Dive Olly Dive!

  • 2008
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The adventures of two young submarines-in-training are followed as they explore their underwater world.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep56 #1 Plastic Bag; What's a Roman Urn
Ep55 SOS Seabird; Obstacle Course
Ep52 My Squid's Bigger Than Yours
Ep51 Distress Call
Ep50 Luseal and Ethel
Ep49 To Catch a Thief
Ep49 To Catch a Thief/In a Jelly Old Time
Ep48 Leatherback
Ep47 A Jelly Old Time
Ep46 Sticky Stones
Ep45 Shankley Ahoy
Ep45 Sea Monkey From Mars
Ep44 Win the Golden Fin
Ep43 Space Monkey From Mars
Ep42 Don't Tell Beth
Ep41 Follow That Lobster
Ep40 Camouflage King
Ep39 Minky the Turtle
Ep38 Navigation Complication
Ep37 Beth's Nature
Ep36 Risky Ranger
Ep35 Flying Seahorses
Ep34 Old Smokey Blows His Top
Ep33 Less Is More
Ep32 Uma Under the Weather
Ep31 Fear of Fog
Ep30 Sunken Suzie
Ep29 Skid the Hero
Ep28 Shell Shock
Ep27 Luseal Loops the Loop
Ep26 A Boost From Beth
Ep25 The Legend of the Lost Golden City
Ep24 Babysitting Blues
Ep23 Submarine D-Day
Ep22 Friends 4Ever
Ep21 The Lost City of Gold
Ep21 The Squidling Trail
Ep20 Home Sweet Shell
Ep19 Sub D-Day
Ep19 Sub D-Day; Babysitting Blues
Ep19 Cucumber Confusion
Ep18 The Big Swap
Ep17 Detective Beth
Ep16 Ranger's Rodeo
Ep15 Slip Sliding Away
Ep14 Doug's Apprentice
Ep13 Squid Squirt
Ep12 Grandpa Claude
Ep11 Skid's Stuff
Ep10 Whale Call
Ep9 Everyone Makes Mistakes
Ep8 #1 Pressure's On!
Ep7 Hide and Seaweed
Ep6 #1 Sub Magnet
Ep5 #1 The Red Tide
Ep4 Haunted Ship Prank
Ep3 Beth's Backfire
Ep2 #1 I Thought I Saw a Sea Serpent
Ep1 Tunnel Vision
My Squid's Bigger Than Yours; Distress Call
Olly: Back Fire/Ship
Home Sweet Home; Cucumber Confusion
Leatherback; Luseal and Ethel

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Galapagos Duck
The Great Crabdini; Minky Returns
Sea Creature Skid
SOS Seabird
Pirate Bobsie
Plastic Bag
Olly: Pressure/Seaweed
Tunnel Vision; I Thought I Saw a Sea Serpent
Olly: Squid/Distress
Home Sweet Shell; Cucumber Confusion
Don't Tell Beth;Space Monkey From Mars
Follow That Lobster;Win the Golden Fin
Dive Olly Dive: Tortuga Carey
Skid Stuff; Grandpa Claude
Minky the Turtle; Camouflage King
The Lost City of Gold; Luseal Loops the Loop
Sub D-Day; Baby Sitting Blue
Skid the Hero; Risky Ranger
Shell Shock; Sunken Suzy
A Boost from Beth; Flying Seahorses
Uma Under the Weather; Less Is More
Beth's Nature; Navigation Consternation
Old Smokey Blows His Top; Fear of Fog
Viking Adventure; Panic Stations
Beth's Nature; Navigation Consternation
Minky The Turtle; Camouflage King
The Night Light; Plesiosaur Prank
To Catch a Thief; A Jelly Old Time
The Big Swap; Detective Beth
Sticky Stones; Shankley Ahoy
Follow That Lobster; Win the Golden Fin
Skid's in Command; Artful Solution
Beth's Back Fire; Haunted Ship Prank
#1 Plastic Bag; What's a Roman Urn
Pirate Bobsie; Ruins of Olly
Sea Creature Skid; Ice Caps
Uma on the Blink; The Cave and the Glaken
Seals of Approval; Sub Story
#2 SOS Seabird; Obstacle Course
Great Barrier Grief; The Albatross
Why So Crabby?; Dicey Ice
South China; Bobsie'sTreasured
Lady of the Sea; Thar She Blows
New Squid in Town; King Tide
#1 Mystery of the Disappearing Shipwreck; Big Schnoz
#1 Bobsie & Brandt; Lost & Found
Galapagos Duck; No Fear
#1 Galapagos Duck; No Fear
#1 Alien Alert; New Tooth
#1 Panic Stations
Swiming Suits You; Olly and the Sandy Beach
Lights, Camera, Action; Old Friends and New
Swiming Suits You; Olly and the Sandy Beach
#1 Lady of the Sea
Fun & Games; Mussel Mystery
Fun & Games; Mussel Mystery
Skid Addled; Bimini Road
Skid Addled; Bimini Road
Plastic Bag
SOS Seabird
"Uma Under The Weather; Less Is More
Slip Sliding Away; Ranger's Rodeo
Squid Squirt; Doug's Apprentice
The Lost City Of Gold; Luseal Loops The Loop
Sub D-day; Babysitting Blues
The Squidling Trail;Friends 4ever
#1 The Albatross
#1 Dicey Ice
#1 Why So Crabby?
#1 Great Barrier Grief
Fun and Games; Mussel Mystery
Back Fire; Ship
Galapagos Duck; No Fear
Alien Alert; New Tooth
Swimming Suits; Olly & Beach
#1 New Squid in Town
#1 King Tide
#1 China in South China
Mystery of the Disappearing Shipwreck
#1 The Great Crabdini
Swimming Suits You
#1 Lights, Camera, Action
#1 Minky Returns
No Fear
That Sinkhole Feeling
Salvage Mystery
Olly and the Sandy Beach
#1 Thar She Blows
#1 Old Friends and New
Bimini Road
Skid Addled
Scooters and Subs
#1 Uma on the Blink
#1 Seals of Approval
Whale Call; Everyone Makes Mistakes
#1 Sub Story
#1 Big Schnoz
#1 Viking Adventure
#1 Ice Caps
Obstacle Course
Fun and Games
#1 Skid's in Command
The Night Light
#1 Plesiosaur Prank
#1 Artful Solution
Slip Sliding Away; Ranger's Rodeo
The Squidling Bell
#1 Ruins of Olly
What's a Roman Urn
Sunken Suzy
Skid Hero
Risky Ranger
Mussel Mystery
#1 Bobsie's New Tooth
Scooter Who Cried Seasnake
A Boost from Beth; Flying Seahorses
Shell Shock / Sunken Suzy
Lost and Found
Bobsie & Brandt
#1 Fish Traps
#1 The Cave and the Glaken
The Squidling Trail; Friends 4Ever
#1 Mr. Mommy
My Squid's Bigger Than Yours
Alien Alert
Home Sweet Shell;Cucumber Confusion
The Big Swap;Detective Beth
Skid the Hero; Risky Ranger
Old Smokey Blows His Top; Fear of Fog
#1 Sea Creature Skid
Pressure's On!; Hide and Seaweed
The Red Tide; Sub Magnet
#1 Bobsie's Treasured Friend

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length
S1 | Ep56

Plastic Bag; What's a Roman Urn

Fecha al aire: 1/27/12
When Scopes removes an ancient Roman urn from the seabed he causes trouble for everyone.

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