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Sitcom about a ragtag platoon of soldiers, three of whom are brothers, serving in a rear-detachment unit in Florida.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 #2 Alive Day
Ep12 #2 Army Men
Ep11 #2 The General Inspection
Ep10 #2 Prank War
Ep9 #2 Paint Cart 5000 vs. the Mondo Spider
Ep8 Vets
Ep7 Parade Duty
Ep6 Brothers and Sister
Ep5 Rear D Day
Ep4 Homecoming
Ep3 Pete's Airstream
Ep2 Randy Get Your Gun
Ep1 Pilot

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip Enlisted: We Are Brothers
105 sec
Preview A Really Big Shame
85 sec
Preview Splendor Returns to Fort McGee
51 sec
Preview Enlisted: Randy Get Your Gun
72 sec
Clip Enlisted: Man Cave
47 sec
Clip Enlisted: Cut Him Some Slack
48 sec
Preview Enlisted: Pete's Airstream
81 sec
Clip Enlisted: You Should Move In With Us
78 sec
Clip Enlisted: So Much Drama
43 sec
Preview Enlisted: Rear D Day
51 sec
Clip Enlisted: Breaking Up Is Simple
85 sec
Clip Enlisted: Train Wreck
102 sec
Preview The Ex Marks the Spot
54 sec
Preview Chill Pete vs. Shouty Pete
58 sec
Preview Upcoming Inspection
107 sec
Preview Randy's Bird-Themed Platoon Flag
70 sec
Preview Always Cover Your Junk
96 sec
Preview Yes, Syrup
51 sec
Clip First Look: Paint Cart 5000 Vs. The Mondo Spider”
106 sec
Preview Mondo Spider
76 sec
Preview Paint Cart 5000
63 sec
Clip Everything You Need to Know About the Mondo Spider
111 sec
Preview Self-Portrait
64 sec
Preview Hospitality Detail
71 sec
Preview Cool Beans
101 sec
Clip Parker's Prank of the Week #6
11 sec
Clip Deleted Scene: Dog Pile
60 sec
Clip Deleted Scene: Pig Fire
55 sec
Preview Assembling a Weapon to Take On an Aerial Threat
70 sec
Preview Parker's Prank of the Week #5
11 sec
Preview Unfinished Business
57 sec
Clip First Look: "Brothers & Sister"
96 sec
Clip Parker's Prank of the Week #4
16 sec
Clip Parker's Prank of the Week #3
16 sec
Clip Parker’s Prank of the Week #2
16 sec
Clip Parker’s Prank of the Week #1
17 sec
Interview Fox Lounge: Enlisted TMI Session
96 sec
Clip Salute 'N Jump
98 sec
Preview Randy Wants to Be Sharp for His Marksmanship Test
52 sec
Preview Pete and Jill Go Head-To-Head
34 sec
Interview Fox Lounge: The Guys of Enlisted On Love, Life and Lady Parts
101 sec
Preview A Loser, Too
107 sec
Preview Bear Minimum
27 sec
Preview Pete's Screw up
120 sec
Preview Weight Issue
2 min 5 sec
Preview The Hill Brothers Reunite
83 sec
Clip "Spot Our Errors" Contest
68 sec
Clip Boot Camp Webisodes
20 min
Preview Enlisted: Season 1
33 sec
Preview Enlisted
63 sec
S1 | Ep13

Alive Day

Air Date: 6/22/14
The Hill brothers commemorate the first anniversary of Pete almost dying in Afghanistan with an "Alive Day" celebration; and the platoon hold a ball in Major Cody's honor.

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