Brew Dogs

  • 2013

Two U.K. brewers visit U.S. beer towns and create locally-inspired drafts.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep5 Vancouver, BC
Ep4 Berlin
Ep3 #1 Louisville
Ep2 #1 Brooklyn
Ep1 #1 Aberdeen

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Los Angeles
Ep9 New Orleans
Ep8 Alaska
Ep7 Hawaii
Ep6 Nor Cal
Ep5 Durango
Ep4 Delaware
Ep3 Las Vegas
Ep2 Chicago
Ep1 Durham

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep7 Boston
Ep6 Portland
Ep5 Denver
Ep4 Seattle
Ep3 Philadelphia
Ep2 San Francisco
Ep1 San Diego

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Grand Rapids, Mi
Brew Dogs

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
News Brew Dogs: A Cucumber Sparge & Wort Transfer
84 sec
News Brew Dogs: Breaking Into An Abandoned Brewery
77 sec
News Brew Dogs: Beer vs. Bourbon Barrel Aged Beer
2 min 36 sec
News Brew Dogs: The Ghosts of Buffalo Trace Distillery
98 sec
News Brew Dogs: Harvesting Mint & The Mint Julep Cup
94 sec
News Brew Dogs: The Ferris Wheel Brewing System
115 sec
News Brew Dogs: Whoopie Pie Contest - Bonus
63 sec
News Brew Dogs: Haunted Haddo House Tour - Bonus
111 sec
News Brew Dogs: Smoked Egg Yolk In Beer
119 sec
News Brew Dogs: Haddo House Seance
100 sec
News Brew Dogs: A Whisky Cask Like No Other
109 sec
News Brew Dogs: A Neighborly Mash Tun Set-Up
91 sec
News Beer Spies Among Us
2 min 18 sec
News Home Brewing Los Angeles
3 min 43 sec
News The Beer Trolley Bachelorette Party
2 min 43 sec
News Beer Spin Class
118 sec
News Best American Beer City
2 min 50 sec
News Brew Dogs Greatest Hits: Favorite Brewery
2 min 46 sec
News Brew Dogs: Most Unnecessary Nudity
107 sec
News Brew Dogs Greatest Hits: Wildest Beer Experiment
2 min 43 sec
Clip The Seafood-Infused Ale Cools in the Boston Harbor
2 min 41 sec
Clip Solar-Powered Brewing
3 min 11 sec
Clip The Perfect Beer for Bull Testicles
4 min 16 sec
Clip Enough Caffeine to Kill King Kong
113 sec
Clip Beer Pairing Goes Molecular Gastronomic
3 min 31 sec
Clip Unleashed: Martin's Allergies
42 sec
Clip Sharing Beer With the Roller Derby Rockstars
108 sec
News Unleashed: The Brew Dogs Explain Cricket
43 sec
Clip Turning Beer Into Fog with Le Whaf
2 min 42 sec
News Harvesting San Francisco Fog to Make Beer
109 sec
News Unleashed: Martin and James - 10 Years On
50 sec
Clip Craft Beer Conversions at a Sr. Center
92 sec
S3 | Ep3

Louisville New

Air Date: 4/15/15
James and Martin visit Louisville and drink with Sean Patton and Jay Larson of "Best Bars in America." The encounter inspires James and Martin to brew a beer that tastes like a mint julep, the signature drink of the Kentucky Derby.

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