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American Super/Natural

S1 | Ep8 Augusta's Tornado Talisman

A 19th-century tornado destroyed a bustling marketplace in Augusta, Ga., except for one pillar, which is believed to be haunted.

The O'Reilly Factor

Conservative commentator Bill O'Reilly mixes news, interviews and his take on current events, politics and popular culture.

Anderson Cooper 360

Anderson Cooper takes viewers beyond the headlines with in-depth reporting and investigations.

Forensic Files

S9 | Ep35 Muddy Waters

A murder investigation involving a man found dead in the Colorado wilderness and a potential suspect, linked by muddy clothing.

All In With Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes discusses the day's top news.


Real Money With Ali Velshi

S1 | Ep536

Stories about the economy are featured. Included: jobs; housing; health care; and savings.

Shark Tank

S3 | Ep12

A mother of six girls pitches a three-in-one nail polish. Other products include women's accessories, tank tops with interchangeable straps and a sippy cup that must be produced in the U.S., its inventor insists. Also: an update on Talbott Teas.

Strange Inheritance

S1 | Ep23 Gatorama

Children fight for control of their roadside-attraction inheritance: an alligator and crocodile ranch.


Key Capitol Hill Hearings

Key Capitol Hill Hearings.

Key Capitol Hill Hearings

Key Capitol Hill Hearings.

Key Capitol Hill Hearings

Key Capitol Hill Hearings.



ESPN's flagship program provides a thorough presentation of sports news, highlights and analysis. The Emmy-winning show revolutionized the sports-news genre by deftly mixing information with irreverence in a hip, daily scrapbook of homers, touchdowns and slam dunks, the perfect clips-and-controversies fix for sports junkies. Staple features besides game scores and highlights include expert breakdowns, `Top Ten Plays', Web polls and trivia.

2015 Draft Academy

S2 | Ep3 The Draft

Chronicling the NFL Draft experience for prospects Jameis Winston, Todd Gurley, Devin Smith, Shane Ray, Melvin Gordon and John Crockett.



Fox Sports Live

A nightly presentation of sports news, highlights and opinion.

NHL Rivals

S1 | Ep2 New York Rangers and Washington Capitals

The Rangers-Capitals rivalry is spotlighted.

Inside the PGA Tour

A show devoted to The Players Championship and TPC Sawgrass.

College Football

Michigan at Rutgers.


Daily studio discussion of all the latest Southeastern Conference news and newsmakers.

Conference of Champions

Students, faculty and alumni from Pac-12 schools are featured.

The Express Xtra

Sports news and highlights from around the world, plus in-depth analysis from an in-studio panel.

Around the Horn

Columnists from around the U.S. debate hot sports topics in a competitive format and weigh in on stories from their region.



Las últimas noticias del mundo deportivo internacional con comentarios y entrevistas.


La Última Palabra

Discusiones sobre temas en el mundo del fútbol y el deporte en general, con un grupo de presentadores y comentaristas y la participación del público por teléfono, fax e internet.

Real Madrid TV

Presenta las últimas noticias del Real Madrid, ruedas de prensa, entrevistas, y mucho más.

Univision Deportes Fútbol Club

Programa de deportes conducido por Jorge Calvo y Alejandro Berry.

Puerta Grande

Se destacan las corridas de toros.

College Football

Auburn at Alabama.


The Best Defense

Active Shooter In Church

Awareness and preparation are vital tools for safety, even in the "safest" settings.

The 12 Best

Men's Basketball Players of the Year

Highlighting the season's top men's basketball players in the Pac-12.

Conference of Champions

Students, faculty and alumni from Pac-12 schools are featured.

Conference of Champions

Students, faculty and alumni from Pac-12 schools are featured.

Conference of Champions

Students, faculty and alumni from Pac-12 schools are featured.

Conference of Champions

Students, faculty and alumni from Pac-12 schools are featured.

Conference of Champions

Students, faculty and alumni from Pac-12 schools are featured.

Match Point Twenty20

DJ Night Light

Parent-targeted, kid-friendly short programs are featured.

Today's Birthdays

Chica reads birthday-card greetings and sings the Sprout birthday song.

Austin & Ally

S2 | Ep15 Boy Songs & Badges

Austin tries to write a song on his own when Ally faces a tight deadline to complete songs for her demo reel.

Mighty Med

S2 | Ep6 Storm's End

Skylar realizes her powers are greater than the Annihilator's and no longer wants to take orders from him.


Freak Out

S1 | Ep9 Flesh Eating Viruses Freak Me Out!

A lockdown occurs at a doctor's office when a patient is diagnosed with a contagious disease; random folks encounter an escaped convict at an office; volunteers run into a gorilla while cleaning up a park.


Storage Wars

S7 | Ep9 Too Many Cooks in the Locker

The buyers head to Ivy's home turf of Lancaster, Cal., where Mary tries to strike a deal with a surprising ally. Also: Jarrod and Brandi turn up the heat on the competition—and each other; and Rene goes well outside of his territory to prove his dominance.


S1 | Ep16 Bete Noire

Ducky and Gerald are held hostage in the autopsy room of NCIS headquarters by an armed intruder (Rudolf Martin), whose purpose is unexplained. Ducky: David McCallum. Gerald: Pancho Demmings.

Inside the NBA

Pro-basketball highlights and analysis, with spirited banter among the cast of former players.

Marvel's The Avengers (2012)

Superheroes Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk and Thor are forced to overcome their differences and work together in order to save the world from Thor's brother Loki, who has obtained a mystical artifact of tremendous power.

The Karate Kid (2010)

A young boy learns kung fu from a kindly maintenance man after being forced to move from Detroit to China, where he becomes the target of a school bully.

Solomon Kane (2012)

Wandering 16th-century warrior Solomon Kane renounces violence in a desperate bid to escape Satan's grasp, but he finds himself forced back into battle when a powerful evil threatens England.

The Professional (1994)

After a 12-year-old girl's family is murdered, she hides out in the apartment of her hitman-neighbor; and offers to do chores if he will teach her to be an assassin.

Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)

A hideous reptilian creature preys on a busload of high-school athletes, who are coming home from a championship game. Uninspired sequel has some clever special effects. Ray Wise, Jonathan Breck. Directed by Victor Salva.

The Big Bang Theory

S7 | Ep11 The Cooper Extraction

With Sheldon in Texas, the gang gathers to decorate for Christmas, and they contemplate if each would have had a wonderful life had they never met him.


A criminal mastermind (Wesley Snipes) pulls a bank heist that turns into a hostage situation and demands to negotiate with a recently suspended police detective (Jason Statham) in this twist-filled caper. Ryan Phillippe, Henry Czerny, Justine Waddell. Written and directed by Tony Giglio.

48 Hours on ID

An Eye for an Eye

A pediatric doctor is murdered in Tucson, and it would take years to crack the case.

Fake Off

S2 | Ep1 Movie Night

Teams work to re-create memorable moments from cinema history in the second season premiere. Included: kung-fu stunts; science-fiction themes.

Filthy Riches

S2 | Ep1 Bloodworms, Eels and Gators

Ray works on building his biggest fishing weir to date in the second season opener. Also, alligator season has begun for David LaGrange, Keith Major and Keith's son while Jim and Andy are eager to get back to digging for worms.

Everything You Didn't Know About Animals

S1 | Ep4 Polar Bears, Dogs & Mantis Shrimp

A look at polar bear appetites. Also, domesticated dogs and mantis shrimp are profiled.

American Pickers

S7 | Ep4 If You Talk Nice to Me

A rare cycle car is sought by Mike.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

S6 | Ep1 Funky Joints

Stops include a Fort Worth gas station serving duck a l'orange; a Seattle cafe that hires retired circus performers for their wait staff; and a Sacramento dive that makes prime rib in a smoker.

Dinner at Tiffani's

S1 | Ep6 Pizza Party

Pizzas from scratch are made with help from Seth Green and his wife Clare Grant. Among the toppings they use are potato and goat cheese with caramelized onions; ricotta and arugula with lemon and grapes; and fig and prosciutto with gooey blue cheese. Also: a recipe for a blood-orange-soda sangria.

Man v. Food

S3 | Ep16 Niagara Falls

Adam crosses the border into Niagara Falls, Canada, and tries to eat seven pounds of pasta at Mick & Angelo's Eatery & Bar.


House Hunters International

S79 | Ep4 Do-Over in Denmark

A divorced couple give their relationship another try in Hadsten, Denmark.

Desperate Landscapes

S12 | Ep2 Beautiful Xeriscaping in New Mexico

The owners of a home with a view of the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico ask Jason to make their front yard beautiful, which means removing a mess of weeds, railroad ties and a hideous box hiding a water softener.

Law & Order

S12 | Ep2 Armed Forces

A man's fatal stabbing leads to an incident that occurred in Vietnam and three former soldiers in his division. Nolan Tinsdale: Michael Murphy. Gardner: Kate Burton. Morehouse: Charles Brown. Fletcher: Jack Willis. Southerlyn: Elisabeth Rohm. McCoy: Sam Waterston. Briscoe: Jerry Orbach.


Watch What Happens: Live

S12 | Ep82

Jack Black; James Marsden.

Funny Girls

S1 | Ep5 Bills Bills Bills

Nicole must get creative when she can't pay her bills. Elsewhere, Stephanie suspects she has an STD and reaches out for comfort, and Yamaneika is pushed over the edge when she's offered a demeaning job.


E! News

Today's Top Stories

Nightly reports on breaking entertainment news. Among the first studio shows to be produced by E! Entertainment Television, the weekday series was launched in 1991 as `E! News Daily.' The show features a mix of gossip and previews of films and TV programs, along with behind-the-scenes segments and red-carpet coverage at premieres and award events.

Top Gun (1986)

A maverick Navy fighter pilot romances his instructor in an elite training school while competing against a rival student flier for the program's coveted award.


S2 | Ep3 El Señor de los Cielos

Larry discovers that acting isn't as easy as he thinks when makes a cameo appearance on the telenovela "El Señor de los Cielos." Meanwhile, Kenia tours the sights on her first visit to Mexico City.

Song of Hiawatha

A trader, offering European goods for furs, and a minister, looking to bring his religion to the "heathens," come to talk business with Hiawatha, the legendary young Indian chief, who preaches peace to his tribe.

Crime Wave

Familiar cops-and-robbers yarn. Sims: Sterling Hayden. Steve: Gene Nelson. Ellen: Phyllis Kirk. Doc: Ted de Corsia. Hastings: Charles Buchinsky (Bronson). Johnny: Timothy Carey. Directed by Andre de Toth.

Lake Placid (1999)

An investigative team tries to capture an enormous crocodile picking off people at a secluded lake in the Maine wilderness. Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda, Oliver Platt, Brendan Gleeson, Betty White, David Lewis.

Real Time With Bill Maher

S13 | Ep15

Economist Joseph Stiglitz and human-rights activist Garry Kasparov are the interview guests. The panelists are former representative Jane Harman, comedian D.L. Hughley and political adviser Dan Senor.

Intergalactic Swingers

An asteroid threatens the planet unless two comely extraterrestrials can save the day when not enjoying erotic time with the men and women of Earth.


Jim Rome on Showtime

S4 | Ep6

Guests include broadcaster Bob Costas; Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino; and NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin.


S1 | Ep13 The Watch

Jamie finds himself between a rock and a hard place when a redcoat deserter from his past resurfaces. Claire tends to a laboring Jenny while Jamie and Ian join The Watch, resulting in devastating consequences.

When a Stranger Calls (2006)

A babysitter in a secluded lakefront home is menaced by a psychopath via telephone.

Sin City (2005)

In this collection of crime tales set in the underbelly of a noirish metropolis, a bruiser seeks the person who killed his one-night stand. Elsewhere, a cop is framed for a series of murders, and a group of prostitutes must dispose of a dead body.

The Scout (1994)

A baseball talent coordinator becomes a father figure to the athletic prodigy he discovers in a Mexican town.

Man About Town

Mild satire about a Hollywood agent (Ben Affleck) whose perfect life comes crashing down when his private journal is stolen by a vengeful, would-be screenwriter.

The Brady Bunch Movie (1995)

A send-up of the TV series, it's the story of a lovely lady, a man named Brady, and their kids, whose wholesome '70s natures clashes with the grungy '90s.