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Two successful video-game developers take in their hard-to-live-with fathers in this sitcom.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep19 Jerk in the Box
Ep18 Dads
Ep18 Have a Heart...Attack!
Ep18 #2 Have A Heart...Attack
Ep17 Enemies of Billl
Ep17 #2 Enemies of Bill
Ep17 Enemies of Bill; Have a Heart...Attack!
Ep16 #2 Warner's Got It Made
Ep15 #2 Baby Face
Ep14 #2 Bully Gene
Ep13 #2 Eli Nightingale
Ep12 #2 Mister Edna
Ep12 Dads
Ep11 #2 The Glitch That Stole Christmas
Ep10 Dad Abuse
Ep9 Comic Book Issues
Ep8 Doubles Trouble
Ep7 Foul Play
Ep7 Dads
Ep6 My Dad's Hotter Than Your Dad
Ep6 Dads
Ep5 Oldfinger
Ep5 Dads
Ep4 Funny Girl
Ep3 Clean on Me
Ep2 Heckuva Job, Brownie
Ep1 Pilot

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Preview Veronica's Persuasion
23 sec
Preview Losing Change
40 sec
Preview Ready to Go
61 sec
Preview Crawford and the Couch
32 sec
Preview Ring Around Veronica
32 sec
Preview Near-Death Experience
21 sec
Preview Last Call for Alcohol
40 sec
Clip Bottoms up
2 min 16 sec
Preview Sneak Peek: One-Hour Season Finale
17 sec
Clip Valentine’s Day(vid) Greeting Cards
61 sec
Preview Warner's Nightmare Is a Reality
59 sec
Preview Time for a Favor
49 sec
Preview Eli Demands an Explanation
33 sec
Preview Strongly-Worded Letter
54 sec
Preview Very Important Gay Persons
31 sec
Preview Chatty Stew
64 sec
Preview 60 Likes On Facebook, Minimum
66 sec
Preview Victory Dance
50 sec
Preview Fake Fight Becomes Real
67 sec
Preview Bat Buster
36 sec
Preview One Piece of Advice
47 sec
Clip Sneak Peek: "Eli Nightingale"
23 sec
Preview Sneak Peek: "The Glitch That Stole Christmas"
23 sec
Clip Brenda Song Flip Files Chapter Two: Working On Dads
66 sec
Clip Classic Television
106 sec
Clip "Noble Eskimo"
90 sec
Clip Dads Official Trailer
3 min 57 sec
Preview Dads: Dad Abuse
23 sec
Clip Dads: Clip 2
70 sec
Clip Dads: Special Agent Visits
51 sec
Clip Dads: New Rules
28 sec
Preview Dads: The Glitch That Stole Christmas
23 sec
Clip Dads: Stuck In A Chimney
24 sec
Clip Dads: That's My Towel
79 sec
Clip Dads: Do The Job
44 sec
Clip Dads: Clip 3
45 sec
Clip Dads: Good News
79 sec
Clip Dads: Clip 4
76 sec
Clip Dads: Clip 1
51 sec
Clip Dads: Bye Bye
50 sec
S1 | Ep18

Have A Heart...Attack

Airdate: 2/11/14
Eli ignores David's constant complaining, and one of them ends up in the hospital.

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