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Animated series about three young trains learning to ride the rails.


Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 Special Rescue
Ep17 Fearless Wilson
Ep16 Snow Patrol
Ep15 Winter Whiteout
Ep15 Snow Rescue
Ep14 High Rise Rescue
Ep12 Brewster Leads the Way
Ep12 Park Patroller Wilson
Ep11 The Old Silver Mine Line
Ep10 Explorer Koko
Ep9 Track Laying Brewster
Ep8 Back Up Brewster
Ep7 Wilson's Forest Flare
Ep6 Rescue at Rocky Ridge
Ep5 Chief Wilson
Ep4 Brewster Makes Tracks
Ep3 Runaway Koko
Ep2 Stop Koko Stop!
Ep1 Chuggington Special - Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue
Back Up Brewster; Chief Wilson
Track Laying Brewster; Koko the Explorer
Park Patroller Wilson; Capable Brewster; Runaway Koko
High Rise Rescue; Share the Load; The Old Silver Mine Line
High Rise Rescue; The Old Silver Mine Line
Stop Koko Stop!; Brewster Makes Tracks
Special Rescue Team; Chug Patrol Song; Deputy Chug Patrollers
Park Patroller Wilson; Runaway Koko
Record Breaker Koko; Iron Chuggers
Fearless Wilson; Chug Patrol Song; Team Trainee
Back Up Brewster; Green Machines; Chief Wilson
Track Laying Brewster; Safeguarder Wilson; Koko the Explorer
Stop Koko Stop!; Swift Shift; Brewster Makes Tracks
Chuggineers Ready to Build
Brewster Leads the Way; On Track Brewster
First Responder Calley; Tour Guide Harrison

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Brewster's Crane Training
Ep13 Wobbly Wheels
Ep12 Skylar's Squad
Ep11 Toot's New Friend
Ep10 Top Secret Koko
Ep9 Movie Maker Brewster
Ep8 Undercover Action Chugger
Ep7 Zephie's Star Club
Ep6 Magnetic Wilson
Ep5 Koko's Game
Ep4 Chug-o-flage
Ep3 Hodge Can't Wait
Ep2 #1 Special Helper Wilson
Ep1 Gold Wheels
Blazin' Wilson; Chug Patrol Song; Round Up Wilson
Zephie's Star Club; Wilson's Winter Feed; Skylar's Squad
Chug-O-Flage; Swift Shift; Under Cover Action Chugger
Wobbly Wheels; Home Sweet Home; Top Secret Koko
Gold Wheels; Look Out Brewster; Koko's Game
Magnetic Wilson; Share the Load; Toot's New Friend
Special Helper Wilson; Manners; Movie Maker Brewster
Hodge Can't Wait; Safeguarder Wilson; Crane Training
Magnetic Wilson
Zephie's Star Club; Skylar's Squad
Wobbly Wheels; Top Secret Koko
Hodge Can't Wait; Brewster's Crane Training
Gold Wheels; Koko's Game
Chug-o-flage; Undercover Action Chugger
Magnetic Wilson; Toot's New Friend
Special Helper Wilson; Movie Maker Brewster

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Toot's Tall Tale
Ep25 A Pat on the Paintwork
Ep24 Hodge and the Chugnav
Ep23 Fault Finder Emery
Ep22 Chugger of the Year
Ep21 Brewster Meets the Mayor
Ep20 Zephie and the Bees
Ep19 Rolling Reporter Wilson
Ep18 Wilson's Icy Escapade
Ep17 Stunt Brewster
Ep16 Chilly Chuggers
Ep15 Next Stop Space
Ep14 Scrub a Chug Chug
Ep13 Heave Ho Harrison
Ep12 Snowstruck Wilson
Ep11 Wilson and the Dinosaur
Ep10 Brewster Booster
Ep10 Quizmaster Hodge
Ep9 The Booster Brewster
Ep9 The Brewster Booster
Ep8 Hoot vs Toot
Ep7 Stop the Press Emery
Ep6 Hodge Sails Away
Ep5 Chug of War
Ep5 Next Stop Space; Scrub a Chug Chug
Ep4 Lights, Camera, Action Chugger
Ep3 Babysitter Brewster
Ep2 Frostini's Meltdown
Ep1 Koko's New Look
Snowstruck Wilson; Babysitter Brewster
Toot's Tall Tale; Wilson's Icy Escapade
Chugger of the Year; Stunt Brewster
Rolling Reporter Wilson; A Pat on the Paintwork
Brewster Meets the Mayor; Fault Finder Emery
The Brewster Booster; Chilly Chuggers
Hodge and the Chugnav; Zephie and the Bees
Koko's New Look; Frostini's Meltdown
Stop the Press Emery; Hoot v. Toot
Wilson and the Steam Team; Hodge Sails Away
Heave Ho Harrison; Lights, Camera, Action Chugger
Wilson and the Dinosaur; Quizmaster Hodge

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep52 Training Time Harrison
Ep51 Puffer Pete's Big Show
Ep50 Wilson's Paper Trail
Ep49 Koko Takes Charge
Ep48 Bubbly Olwin
Ep47 Brewster's Little Helper
Ep46 Jet Pack Wilson
Ep45 Old Puffer Pete's Firebox
Ep44 Wilson and the Wild Wind
Ep43 Mtambo's Royal Tour
Ep42 Eddie Finds Time
Ep41 Wilson and the Paint Wagon
Ep40 Brewster to the Rescue
Ep39 Helpful Hodge
Ep38 Rock-A-Bye Chatsworth
Ep37 Mtambo's Amazing Adventure
Ep36 Nurse Wilson
Ep35 Inspector Emery
Ep34 Poor Old Puffer Pete
Ep33 Zephie's Monkey Business
Ep32 Brewster's Hobby
Ep31 Watch Out Wilson
Ep30 Famous Emery
Ep29 Zephie Ace Reporter
Ep28 Frostini's Fruit Fandango
Ep27 Hodge's Secret
Ep26 Wilson Gets a Wash
Ep25 Wilson's Wacky Tour
Ep24 Wilson and the Ice Cream
Ep23 Koko Pulls It Off
Ep22 Brewster Knows Best
Ep21 Wake Up Wilson
Ep20 Brewster and the Dragon
Ep19 Outward Bound Olwin
Ep18 Koko on Call
Ep17 Koko's Puppy Training
Ep16 Action Brewster
Ep15 Wilson's Smooth Moves
Ep14 Zephie's Zoom Around
Ep13 Brewster Goes Bananas
Ep12 Old Puffer Pete's Tour
Ep11 Cool Wilson
Ep10 The Chugger Championships
Ep9 Clunky Wilson
Ep8 Hodge and the Magnet
Ep7 Koko and the Squirrels
Ep6 Bang Clang Wilson
Ep5 Late Again Eddie
Ep4 Koko Tunnel
Ep3 Braking Brewster
Ep2 Wilson and the Elephant
Ep1 Can't Catch Koko
Koko and the Tunnel; Hodge the Magnet
Koko's Puppy Training; Bang Klang Wilson
Koko on Call; Zephie Ace Reporter
Zephie's Zoomaround;Puffer Pete's Big Show
Wilson and the Ice Cream; Koko in Charge
Brewster's Little Helper; Jet Pack Wilson
Helpful Hodge; Action Brewster
Wilson's Wacky Tour; Brewster's Hobby
Can't Catch Koko; Wilson and the Elephant
Wilson and the Wild Wind; Wilson and the Paint Wagon
Brewster Goes Bananas; Nurse Wilson
Eddie Finds Time; Brewster Knows Best
Wilson Gets A Wash; Training Time Harrison
Wake Up Wilson; Hodge's Secret
Late Again Eddie; Outward Bound Olwin
Zephie's Monkey Business; The Chugger Championship
Wilson's Paper Trail; Koko and the Squirrels
Watch Out Wilson; Famous Emery
Cool Wilson; Koko Pulls It Off
Inspector Emery; Rock-a-Bye Chatsworth
Brewster Goes Bananas; Nurse Wilson
Mtambo's Amazing Adventure; Brewster to the Rescue
Braking Brewster; Old Puffer Pete's Firebox
Mtambo's Amazing Adventure; Koko Takes Charge
Old Puffer Pete's Tour; Wilson's Smooth Move
Frostini's Fruit Fandango; Poor Old Puffer Pete
Brewster to the Rescue; Wilson's Paper Trail
Hodge and the Magnet; Cool Wilson
Eddie Finds Time; Brewster's Little Helper
Zephie Ace Reporter; Puffer Pete's Big Show
Training Time Harrison; Koko Pulls It Off
Jet Pack Wilson; Famous Emery
Mtambo's Royal Tour; Outward Bound Olwin
Brewster Knows Best; Wilson and the Ice Cream
Hodge's Secret; Wilson Gets a Wash
Zephie's Monkey Business; Koko's Puppy Training
Inspector Emery; Bubbly Olwin
Wilson and the Paint Wagon; Brewster and the Dragon
Nurse Wilson; Old Puffer Pete's Firebox
Zephie's Zoom Around; Brewster's Hobby
Helpful Hodge; Wilson's Wacky Tour
Bang Klang Wilson; Rock-a-Bye Chatsworth
Action Brewster; The Chugger Championships
Wilson and the Wild Wind; Brewster Goes Bananas
Clunky Wilson; Late Again Eddie
Koko on Call; Wake Up Wilson
Watch Out Wilson; Koko and the Squirrels
Braking Brewster; Can't Catch Koko
Wilson and the Elephant; Koko and the Tunnel

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Welder Brewster
Episode 5
Episode 21
Episode 23
Episode 25
Clunky Wilson; Old Puffer Pete's Tour
Bubbly Olwin; Mtambo's Royal Tour
Wilson's Smooth Moves; Brewster and the Dragon
Brewster Makes Tracks
Brewster's Crane Training
Runaway Koko
Puffer Pete's Surprise
Episode 9
Episode 7
Episode 1
Episode 3
Fearless Wilson; Team Trainee

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Chuggington: Blazin' Wilson
50 sec
Clip Chuggington: Asher Shows Off Some Of H
33 sec
Clip Chuggington: Wilson Helps Put Out A Fi
33 sec
Clip Chuggington: Explorer Koko
45 sec
Clip Chuggington: Laying The Track
62 sec
S3 | Ep2

Special Helper Wilson

Air Date: 3/26/12
Wilson tries to do everything himself when he helps Frostini, but nothing goes as planned.

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