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A prequel series to the reimagined "Battlestar Galactica" series focused on artificial intelligence, corporate responsibility and the rivalry between the Graystone and Adama families.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep19 Apotheosis
Ep18 Here Be Dragons
Ep17 The Heavens Will Rise
Ep16 Dirteaters
Ep15 Blowback
Ep14 False Labor
Ep13 Things We Lock Away
Ep12 Retribution
Ep11 Unvanquished
Ep10 End of Line
Ep9 Ghosts in the Machine
Ep8 The Imperfections of Memory
Ep7 Know Thy Enemy
Ep6 There Is Another Sky
Ep5 Gravedancing
Ep4 Reins of a Waterfall
Ep3 Rebirth
Ep3 Pilot
Ep1 Pilot, Part 2
Ep1 Pilot, Part 1

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Pilot Part 2

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip Caprica: Clip 2
51 sec
Clip Caprica: Clip 3
37 sec
Clip Caprica: Interacting With Cylons
64 sec
Preview Caprica
116 sec
Clip Caprica: Opening Montage
42 sec
Clip Caprica: Clip 5
55 sec
Preview Caprica: Season 1.0
2 min 10 sec
Clip Caprica: Clip 4
20 sec
Clip Caprica: 58 Years
52 sec
Clip Caprica: Clip 1
54 sec
Preview The Future
110 sec
Preview My Purpose
117 sec
Preview Unprecedented
113 sec
Preview Make This Quick
108 sec
Preview Help Willie
107 sec
Preview Exact Replica
96 sec
Preview Soldier
97 sec
Preview Stupid Woman
112 sec
Preview Raise Your Arm
102 sec
Preview Service for Caprica
2 min 4 sec
Preview Get Himself Killed
78 sec
Preview To the Soil
98 sec
Preview He Found Us
76 sec
Preview Following Procedure
2 min 4 sec
Preview Avenging Angels
86 sec
Preview Who These People Are
55 sec
Preview Kill the Spy
66 sec
Preview The Move
83 sec
Preview Striking Back
86 sec
Preview Be Real
91 sec
Preview A Joke
2 min 7 sec
Preview Lies
109 sec
Preview Gun Related
100 sec
Preview Swear an Oath
58 sec
Preview Together: Caprica
102 sec
Preview Perfect Copy: Caprica
86 sec
Preview Tell It to Them: Caprica
60 sec
Preview Nothing On Clarice
61 sec
Preview Another Chance
102 sec
Preview Bombing
2 min 12 sec
Preview This Symbol
2 min 13 sec
Preview Another Way
103 sec
Preview Where the Road Leads
96 sec
Preview Religion of Certainty
100 sec
Clip The Music of Caprica
5 min 11 sec
Clip The Next Generation
4 min 5 sec
Clip Visual Effects
5 min 2 sec
Clip Out and About, Part 2
6 min 41 sec
Clip Out and About: Part 1
8 min 41 sec
Clip A Lack of Moral Authority
14 min
Clip Where Are We Going?
110 sec
Clip The Audition Process
6 min 28 sec
Clip Why a Prequel?
4 min 12 sec
Clip The Characters Are Smoking?!
2 min 29 sec
Clip Exploring Religion in Caprica
6 min 48 sec
Clip Finding the Perfect Cast
9 min 25 sec
Clip Alessandra Torresani & Sasha Roiz Q&A: Part 2
6 min 11 sec
Preview What's Bugging You?
2 min 10 sec
Preview Loyalty
120 sec
Preview You're Bluffing
3 min 44 sec
Interview Esai Morales Interview, Part 2
5 min 0 sec
Interview Esai Morales Interview, Part 1
3 min 55 sec
Interview Alessandra Torresani & Sasha Roiz Q&A, Part 1
5 min 2 sec
Preview Recap: Episode 9
101 sec
Preview Recap: Episode 8
60 sec
Preview Recap: Episode 7
60 sec
Preview Recap: Episode 6
60 sec
Preview Recap: Episode 5
59 sec
Preview Recap: Episode 4
60 sec
Preview Recap: Episodes 1 - 3
66 sec
Clip Caprica Panel Highlight: Buffy Coattails
5 min 7 sec
Clip Caprica Panel Highlight: Staying On the Planet
116 sec
Clip Caprica Panel Highlight: the Threat Is Looming
85 sec
Clip Caprica Panel Highlight: Dallas in Space
63 sec
Clip Video Blog: Take Me Away: Part 2
4 min 2 sec
Interview Esai Morales Q&A- 2009 - Part 2
5 min 9 sec
Interview Esai Morales Q&A: 2009, Part 2
5 min 9 sec
Clip Video Blog: Take Me Away: Part 1
3 min 13 sec
Clip An Allegory for the Iraq War
2 min 33 sec
Clip Remembering the Caprica Audition
8 min 40 sec
Clip Making Caprica Its Own Show
4 min 19 sec
Clip Cylon Tech and the Creation Myth
6 min 53 sec
Clip Breaking the Mold With Caprica
2 min 40 sec
Clip The Role of Angels
6 min 29 sec
Clip The Final Five
4 min 21 sec
Clip Playing Opposite Your Character
3 min 40 sec
Clip Filming With Jeffrey Reiner
3 min 25 sec
Clip Playing Cylon Copies
3 min 54 sec
Clip The Importance of Felix Gaeta
3 min 50 sec
Clip Caprica: Creating a Post-Apocalyptic Society
4 min 16 sec
Clip Video Blog: Virtual Life
3 min 44 sec
Clip Video Blog: Virtual Life
3 min 44 sec
Interview Esai Morales Q&A: 2009, Part 1
6 min 22 sec
Clip There Is Another Sky (Enhanced)
45 min
Preview Recap: Gravedancing
65 sec
Preview Recap: Episodes 1-3
71 sec
Clip Alessandra Torresani
4 min 15 sec
Clip The Caprica City Buccaneers Are Back!
43 sec
Clip Video Blog: a Snake in the Grass
3 min 41 sec
Preview You Drive Me Crazy
2 min 57 sec
Preview Time to Be Better
2 min 49 sec
Clip Main Title
45 sec
Clip Video Blog: Run for the Ribbon
3 min 23 sec
Clip Video Blog: U 87
3 min 51 sec
Preview Caprica Sneak Peek
2 min 4 sec
Clip Video Blog: Gray Matters
4 min 0 sec
Clip Daniel Graystone
30 sec
Clip The Graystones
30 sec
Clip Friends or Rivals?
30 sec
Clip Lacy and Zoe
30 sec
Clip The V Club
30 sec
Clip Video Blog: What to Expect
3 min 16 sec
Clip Video Blog: Shooting Star
3 min 17 sec
Interview caprica F8 256K
42 min
Interview syfy caprica paneldiscussion 1
42 min
Clip Ronald D. Moore: The Challenge of Caprica
3 min 26 sec
Clip The Director's Proccess
2 min 57 sec
Clip What the Frak Is Caprica?
3 min 15 sec
Clip Not Just a Space Opera
4 min 36 sec
Clip Connecting the Show to Present Day
4 min 31 sec
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Caprica: Clip 2

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As Battlestar Galactica wraps its gripping final season on SCI FI on March 20, 2009, Caprica begins a brand new epic saga that continues the franchise's commitment to thought-provoking storytelling and extraordinary characters. Set over 50 years before the events of Battlestar Galactica, Caprica is a world at the peak of its power, grappling with new science and technologies and the issues they create.

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