Civil War Journal

The War Between the States (1861-65) is chronicled through profiles of historical figures and facts about pivotal events.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 The Secret War: Civil War Spies
Ep29 Picture Perfect: The Pomp and Vision of Mathew Brady
Ep28 Honor the Dead: Unsung Heroes of Gettysburg
Ep27 First Ladies of the North and South
Ep26 Dan Sickles: The General Who Got Away with Murder
Ep25 Trains at War
Ep24 The Boy Generals
Ep23 Divided Houses: Families Split by War
Ep22 Born Killers: The Iron Brigade
Ep21 The Battle of Charleston
Ep20 The Traitor President: Jefferson Davis
Ep19 War Crimes: The Death Camps
Ep18 Lincoln and Gettysburg
Ep17 Women at War
Ep16 The Battle of Chattanooga
Ep15 Nathan Bedford Forrest
Ep14 Reporting the War
Ep13 Frederick Douglass
Ep12 The Battle of Fredericksburg
Ep11 Battlefield Medicine
Ep10 Sherman and the March to the Sea
Ep9 Robert E. Lee
Ep8 West Point Classmates
Ep7 Banners of Glory
Ep6 Pickett's Charge
Ep5 The Battle of 1st Bull Run
Ep4 John Brown's War
Ep3 Alexander Gardner: War Photographer
Ep2 McClellan's Way
Ep1 The Monitor vs the CSS Virginia
Garden of Dead: Arlington Cemetery
The Terrible Swift Sword
Gray Ghost: John Singleton Mosby
Shadows of Lightning: Jeb Stuart and the Cavalry
Iron Jaws: The Power of Civil War Weapons
The Bloodiest Day: Battle of Antietam
Caught in Maelstrom: Civilians in War
Days of Darkness:The Gettysburg Civilians
Glory: The Real Story of the 54th Massachusetts
Gettysburg: The Damned
General Stonewall Jackson
General Stonewall Jackson
General James Longstreet: Lee's Prodigal Son
Immigrants and the Civil War
The Superb, General Hancock
Preserving the Past: Civil War Battlefields
The Battle of New Orleans
The Zouaves
Yank vs Reb: The Foot Soliders Life
Mr. Lincoln's Butcher: General Ulysses Grant
The Battle; Siege of Vicksburgh
Destiny at Fort Sumter
The Battle of Franklin and Nashville
General Joshua L. Chamberlain

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