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Why Planes Crash

S2 | Ep4 Small Planes, Big Problems

General aviation pilots say small planes give them a level of control that big jets don't. But there is little room for mistakes in the cockpit of a small plane, where bad weather, poor visibility or distraction can be deadly.

On the Record With Greta Van Susteren

The host and lawyer conducts interviews and covers breaking news. Van Susteren joined Fox News in February 2002 after a stint at CNN.


Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans

Get a jump on the day's news with John Berman and Christine Romans.

Nancy Grace

The feisty former prosecutor and her guests discuss a range of legal cases.

Hardball With Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews debates hot political issues with politicians, newsmakers and Washington leaders.

Inside Story

S1 | Ep419

News stories of the day are discussed by insiders with varying perspectives.

Fighting Cancer: Real Stories of Healing and Hope

Inspiring stories of how Cancer Treatment Centers of America is giving patients more hope through their unique treatment model.

Sexy In 2015!

Ready for amazing results in just 3 weeks? Simple fitness, simple eating and fast results to a sexy new you.


BBC World News

International news from the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Key Capitol Hill Hearings

Book Discussion on The Global War on Morris

Voting Rights Address



ESPN's flagship program provides a thorough presentation of sports news, highlights and analysis. The Emmy-winning show revolutionized the sports-news genre by deftly mixing information with irreverence in a hip, daily scrapbook of homers, touchdowns and slam dunks, the perfect clips-and-controversies fix for sports junkies. Staple features besides game scores and highlights include expert breakdowns, `Top Ten Plays', Web polls and trivia.

30 for 30 Shorts

S3 | Ep13 Untucked/Wilt Chamberlain: Borscht Belt Bellhop

Featured: Marquette basketball's unique 1970s uniforms; Wilt Chamberlain's 1954 summer job in the Catskills while playing for Red Auerbach. Directors: Danny Pudi; Caroline Laskow and Ian Rosenberg.


Fox Sports Live

A nightly presentation of sports news, highlights and opinion.

F1 Extra

A wrap-up of Formula One racing.

The Golf Fix

A weekly instructional show that features notable shots from the previous weekend's tournaments. Included: the best and worst shots and how best to play them; questions from e-mails and callers.

BTN Live

Fans interact with network personalities via e-mail and social media.


Daily studio discussion of all the latest Southeastern Conference news and newsmakers.

Pac-12 Sports Report

Spotlighting top stories from the "Conference of Champions," with commentary, recaps and features.

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Keith Olbermann takes a look at relevant sports topics through a mix of commentary and interviews, contributors, highlights and panel discussions.

Fútbol Picante

Se analiza el fútbol mexicano en un formato interactivo con invitados especiales y comentarios de expertos.

La Última Palabra

Discusiones sobre temas en el mundo del fútbol y el deporte en general, con un grupo de presentadores y comentaristas y la participación del público por teléfono, fax e internet.

Rivalidades Deportivas

Fútbol: Holanda vs. Alemania

Una de las rivalidades más antiguas y más conocidas en el mundo, que data desde 1974, cuando los holandeses perdieron la final de la Copa Mundial contra Alemania Occidental.


Fútbol en Serio. Punto

Un grupo de expertos analiza torneos de fútbol nacionales e internacionales.

Fútbol sin censura

Sitio para hablar de todo lo relacionado con fútbol.

The Fab Five

The University of Michigan's dynamic basketball squad of the early 1990s is recalled. Led by Chris Webber, Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard, the Wolverines made two straight NCAA championship games only to have their accomplishments tarnished by violations.


Gold Fever

Prospecting throughout the U.S. and a look at events along the gold-rush trail.

Pac-12 Sports Report

Spotlighting top stories from the "Conference of Champions," with commentary, recaps and features.

Pac-12 Sports Report

Spotlighting top stories from the "Conference of Champions," with commentary, recaps and features.

Pac-12 Sports Report

Spotlighting top stories from the "Conference of Champions," with commentary, recaps and features.

Pac-12 Sports Report

Spotlighting top stories from the "Conference of Champions," with commentary, recaps and features.

Pac-12 Sports Report

Spotlighting top stories from the "Conference of Champions," with commentary, recaps and features.

Pac-12 Sports Report

Spotlighting top stories from the "Conference of Champions," with commentary, recaps and features.

One Day International Cricket Highlights

Pakistan vs. New Zealand.

DJ Night Light

Parent-targeted, kid-friendly short programs are featured.


The adventures of a crew of space animals that oversees an intergalactic club house.

Wizards of Waverly Place

S2 | Ep20 Family Game Night

Alex magically swaps brains with Harper to pass an exam, but she is unable to switch their minds back. Meanwhile, Justin invites a girl to his family's game night.

Fish Hooks

S3 Bea Saves a Tree; Freshwater Five-O

Bea chains herself to a plastic tree in the fish tank to protest the construction of a new store; Milo and Jocktopus are invited on a police ride-along and become convinced that they are real cops.

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The Returned

S1 | Ep4 Victor

Camille is accused of hurting Lena, who is rushed to the hospital because of her scar; Rowan grows closer to Simon and discovers Tommy has an obsessive secret; Julie has reason to believe Victor was possibly involved in a horrific death.

NCIS: Los Angeles

S1 | Ep24 Callen G.

In the first-season finale, Callen has something personal at stake in his search for a woman who not only knows the location of a fortune to be used to fund a war in the Middle East, but clues to Callen's unknown past.

Law & Order

S14 | Ep2 Bounty

The investigation of a bounty hunter's murder leads to a case involving a reporter (Reuben Jackson) and a defense based on affirmative-action pressures. Randy Dworkin: Peter Jacobson. Cosette: Colleen Clinton. Arnie Gleason: Richard Topol.

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Haunting: Australia

S1 | Ep1 Woodford Academy

Purportedly haunted locales in Australia are spotlighted. First up: Woodford Academy in the Blue Mountains.

Top Gear

S14 | Ep3 Episode 3

A replica of a legendary rally car is taken for a spin. Also: broadcaster Chris Evans visits the track.

Better Call Saul

S1 | Ep9 Pimento

Chuck urges Jimmy to accept a harsh truth. Meanwhile, a deal threatens to go off the rails when Mike's ability to complete a job is called into question.

Ransom (1996)

Thriller about a wealthy airline exec (Mel Gibson) whose world is thrown into a tailspin when his 9-year-old son is kidnapped. Rene Russo, Gary Sinise. Hawkins: Delroy Lindo. Maris: Lili Taylor. Ron Howard directed.

House of the Dead (2003)

When teenagers arrive at a rave party on a remote island, they discover that the other guests have been slaughtered by zombies. Derivative and violent. Jonathan Cherry, Tyron Leitso. Directed by Uwe Boll. Based on the series of video games.

Dateline on ID


A California town comes together to search for a mother who vanished after a night out with her new boyfriend.

Hardcore Pawn

S9 | Ep12 Three Ring Circus

Part 1 of 2. Karen comes up with a plan to use a dunk tank as part of a store promotion. Later, Byron breaks up a fight over a hockey souvenir.

Brain Games

S3 | Ep6 What's Going On?

We explore spatial awareness and how our brains communicate where we've been and where we're going. We'll test the boundaries of your brain's hardwired sense of direction. BRAIN GAMES airs Mondays on National Geographic Channel.

Animal Fight Night

S2 | Ep1 Kangaroos, Tigers, Octopus

Animal fights in the tropics are spotlighted. Included: tiger; lizard; python.

Appalachian Outlaws

S2 | Ep9 Battle at Wolf Creek

Obie Bennett receives a surprise tip from an unlikely source about the Lunsford Gang's secret ginseng stash; Tony nears the deadline for his 400-pound Chinatown order, and must make a tough decision. Later, Mike Ross goes gunning for nocturnal poachers who've trespassed on his farm.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

S17 | Ep4 Traditional Gone Wild

Classic dishes with an imaginative twist are featured, beginning with deep-fried PB&J and tacos in Philadelphia. Also: A Phoenix spot known for its pork sandwich cranks out wood-fired pizzas, pancakes and meatballs.

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Bizarre Foods America

S5 | Ep3 Virginia, Cicadas & Cownose Rays

Surprising delicacies in Virginia include "mystery snails," Brood II cicadas and the cownose ray.

Love It or List It

S10 | Ep11 Healthy Start

A former multifamily home in a central location causes some tension between a couple.

Yard Crashers

S12 | Ep7 Open And Airy Sanctuary

A pair of veterinarians' neglected yard is transformed into an organized space for entertaining.

CSI: Miami

S6 | Ep5 Deep Freeze

A legendary football hero is stabbed to death while talking to a reporter on the phone. The case hits an immediate snag when the lab isn't allowed to take the body because of the victim's wish to be cryogenically frozen. Robbery appears to be the motive, but as the probe deepens it's learned the sports icon wasn't revered by everyone. Also, Stetler learns about the relationship between Calleigh and Jake, and puts pressure on them to end it.

Shahs of Sunset

S4 | Ep5 It's Nuclear Now

Major home renovations pose challenges to Reza and Asa. Elsewhere, dramas revolving around a past trip to Turkey come to the fore at a big pool party.

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The Royals

S1 | Ep3 We Are Pictures, or Mere Beasts

The Queen and Princess Eleanor stage competing fashion shows, while Prince Liam narrowly avoids catastrophe.

Law & Order

S11 | Ep20 All My Children

The discovery of a young man's body leads to a case involving a wealthy man (Henry Woronicz) and a secret from his past. Joanna Wilder: Deirdre O'Connell. Jessie Lucas: Julianne Nicholson. Brenda Lucas: Kristin Griffith. Stephen Cromwell: Chip Zien. Karen Drucker: Tessa Auberjonois. Briscoe: Jerry Orbach. Carmichael: Angie Harmon. McCoy: Sam Waterston.


S2 | Ep7 Kid at Heart

Larry tries to manage his hectic agenda and make up for lost time with Larry Jr. and Sebastian.

The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

A reporter (Richard Gere) is inexplicably drawn to a West Virginia town, where he investigates the residents' claims that they've seen a giant mothlike creature. Intriguing but slow-paced. Laura Linney. Directed by Mark Pellington, who has a cameo as a bartender. Loosely based on events that occurred in 1966-67 in Point Pleasant, W.Va.

While the City Sleeps

When a media mogul dies, his ambivalent son pits three newsmen against each to become his right-hand man, but ambition collides with danger and the competition attracts the attention of a brutal serial killer.

Marked for Death (1990)

A retired DEA agent takes down a Jamaican drug gang that has overrun his hometown.

Tammy (2014)

After discovering that her husband is cheating on her, a woman embarks on a road trip to Niagara Falls with her foulmouthed, hard-drinking grandma.

When a Stranger Calls Back

Sequel to 1979's “When a Stranger Calls” has Carol Kane protecting another stalking victim (Jill Schoelen). Clifford: Charles Durning. Hyde: Gene Lythgow. Directed by Fred Walton.

The Battle of Shaker Heights (2003)

Uneven coming-of-age tale about a teenage war buff (Shia LaBeouf) in Ohio. The film's not as interesting as the HBO series that documented its production, “Project Greenlight.” The feature debut for directors Efram Potelle and Kyle Rankin, and screenwriter Erica Beeney. Amy Smart.

Maleficent (2014)

Maleficent transforms from virtuous to villainous after humans pillage her serene forest kingdom. She curses the infant daughter of the family who invaded her home, but later discovers that the child possesses the power to restore peace to the land.

Da Vinci's Demons

S1 | Ep8 The Lovers

In the Season 1 finale, the Pazzis set in motion a plan to murder Lorenzo and Giuliano on Easter Sunday, while the Turk tells Leonardo the location of the Book of Leaves. Later, Lucrezia serves up a startling revelation as Leonardo steps in to save the Medicis.


S1 | Ep3 Eljaye; Monique Marvez

Comedians Eljaye and Monique Marvez perform.

Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

Walt Disney attempts to convince author P.L. Travers to let him adapt her book "Mary Poppins" into a feature film. Though the task seems impossible, Disney realizes that a sensitive chapter from Travers' youth could be the key to clinching the deal.

Buddy Boy (2000)

Moody and morbid study of a voyeuristic loner (Aidan Gillen) living with his crazed “mother” who becomes unhinged after falling in love with his sexy French neighbor (Emmanuelle Seigner). Sal: Susan Tyrrell. Vic: Mark Boone Junior. Directed and written by Mark Hanlon.

The Bachelor (1999)

A commitment-phobic executive (Chris O'Donnell) learns that his $100-million inheritance will be voided unless he gets married. Formula-riddled script, for diehard romantics only. Renee Zellweger. Cameos by Mariah Carey and Brooke Shields. A remake of Buster Keaton's 1925 silent classic “Seven Chances.” Gary Sinyor directed.