Below Deck

  • 2013
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The experiences of a sightly group of young crew members who work on a private luxury yacht unfold in this reality series.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Below Deck
Ep9 Below Deck
Ep8 Below Deck
Ep7 She'd Better Not Be Staying
Ep6 #1 Strains, Stains and a Big Pain
Ep5 #1 Bitchy Resting Face
Ep4 #1 Charter Guest Soulmate
Ep3 #1 Mojitos Mo' Problems
Ep2 #1 Hex on the Beach
Ep1 #2 Shut Your Porthole!
Season 2 Preview Special

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep11 The Crew Tells All
Ep10 Reunion
Ep9 Land Ahoy...Finally
Ep8 There's a New Captain in Town
Ep7 Naughty Yachties
Ep6 Sleeping With the Enemy
Ep5 I'm Living With the Devil
Ep4 Luggage, Luggage Everywhere
Ep3 Dude, That's a Dude, Dude
Ep2 It's Not Easy Being Green
Ep1 Cool Your Jets

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Land Ahoy...Finally
First Look
Preview Special

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Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Amy Gets Shut Out
2 min 2 sec
Preview Kate vs Ben
2 min 2 sec
Preview A "Below Deck" Pillow Stain Scandal
99 sec
Preview Are Kat and Been Hooking up?
68 sec
Preview Don't Insult Kelley's Sister
2 min 58 sec
Preview Confessional Cam: Episode 6
3 min 18 sec
Clip How to Make a "Rocket Ship"
47 sec
Preview Adrienne's Back...
112 sec
Preview A Glittery, Go-Go Dancing Guest
115 sec
Preview Kate's Scandalous Blanket Fold
114 sec
Clip Confessional Cam: Episode 5
114 sec
Preview Kelley Kisses Jennice
71 sec
Preview Kate: "I Have a Bitchy Resting Face"
107 sec
Preview Kate Gets Humiliated by a Guest
2 min 13 sec
Preview Andrew Says Goodbye
2 min 28 sec
Clip Confessional Cam: Episode 4
3 min 24 sec
Preview Slip and Slide, ‘Below Deck’ Style
2 min 14 sec
Preview Kelley and Jennice: Just Friends?
110 sec
Preview It's Kelley or Andrew
42 sec
Preview Andrew's Shocking Secret
2 min 29 sec
Clip Confessional Cam: Episode 3
2 min 51 sec
Preview The Ohana Mojito
68 sec
Preview Ben Shows the Guests His Conch
100 sec
Preview A "Below Deck" Disaster
41 sec
Preview Kelley Breaks Down
90 sec
Clip Confessional Cam: Episode 2
2 min 42 sec
Preview Andrew Works the Pole
114 sec
Preview Kat’s in Beach Picnic Hell
111 sec
Preview Has a Guest Seduced Andrew?
95 sec
Preview Andrew: “Kelley Is a Jerk”
2 min 4 sec
Clip Confessional Cam: Episode 1
2 min 46 sec
Preview Who’s Hooking Up This Season?
98 sec
Clip A Tour of Ohana, Part 1
3 min 50 sec
Preview A ‘Below Deck’ Love Triangle
2 min 9 sec
Preview Meet the New Crew
3 min 4 sec
Preview This Season On 'Below Deck'...
2 min 24 sec
Preview Adrienne and the Captain?
3 min 6 sec
Preview Were Sam and CJ Hooking up?
63 sec
Preview The Charge Was Assault
65 sec
Preview Another Charter With Captain Lee
37 sec
Preview Is Adrienne a Chameleon or a Lesbian?
51 sec
Preview Kat Admits to Drinking
3 min 29 sec
Clip Pissed Off at Adrienne
95 sec
Clip Room Switch Drama
2 min 7 sec
Preview Kat Is Embarrassed to Talk to the Captain
113 sec
Preview Eavesdropping On Adrienne
114 sec
Clip Wheelchair Pub Crawl
87 sec
Clip Meet Baby Simon
2 min 29 sec
Clip Kat Has Nice What?
89 sec
Clip Say Goodbye Sammy
112 sec
Clip Who's Not Attracted to Sam?
98 sec
Clip A Tour of Honor, Part 1
5 min 5 sec
Clip A Tour of Honor, Part 2
3 min 58 sec
S2 | Ep6

Strains, Stains and a Big Pain

Air Date: 9/16/14
A fun evening deteriorates when Kelley confronts insulting yachties. Meanwhile, Kate tries to accommodate outspoken guests, and Kat accompanies guests to a beach bar, only to be visited by former chief steward Adrienne Gang.

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