• Awakenings (1990)

    Fact-based story about a neurologist who tries to revive a near-comatose patient.

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    Ch 156 ENCRC
  • What Dreams May Come (1998)

    Robin Williams stars in this sentimental, metaphysical love story about a husband's efforts to reunite with his wife (Annabella Sciorra) in the afterl...ife. Cuba Gooding Jr., Max von Sydow, Jessica Brooks Grant, Josh Paddock. [+][–]

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    Ch 312 HBO2H
  • Robots (2005)

    A small-town robot (voice of Ewan McGregor) goes to the big city to be an inventor. An eye-popping computer-animated comedy. Other voices: Robin Willi...ams, Halle Berry, Mel Brooks and Amanda Bynes. Directed by Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha (“Ice Age”). [+][–]

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    Ch 321 MMAX
  • Nine Months (1995)

    A single, child psychologist breaks up with his live-in girlfriend when he learns that she is pregnant.

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    Ch 327 MMAX
  • Fathers' Day (1997)

    Billy Crystal and Robin Williams play a lawyer and a writer who join forces when a former flame claims one of them is the father of her runaway son. C...arrie: Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Collette: Nastassja Kinski. Scott Andrews: Charlie Hofheimer. Bob Andrews: Bruce Greenwood. Ivan Reitman directed. [+][–]

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    Ch 375 STZC
  • Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic (2013)

    A documentary on the stand-up comic and performer includes interviews with comedians, who describe his influence on them; and with family members, who... discuss the difficulties in Pryor's life. [+][–]

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    Ch 339 SHOHD
  • RV (2006)

    Overworked executive Bob Munro persuades his family to give up their Hawaiian vacation for a road trip to Colorado in a recreational vehicle.

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    Ch 375 STZC
  • Hook (1991)

    A workaholic yuppie lawyer remembers he was once Peter Pan after Captain Hook kidnaps his children. This forces the miserable man to rediscover his in...ner-child while returning to Neverland to rescue them and become a better father. [+][–]

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    Ch 881 ABCFD
  • Cadillac Man (1990)

    A fast-talking car salesman who is down on his luck and in over his head uses his wits to save lives when the insanely jealous husband of a dimwitted ...showroom receptionist takes the dealership hostage. [+][–]

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    Ch 375 STZC
  • Good Will Hunting (1997)

    An Oscar-winning screenplay by costars Matt Damon and Ben Affleck propels this solid tale about a brilliant but undisciplined janitor who confronts hi...s problems with the help of a therapist (Robin Williams, who also won an Oscar). Gus Van Sant directed. [+][–]

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    Ch 156 ENCRC
  • Dead Poets Society (1989)

    A staid but well-respected prep school is enlivened by a newly-arrived, charismatic English teacher, who inspires his students with unconventional met...hods and philosophies. [+][–]

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    Ch 339 SHOHD
  • Popeye (1980)

    Robin Williams as the spinach-eating sailor and Shelley Duvall as his sweetie Olive Oyl in Robert Altman's campy version of the comic strip. Ray Walst...on. Bluto: Paul Smith. Wimpy: Paul Dooley. Geezil: Richard Libertini. Nana: Roberta Maxwell. Taxman: Donald Moffat. [+][–]

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    Ch 156 ENCRC
  • Dead Again (1991)

    Kenneth Branagh (who also directed) plays dual roles in this stylish mix of reincarnation and a 40-year-old murder case. Grace/Margaret: Emma Thompson.... Baker: Andy Garcia. Dr. Carlisle: Robin Williams. Madson: Derek Jacobi. Inga: Hanna Schygulla. Doug: Campbell Scott. Pete: Wayne Knight. [+][–]

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    Ch 167 INDIE
  • One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion, The

    Pete pursues the Ultimate Fighting championship; Chandler has a slap-happy new boss; Ross dates Phoebe's friend. Billy Crystal and Robin Williams have... cameos. Pete: Jon Favreau. Doug: Sam McMurray. Bonnie: Christine Taylor. [+][–]

    TV Series
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  • Happy Feet (2006)

    Tap-happy romp (Best Animated Feature Oscar winner) about a penguin colony that finds its mates through song, and an outcast who can't carry a tune bu...t can dance like Fred Astaire (or Savion Glover, whose movements were replicated using motion-capture filming). Features the voice talent of Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman and Brittany Murphy. [+][–]

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    Ch 877 DXDHD