Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

  • 2010
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A former FBI agent leads a paranormal investigative team to debunk or authenticate Web videos and photos.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Stonehenge Secrets; Iceland Worm Monster
Ep23 Surveillance Specter; Morgue Mystery
Ep22 Into the Vortex; Tavern Shapeshifter
Ep21 Graveyard Lightning; Truck Stop Terror
Ep20 Florida Woodland UFO; Black Forest Entity
Ep19 Glowing Gargoyle; Phantom Feline
Ep18 Reptile Rampage; Gasoline Ghoul
Ep17 Battleship UFO
Ep16 Pride House Specter; Bluegrass Bigfoot
Ep15 Vanishing Victim; Sky Serpent
Ep14 Bay Area Hysteria; Jersey Shore Haunting
Ep13 The Grim Sleeper; The Real Mr. Freeze
Ep13 The Grim Sleeper/The Real Mr. Freeze
Ep12 Bar Fright/Mexico City Cave Witch
Ep11 Old West Haunting/Freeway Flyer
Ep10 Asylum Apparition/Mystery Over Mexico
Ep9 Sinister Spirals/Flying Saucers
Ep8 Cajun Apparition/Area 51
Ep7 UFO Crash Landing; Graveyard Ghost
Ep7 UFO Crash Landing/Graveyard Ghost
Ep6 Whaley Ghost House/Muck Monster
Ep5 Dashcam Chupacabra/Nightly News Alien
Ep4 Playground Poltergeist; Alien Intruder
Ep4 Playground Poltergeist/Alien Intruder
Ep3 Raining UFOs/Ectoplasmic Pic
Ep2 Thermal Theater Ghost/Fire in the Sky
Ep1 The Real Battle of L.A./Queen Mary Menace
Ep1 The Real Battle of LA/Queen Mary Menace

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 Bayou Beast/River Ghost
Ep11 Lunar Landing Hoax/Tropical Intruder
Ep11 Lunar Landing Hoax; Tropical Intruder
Ep10 Mystery Mermaid/Ghostly Guardian
Ep9 Sasquatch Sprint; Alien Attacker
Ep9 Sasquatch Sprint/Alien Attacker
Ep8 Symphonic Spirits; Hovering Humanoid
Ep8 Symphonic Spirits/Hovering Humanoid
Ep7 Haunted Mansion Mist/Starlight Intruder
Ep7 Haunted Mansion Mist; Starlight Intruder
Ep6 The Caretaker/Cutter
Ep5 Blazing Horizon/Rollover
Ep4 Predator/Red Sky at Night
Ep3 Off the Deep End/Houseguest
Ep2 Unwanted Visitors/Strange Sightings
Ep1 Burning Rubber/Hyperjump

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ashtray; Bruja

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip Black Forest Entity
49 sec
Clip Couch Cushion Casper -
55 sec
Clip Florida Woodland UFO
73 sec
Clip New Years Eve Alien
21 sec
Clip Oahu UFO
28 sec
Clip Devin's Download: Swedish Sphere
3 min 33 sec
Clip Russian UFO
42 sec
Clip Pride House Photo
25 sec
Clip Kentucky Bigfoot
20 sec
Clip Kenny's Backyard Bigfoot
25 sec
Clip Chino UFO
38 sec
Clip Devin's Download: the Devil's Tramping Ground
6 min 23 sec
Clip Devin's Download: Animals & Ghosts
6 min 30 sec
Clip Planet Nibiru
41 sec
Clip Disappearing Woman
51 sec
Clip Aloha Alien
52 sec
Clip UK Sky Serpent
41 sec
Clip Zozo the Raven Spirit
31 sec
Clip Devin's Download: Planet Nibiru
5 min 15 sec
Clip FLIR Phantom
74 sec
Clip Bodega Bay Mystery Light
45 sec
Clip Hibbing High School Spirit
59 sec
Clip Virginia Dark Hooded Figure
49 sec
Clip Not Just a Normal Tuesday!
20 sec
Clip Devin's Download: the Woolly Mammoth
4 min 43 sec
Clip Test the Limits of Truth
30 sec
Clip Investigate the Truth
20 sec
Interview It Is Real
20 sec
Clip Levitating Woman
42 sec
Clip Big Island UFO
34 sec
Clip Ice Man
39 sec
Clip Snow Yeti
53 sec
Clip Devin's Download: the Mayans & 2012
3 min 43 sec
Preview Bar Fright - Bonus Scene
11 min
Preview Night Investigation - Bonus Scene
11 min
Preview Headlight Test - Bonus Scene
28 min
Preview Rotor Kite Test
2 min 6 sec
Preview Doll Room Interview - Bonus Scene
5 min 43 sec
Preview Dirt Test - Bonus Scene
9 min 54 sec
Preview Leaf Blower - Bonus Scene
8 min 2 sec
Clip What Is That?
32 sec
Clip Bar Fright!
5 min 54 sec
Clip Shooting Episode 7
7 min 22 sec
Clip Rockin' Good Times
8 min 54 sec
Clip This Town Isn't Big Enough...
7 min 24 sec
Clip Fact or Faked's Biggest Fan
7 min 50 sec
Clip Seeing Isn't Believing
30 sec
Clip Fact or Faked Returns!
30 sec
Clip Fact or Faked Returns!
34 sec
Clip Fire Fairy
25 sec
Clip Hawaiian Halo
32 sec
Preview Muck Monster
30 sec
Preview Whaley House Ghost
43 sec
Clip Nightly News Alien
38 sec
Clip Lake Lure Ghost
25 sec
Clip Funeral Home Break-In
51 sec
Clip Chupacabra
26 sec
Clip Second Florida Abduction
22 sec
Clip Totally Creeped Out
10 sec
Clip Pantry Ghost
70 sec
Clip Original Florida Abduction
27 sec
Clip Dome UFO
53 sec
Clip Spooky Swing
86 sec
Clip Guardian UFO - Episode 109
39 sec
Clip Violent Poltergeist
85 sec
Preview Seeding UFO
81 sec
Clip Ectoplasm
90 sec
Clip Government UFO
41 sec
Clip Ghost Twins
59 sec
Clip El Paso Light Formation
55 sec
Clip Manhattan UFOs
30 sec
Clip Captured Alien
44 sec
Clip Florida Theater Ghost
120 sec
Clip Queen Mary Ghost
84 sec
Clip New Apartment Poltergeist
56 sec
Clip Napa Valley Vortex
83 sec
Clip Holiday Episode Open
31 sec
Preview Ice Circles
63 sec
Preview Portland Bridge Orb
48 sec
Preview Toronto Ghost Girl
66 sec
Preview Christmas Party Ghost
55 sec
Preview Ghost On Dash Cam
84 sec
Preview Gulf Breeze UFO
2 min 13 sec
Preview Honey Island Swamp Monster
29 sec
Preview Lunar Landing Hoax
115 sec
Clip Mothman
48 sec
Clip Texas Explosions
39 sec
Clip Alberta Backyard Alien
38 sec
Clip Hawaiian Ghost Girl
50 sec
Clip Lake Erie Lights
28 sec
Clip Mystery Mermaid
23 sec
Clip Memorial Day Bigfoot
39 sec
Clip Haunted High
106 sec
Clip Jonathan Reed Alien Capture
2 min 41 sec
Clip New Mexico Crashing UFO
34 sec
Clip Starck County UFO
71 sec
Preview Downtown LA UFO
58 sec
Preview Hawaii Ghost Orb
32 sec
Preview Flying Humanoid
38 sec
Preview UFO Shoots Missle
29 sec
Preview Valentown Ghost
31 sec
Preview Beast of Gum Hill
41 sec
Preview El Paso Sand Circles
62 sec
Preview McPike Mansion Mist
2 min 1 sec
Preview Fremont UFO
57 sec
Preview Beast of Gum Hill: Clarified
52 sec
Preview Fremont UFO: Clarified
34 sec
Clip Skunk Ape
3 min 2 sec
Clip Linda Vista Ghost
101 sec
Clip Indiana Cemetary Phantom
48 sec
Clip Airplane Abducted by UFO
85 sec
Clip Wiltshire Crop Circles
61 sec
Clip Webcam Ghost
36 sec
Clip Rancho Cucamonga Triangle
47 sec
Clip Paulding Light
61 sec
Clip UFO California
44 sec
Clip Ghost Tracks
2 min 2 sec
Clip Russian Pyramid
99 sec
Clip Beast of Dartmoor
25 sec
Clip Campfire Creature
29 sec
Clip El Cajon Triangle 1
81 sec
Clip El Cajon Triangle 2
41 sec
Clip El Cajon Triangle 3
64 sec
Clip Stairway Ghost
39 sec
Clip Sacramento UFO
2 min 50 sec
Clip Kitchen Poltergeist
63 sec
Clip Raystown Ray
25 sec
Clip Alien Road
55 sec
Clip Ghost Writer
6 min 40 sec
Clip Ghost Car
39 sec
Clip Colliding UFO
31 sec
Clip Gettysburg Ghost: Episode 2
106 sec
Clip Havasu UFO
2 min 47 sec
Clip Nightcrawlers 1
95 sec
Clip Nightcrawlers 2
41 sec
Preview Bonus Scene: Night Surveillance
5 min 51 sec
Clip Forest Ghost
2 min 37 sec
Preview Bonus Scene: Balloon Experiment: Attempt 1
3 min 39 sec
Clip Arizona Lights
25 sec
Clip Ghost Car
2 min 11 sec
Preview Bonus Scene: U-Turn: Attempt 1
3 min 8 sec
Clip UK Shadow
48 sec
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Black Forest Entity

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Was the black forest entity footage fact or faked? Watch and decide.

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