Eat St.

  • 2011

A Canadian comedian criss-crosses the continent in search of North America's best street food.


Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Monster Trucks
Ep25 Foodie Call
Ep24 Swede as Can Be
Ep23 Houston, We Have a Food Truck
Ep22 The Spice Is Right
Ep21 Miami Mia
Ep20 Rule Brittania
Ep19 Seoul Food
Ep18 Serial Grillers
Ep17 Dead Beetz
Ep16 Viva La Waffle!
Ep15 Planet Of The Crepes
Ep14 Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese
Ep13 You Don't Know Jak
Ep12 Pretty Thai For A White Guy
Ep11 A Side Of Groovy
Ep10 B-Egging For More
Ep9 Buon Appetito!
Ep8 Food Fit For The Gods
Ep7 The Perfect Ploye
Ep6 Falafelly Good
Ep5 Funguyz 'n Fun Food
Ep4 Claws For Celebration
Ep3 Miso Hungry
Ep2 Hunger In A Headlock
Ep1 Tickled Pink

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Fresh, Local, Wild
Ep25 Jamaican Me Hungry
Ep24 Hot Haute Cuisine
Ep23 Cowboys & Indians
Ep22 Tick, Tick, Kaboom!
Ep21 Smack Shack-a-Lack
Ep20 Hur-raj for Indian Food
Ep19 Monsters & Dogs
Ep18 The Bees Knees
Ep17 Land of the Rising Bun
Ep16 Yum Town USA
Ep15 Chomp Chomp Chomp
Ep14 Pig on the Street
Ep13 Carte Blanche
Ep12 Health Nuts & Sprinkles
Ep11 Wolf, Bears & Rock Stars
Ep10 Get Stuffed
Ep9 When in Rome
Ep8 Gorillas, Dogs, Balls & More
Ep7 Getting Lucky
Ep6 Some of This, Some of That
Ep5 Aloha Portland
Ep4 In Bacon We Trust
Ep3 Music to Your Mouth
Ep2 Gold and Great
Ep1 Meat New Friends

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep15 Food Snacks & Union Jacks
Ep14 The Truck Stops Here
Ep13 Home Cooking on the Run
Ep12 Sea Food & Eat It
Ep11 Mobile Meals on Wheels
Ep10 A Truck Load of Fries
Ep9 Cackalacks
Ep8 Go Nuts for Trucks
Ep7 Planet Food
Ep7 Bacon Mania Baby
Ep6 Purple Carrots
Ep5 Fries & Dolls
Ep4 Monster Menus
Ep3 Nomadic Nosh
Ep2 Global Gastronomy
Ep1 High Voltage Dining
Ep1 Deli-icious Delights
Mobile Meals

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Sounds Tasty
Ep12 'Gator Time
Ep11 Miami Nice
Ep10 The Smokin' South
Ep9 Yum Yum
Ep8 Hawaii-Thai-Oh
Ep7 Cordon Bleu, Street Style
Ep6 Made in Manhattan
Ep5 Rib-Tastic!
Ep4 Lip Smackin' Delights
Ep3 Gourmet Good & Evil
Ep2 Bacon Mania Baby
Ep1 The Italian Job

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 The Italian Job
Ep13 Rotisserie Rumble
Ep12 Heavy Metal Grill
Ep11 Bacon Jam Bonanza
Ep10 Classics With a Twist
Ep9 Pierogies to Pizza
Ep8 Barbeque This!
Ep7 Gone Fishin'
Ep6 Surf and Slice
Ep5 Pasta With Attitude
Ep4 Pounds of Pulled Pork
Ep3 French Fry Extravaganza
Ep2 Gut Busting Brunch
Ep1 Grilled Cheese Heaven

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Go Nuts for Trucks
Barbeque This!
Planet Food
Home Cooking on the Run
Funguyz N' Fun Food
The Perfect Ploye
Gut Busting Brunch
Pounds of Pulled Pork
French Fry Extravaganza
The Truck Stops Here
Grilled Cheese Heaven
Falafelly Good
Claws for Celebration
Miso Hungry
Sea Food & Eat It
Mobile Meals on Wheels
A Truck Load of Fries
Hunger in a Headlock
Pasta With Attitude
gator Time
Classics With a Twist
Global Gastronomy
Food Fit for the Gods
Heavy Metal Grill
Buon Appetito!
Bacon Jam Bonanza
Truck Load of Fries
Deli-licious Delights
Monster Trucks
Planet Food
Gone Fishin'
Lip Smackin' Delights
Bacon Mania Baby
You Don't Know Jak
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese
Viva La Waffle!
Planet Of The Crepes
Miami Mia
Eat St.
Eat St.
Eat St.
Eat St.
Gone Fishin'
High Voltage Dining

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