Cake Boss

  • 2009
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Reality fare following the staff at a booming family-run bakery in Hoboken, N.J.


Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep28 Up, Up & Away
Ep27 Fiery Competition
Ep26 Biceps and Birthdays
Ep25 Icing the Cake
Ep24 Down the Drain
Ep23 Sicilian Samurai
Ep22 Carlo's Cowboys
Ep21 Next Great Bride
Ep20 Pimp My Cake
Ep19 ¡Viva Cake Boss!
Ep18 On the Road Again
Ep17 Gator Bite
Ep16 Momma's Birthday Surprise
Ep15 Camp Carlo's
Ep14 Cake Boss
Ep14 Buttercream Submarine
Ep13 Hair Raising
Ep12 Fire and Ice
Ep11 Easter Basket Case
Ep11 Cake Boss
Ep10 Cake Boss
Ep10 Muscles and Marriage
Ep9 Glow in the Dark Cake
Ep8 From Russia With Cake
Ep8 Cake Boss
Ep7 Snowed Out
Ep7 Cake Boss
Ep6 Seeing Double
Ep5 Cake Boss
Ep5 Rebuilds & Raw Fish
Ep4 Cake Boss
Ep4 Sugary Slopes
Ep3 Cake Smash
Ep2 Welcome Back Robin!
Ep1 Hurricane Sandy Strikes

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 We Will Survive
Ep29 Superheroes and Bakers Unite!
Ep28 A Cowboy in Hoboken
Ep27 Light Up the Night
Ep26 Crane Cake and Puppy Love
Ep25 Players, Lawyers, and Pranksters
Ep24 Twirls, Whirls and Crashes
Ep23 Cut the Ribbon and the Cake!
Ep22 Buddy and the Rockettes
Ep21 Hocus Pocus
Ep20 Operation: Tank Cake
Ep19 From Fury to Furry
Ep18 Ugly Feet and a Fiesta
Ep17 A Golden Opportunity
Ep16 A Bittersweet Homecoming
Ep15 Cakes on a Plane
Ep14 New Deli, New Design
Ep13 Under the Sea
Ep12 Going Up?
Ep11 Ice-ing on the Cake
Ep10 Silly Seuss & Surprise!
Ep9 Working at the Car Wash
Ep8 Presidents, Peanut Butter & Popping-in
Ep7 Beer, Buttercups & Bumbling
Ep6 Bar Mitzvah, Beads & Oh Baby!
Ep5 Liberty, Layups & a Loaded Dinner
Ep4 Fast Hands & a Flaming Pearl
Ep3 Stained Glass & a Surprised Danny
Ep2 Trash, Twirls & Tough Love
Ep1 Fitting In, Fed Up & a First Birthday

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep38 Touchdowns & Tattoos
Ep37 Cake Block, Cruise & a Carlo's Ceremony
Ep36 Bling, Barbecue & Blueprints
Ep35 Church Cake, Carats, & a Castano's Pool Party
Ep34 Props, Pies & Party Time!
Ep33 Soap, Sonograms & Surprise
Ep32 Coffins, Costumes & Cake on a Gurney
Ep31 Spirits & Spumoni
Ep30 Chocolate Race Cars & Choosing a Dress
Ep29 Bees, Beware & Business
Ep28 A Funny Regis & Fifty Weddings
Ep27 Transport Troubles & Two Brides
Ep26 State Fair, Syracuse Bound & Special Anniversary
Ep25 Paleontology & Popping the Question
Ep24 Chandelier Cake & a Christening
Ep23 Cake Boss: Dear Buddy
Ep22 Prize Cow, Pop-Tarts & A Predicament
Ep21 Campfires, Computers & Concerns
Ep20 Cheeseburgers, Cures & A Challenge
Ep19 Moving Cake, Marbles & Mess Ups
Ep18 Bugs, Break Ups & Burned-out
Ep17 Competition, Complications, & Communion
Ep16 A Big Bumblebee & A Bossy Grace
Ep15 Headphones, Helicopters, & Handcuffed
Ep14 Houses, Help, & Hitting the Road!
Ep13 Space Shuttle, Stepping Up & Surprise!
Ep12 Second Anniversary, Surgery & St. Patty's
Ep11 Tulips, Taxes & Take It Easy
Ep10 Designer, Deadlines & Diagnosis
Ep9 Punches, Psychics & Pastries
Ep8 Staten Island Chuck, Strange Oddities & Sal
Ep7 Pucks, Pastries & Pushy Grace
Ep6 Snow Globe, Story Book Cake & a Scare
Ep5 Ships, Sonograms, & Sister Drama
Ep4 Toilets & Textiles
Ep3 Hot Air Balloon Cake & Happy Little Bakers
Ep2 Shark Cake, Scooter, & Smelly Fish
Ep1 Circus, Celebrity Chef, & Surprise!
Cake Boss: Thanksgiving Special
Baby Special

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 Santa, Sunrise, & Snowmen Cupcakes
Ep24 Crazy Chocolate Cake & Carlo's Centennial Celebration
Ep23 Sweet Sixteen, Stars, & a Saber Sword
Ep22 Snooki, Super Anthony, & a Ship
Ep21 Pipes, a Phoenix, & a Problematic Kitchen
Ep20 Sandals, Sandwiches, & Shelves
Ep19 Cassata, Cheesecakes & Crates of Wine
Ep18 Frescos, Fountains & Family Wishes
Ep17 Famiglia, Fishing, & Family History
Ep16 Strawberries, Sinatra, & Sick Ovens
Ep15 Helmet Cake, Healthy Mauro, & Huge Train Cake
Ep14 Mother's Day, Mama & Mom-to-be
Ep13 Barbers & Bulls
Ep12 Key to the City & a Key-tar Cake
Ep11 Color, Camouflage & Cupcake Day
Ep10 6-foot Sub Sandwich, Zeppoles & a Sick Mauro
Ep9 A Princess, a Pirate & a Perplexing Arch
Ep8 Magazines, a Mega Screen & Maurizio
Ep7 Chopped Head & a Crazy Cravings Cake
Ep6 Hieroglyphics, Hearse, & Happy Parents
Ep5 Tournament of Knights & a Tasty Tiramisu
Ep4 Peppermint & A Polar Bear Plunge
Ep3 Roses, Romance & a Romeo
Ep2 Cake Boss: Ultimate Cake Boss
Ep1 Governor, Giant Lisa & Good-bye Mama

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep19 Best of Cake Boss
Ep18 Castles, Cannolis & Cartoon Characters
Ep17 Aquarium Adventures & an Announcement
Ep16 Cars, Collapse & Couture
Ep15 Chimps, Cinema & Crumb Cake
Ep14 Sizing, Sleeping Stretch & Sesame Street
Ep13 Apples, Arguments & Animal Prints
Ep12 Blushing Brides & Busy Bakers
Ep11 Motorcycles, Manhattanites & Misbehaving
Ep10 Colorful Characters & Christmas Costumes
Ep9 Freaks, Fast Food & Frightened Frankie
Ep8 Golf Greens & Gravity
Ep7 Pizza, Pooches & Pop-In-Law
Ep6 Children, a Cage, and a Challenge
Ep5 A Battleship, Ballet, & Burning!
Ep4 Painters, Pool & Pink!
Ep3 Robots, Rollerskates, and Relatives
Ep2 Candy, Crash & Crisis
Ep1 Plants, Pranks & a Proposal

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Fireworks, Falling Fondant & Fathers
Ep12 Leaning, Lobsters and Lectures
Ep11 A Blindfold, a Bikini and Breathing Fire
Ep10 Chinese Culture and Cannolis
Ep9 Soldiers, Sand and Salads
Ep8 Museum, Mistakes and Mother Mary
Ep7 Doves, Ducks, and Delicacies
Ep6 Undead, Unclothed, and Unhappy Mama
Ep5 Bi-Plane, Bridezilla, and Busting Buddy
Ep4 Weddings, Water and Whacked!
Ep3 Bunny, Birthday, and Burnt Food
Ep2 A Fire, a Fashionista, and Family
Ep1 A Bride, a Boat, and Bamboozled!

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep2 Cake Boss: Family Secrets
Best of
Momma's Birthday Surprise
Space Shuttle, Stepping Up & Surprise!
Moving Cake, Marbles & Mess Ups
Hair Raising
Carlo's Cowboys
On the Road Again
Biceps and Birthdays
Episode 20
Working at the Car Wash
Spirits & Spumoni
Designer & Diagnosis
Story Book Cake
Colourful Characters & Christmas Costumes
Icing On The Cake
Baby Special
Next Great Baker
Houses & Hitting the Road!
Tulips & Take It Easy
Second Anniversary & St. Patty's
Ships & Sonograms
Pucks & Pastries
Staten Island Chuck
Cake & Scooter
Punches & Pastries
Hot Air Balloon Cake
Next Great Bride
Episode 25
Episode 29
Easter Bake
Glow in the Dark Cake

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Sofia Makes Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes
3 min 11 sec
Preview How to Make Biscotti
3 min 27 sec
Preview How To Make Ravioli
3 min 44 sec
Preview How to Make Cake Pops
2 min 3 sec
Preview Bella's Special Gift
97 sec
Preview Rebuilding Atlantic City
103 sec
Preview Grow Out The Mustache
4 min 49 sec
Preview Bonus Scene: Ralph and Ashley Get Tattoos
2 min 35 sec
Preview Bodybuilder Cake
4 min 46 sec
Preview Making the Power Lords Cake
4 min 9 sec
Preview Birds In a Cake
4 min 38 sec
Preview Making a Cake for Hoboken
5 min 17 sec
Preview All About the Cake Boss' Sisters
3 min 34 sec
Preview Making the Robin Roberts Cake
4 min 17 sec
Preview Making the Zombie Cake
4 min 9 sec
Preview All the Weirdest Cakes
119 sec
Preview Doggy wedding cake
101 sec
Preview Spidey Cake Build
2 min 2 sec
Preview Icicles and Acorns
93 sec
Preview The Ultimate Car Wash Dare
2 min 26 sec
Preview The Moving Dr. Seuss Cake
81 sec
Preview The Seussian Actuator
78 sec
Preview Buddy's Most Amazing Cakes
2 min 16 sec
Preview Presidential Trivia With Buddy
64 sec
Preview Garbage Can Cake
115 sec
Preview Candyland Dream
2 min 23 sec
Preview Boss From Hell
2 min 5 sec
Preview Tiki Bar Cake
3 min 5 sec
Preview Gobble, Gobble!
105 sec
Preview Buddy's Wood Shop
60 sec
Preview Clashing Ideas
44 sec
Preview Secret to a Happy Marriage
49 sec
Preview Boys' Spa Day
60 sec
Preview Vow Renewal
2 min 18 sec
Preview Adults' Night Out
99 sec
Preview Mauro Faces His Fear
102 sec
Preview Family Fishing
99 sec
Preview Danica Patrick
107 sec
Preview It's Regis!
91 sec
Preview Buddy's Proposal
98 sec
Preview Buddy's Proposal
98 sec
Preview Space Boss
85 sec
Preview Cow Cake with Working Udders
105 sec
Preview Cow Surprise!
96 sec
Preview Super Mauro Kart
68 sec
Preview Tool Cake for Dino
2 min 9 sec
Preview April Fool's Joke
2 min 32 sec
Preview Transformers Bumblebee Cake
84 sec
Preview Mauro Gets Romantic
2 min 4 sec
Preview Flowers With Betty
2 min 1 sec
Preview Cobra!
68 sec
Preview Decorative Criticism
88 sec
Preview Working Together
2 min 31 sec
Preview A Birthday Suit and Some Fruit
2 min 7 sec
Preview He's Not Even Irish
86 sec
Preview The Faceoff
91 sec
Preview Blowing Bubbles
2 min 7 sec
Preview Palm Reading
113 sec
Clip Thanksgiving Stuffing
2 min 5 sec
Preview Meet Baby Carlo
84 sec
Preview Toilet Flush
83 sec
Preview Pranking Cousin Anthony
110 sec
Preview Elephant Cakes
120 sec
Preview Yes, a Toilet Bowl Cake
93 sec
Preview Like a Shark
80 sec
Preview Fishing Hoboken-Style
2 min 27 sec
Preview Rachael Ray Visits Carlo's
100 sec
Preview Grace is Thrilled About Rachael Ray
109 sec
Preview Badaboom!
2 min 34 sec
Preview Buddy's Happy Elves
90 sec
Preview Cake Boss- Snooki Visits Carlo's
83 sec
Preview Cake Boss- Long Distance Sister
118 sec
Preview Cake Boss- Anthony Gets A Makeover
2 min 7 sec
Preview Cake Boss- Training The Troops
2 min 30 sec
Preview Cake Boss- St. Bartolo's Cathedral
114 sec
Preview Cake Boss- Recipe Trading
98 sec
Preview Cake Boss- Buddy Remembers His Dad
91 sec
Preview Cake Boss- Ralph's Coliseum Song
71 sec
Preview Cake Boss - Italy Sneak Peek
48 sec
Preview Cake Boss - No Way No How
77 sec
Preview Cake Boss- Ice Cream Eating Contest
111 sec
Preview Cake Boss- Tuxedo Strawberries
63 sec
Preview Cake Boss- Mama Meets Miss Richfield
2 min 21 sec
Preview Cake Boss - Sinatra Cake
74 sec
Preview Cake Boss - Sinatra Cake
74 sec
Preview Cake Boss: National Train Day
117 sec
Clip Cake Boss: Child in a Cagematch
99 sec
Clip Cake Boss: Cake Porn
54 sec
Clip Cake Boss: Fashionista Cake
3 min 11 sec
Clip Cake Boss: Bride Magazine Shoot
118 sec
Clip Cake Boss: More Bride Cakes
2 min 23 sec
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Sofia Makes Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Fecha al aire:
Sofia Valastro makes cupcakes with a twist! Watch how she makes tie dye cupcakes in ice cream cones.

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