cuando sus hijos se preparan para contraer nupcias.

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    Ch 193 WSNSD
  • Strain, The (2014 - )

    A vampiric virus spreads through New York City.

    TV Series
  • Hofstadter Insufficiency, The

    In the series 7 premiere, Leonard is away at sea, so Sheldon and Penny spend some time together and spill some revealing secrets. Meanwhile, Howard co...mes to Raj's aid after his breakup with his girlfriend. [+][–]

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  • Junior Professor Solution, The

    Sheldon is ordered to teach a class, and the gang is surprised when Howard signs up to take it; and tensions between Penny and Bernadette afford Amy a...n opportunity to play one against the other. [+][–]

    TV Series
  • Truth Be Told (2002)

    After surviving an underworld hit, an enterprising woman (Regina King) must stay one step ahead of the corrupt cops and the mob who want her dead. Bla...ir Underwood. Directed by Jeff Byrd. A.k.a. “Final Breakdown.” [+][–]