• Premium Rush (2012)

    Manhattan bike courier Wilee flees from a crooked cop while attempting to deliver a mysterious package.

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    Ch 1512 FXXHD
  • Hangover Part III, The (2013)

    The Wolfpack search for Mr. Chow after Alan is kidnapped by a villain seeking revenge on the Asian hustler for stealing $21 million.

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    Ch 324 AMAX
  • Grown Ups (2010)

    Hace 30 años que un equipo de chavales ganó un campeonato de baloncesto. Su entrenador les instó entonces a llevar una vida de la que pudieran sentirs...e orgullosos, para no arrepentirse de nada cuando todo terminara. Este final ha llegado para el entrenador, y los cinco, ya adultos y con familias, se reúnen para darle el último adiós. [+][–]

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    Ch 644 CSONY
  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007)

    Broad farce about a widowed firefighter (Kevin James) who asks his straight pal (Adam Sandler) to pose as his gay lover so that his kids can receive l...ife-insurance benefits. Jessica Biel, Dan Aykroyd, Ving Rhames, Steve Buscemi. Directed by Dennis Dugan. [+][–]

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    Ch 13 USA
  • Grown Ups (2010)

    As kids, Lenny (Adam Sandler) and his four best friends (Kevin James, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, David Spade) won a basketball championship. Decades l...ater, the five men reunite at a lake house after their former coach passes away. Although they all have families and jobs, it turns out none of them have ever fully accepted the need to leave their childhoods behind. Directed by Dennis Dugan. [+][–]

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    Ch 824 FXHD
  • Knife Fight (2012)

    A political strategist covers up a Kentucky governor's extramarital affairs, helps a California senator deal with blackmail and guides an ambitious do...ctor into the world of politics, but soon finds the demands of his job corroding his moral compass. [+][–]

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    Ch 352 TMCXe
  • Hangover Part II, The (2011)

    The gang travel to Thailand to see Stu (Ed Helms) get married, and lose the groom's future brother-in-law Teddy during the bachelor party. In their se...arch to find him, their previous Las Vegas adventure starts to look like a family trip to Disneyland. [+][–]

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    Ch 826 TBSHD
  • Man With the Iron Fists, The (2012)

    A blacksmith in rural China becomes a living weapon after a war erupts, and he uses his fighting skills and the weapons he's created to defend his vil...lage from invaders. [+][–]

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    Ch 71 SPIKE
  • Eden (2012)

    A Korean-American teen is abducted by human traffickers and forced into prostitution on the outskirts of Las Vegas, but she uses her cunning to rise t...hrough the ranks of the criminal organization that imprisoned her. [+][–]

  • Bad Johnson (2014)

    A womanizer's manhood takes the form of a lewd guy who embarks on a mischievous quest for sex. With his raunchy alter ego completely out of control, R...ich must find a way to set things right and learn what it really means to be a man. [+][–]

  • Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)

    Robert Rodriguez teams with Frank Miller to direct this follow-up to "Sin City" that finds the character of Dwight getting wrapped up in the thralls o...f femme fatale Ava, and a mysterious gambler named Johnny on a mission to take down his sworn enemy in a high-stakes game of life and death. [+][–]

  • Sucker Punch (2011)

    After being sent to a mental hospital for a lobotomy by her cruel stepfather, Babydoll (Emily Browning) plots an escape with the help of four other wo...men. She imagines herself and her friends as warriors doing battle in a series of wild fantasy worlds as they seek out five items in order to secure their freedom. [+][–]

  • Sorority Row (2009)

    Five sorority sisters are stalked by a serial killer after covering up a hazing prank that resulted in the death of a pledge. Carrie Fisher, Audrina P...atridge, Jamie Chung. [+][–]

  • Dragonball: Evolution (2009)

    This fantasy action film stars Justin Chatwin as Goku, an 18-year-old whose grandfather gives him a Dragonball. The old man tells him that when a pers...on combines all seven Dragonballs in the world, that person can have a wish granted. After an attack on his grandfather, Goku sets off with friends to find the other Dragonballs and save the world. Directed by James Wong. Chow Yun-Fat, Emmy Rossum. [+][–]

  • Rudderless (2014)

    A grieving father performs his late son's songs in order to keep his spirit alive. Later, the father and a young musician form a band that transforms ...their lives in ways neither dreamed possible. [+][–]