Amazing Stories

  • 1985-1987
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Steven Spielberg's fantasy anthology series spins fantasic, often bizarre, tales in an attempt to re-create the thrills of such influential sci-fi shows as `The Twilight Zone' and `The Outer Limits.'... More


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep21 Miss Stardust
Ep20 Moving Day
Ep19 Without Diana
Ep18 Such Interesting Neighbors
Ep17 Gershwin's Trunk
Ep16 The Family Dog
Ep15 The 21-Inch Sun
Ep14 Blue Man Down
Ep13 Lane Change
Ep12 The Eternal Mind
Ep11 What If...?
Ep10 The Pumpkin Competition
Ep9 Thanksgiving
Ep8 Go to the Head of the Class
Ep7 Life on Death Row
Ep6 The Greibble
Ep5 You Gotta Believe Me
Ep4 Welcome to My Nightmare
Ep3 Magic Saturday
Ep2 Miscalculations
Ep1 The Wedding Ring

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Grandpa's Ghost
Ep23 One for the Books
Ep22 The Doll
Ep21 Hell Toupee
Ep20 Secret Cinema
Ep19 Mirror, Mirror
Ep18 Dorothy and Ben
Ep17 Boo!
Ep16 Gather Ye Acorns
Ep15 One for the Road
Ep14 No Day at the Beach
Ep13 The Sitter
Ep12 Vanessa in the Garden
Ep11 Santa '85
Ep10 Remote Control Man
Ep9 Guilt Trip
Ep8 Mr. Magic
Ep7 Fine Tuning
Ep6 The Amazing Falsworth
Ep5 The Mission
Ep4 Mummy, Daddy
Ep3 Alamo Jobe
Ep2 The Main Attraction
Ep1 Ghost Train

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