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Season 32

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep17 United States of Secrets (Part Two)
Ep16 United States of Secrets (Part One)
Ep15 Prison State
Ep14 Solitary Nation
Ep13 Secret State of North Korea
Ep12 TB Silent Killer
Ep11 Secrets of the Vatican
Ep10 Generation Like
Ep9 Syria's Second Front
Ep8 Secret State of North Korea
Ep7 To Catch a Trader
Ep6 A Death in St. Augustine
Ep6 Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?
Ep5 Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria
Ep4 League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion Crisis
Ep3 League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion Crisis
Ep3 League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion Crisis
Ep2 Egypt in Crisis
Ep1 The Suicide Plan

Season 31

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 Life and Death in Assisted Living
Ep17 Two American Families
Ep16 Rape in the Fields
Ep15 Outlawed in Pakistan
Ep14 The Untouchables
Ep14 Cliffhanger
Ep13 Never Forget to Lie
Ep12 The Retirement Gamble
Ep11 Syria Behind the Lines
Ep10 Raising Adam Lanza
Ep9 Cliffhanger
Ep8 The Untouchables
Ep7 Inside Obama's Presidency
Ep6 The Education of Michelle Rhee
Ep5 Poor Kids
Ep4 The Suicide Plan
Ep3 Big Sky, Big Money
Ep2 Climate of Doubt
Ep2 Climate of Doubt
Ep1 The Choice 2012

Season 30

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Dropout Nation
Ep21 The Battle for Syria
Ep20 Alaska Gold
Ep19 Fast Times at West Philly High
Ep18 Endgame: AIDS in Black America
Ep17 Dollars and Dentists
Ep16 Al Qaeda in Yemen
Ep15 Cell Tower Deaths
Ep14 Money, Power and Wall Street
Ep13 Money, Power and Wall Street
Ep12 Money, Power and Wall Street
Ep11 Money, Power and Wall Street
Ep11 Money, Power and Wall Street
Ep10 The Real CSI
Ep9 Murdoch's Scandal
Ep8 Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown
Ep7 The Interrupters
Ep6 Nuclear Aftershocks
Ep5 Opium Brides
Ep4 A Perfect Terrorist
Ep3 Syria Undercover
Ep2 Lost in Detention
Ep1 The Anthrax Files

Season 29

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 The Man Behind the Mosque
Ep19 The Interrogator
Ep18 Top Secret America: 9/11 to the Boston Bombings
Ep17 The Pot Republic
Ep16 The Child Cases
Ep15 Wikisecrets
Ep14 Kill/Capture
Ep13 Fighting for Bin Laden
Ep12 The Silence
Ep11 Football High
Ep10 Money and March Madness
Ep9 Revolution in Cairo
Ep7 Post Mortem
Ep6 Are We Safer?
Ep5 Battle for Haiti
Ep4 Facing Death
Ep3 The Confessions
Ep2 The Spill
Ep1 Death by Fire

Season 28

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep17 Law & Disorder
Ep16 The Wounded Platoon
Ep15 College, Inc.
Ep14 The Vaccine War
Ep13 The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan
Ep12 Obama's Deal
Ep11 The Quake
Ep10 The Suicide Tourist
Ep9 Behind Taliban Lines
Ep8 Flying Cheap
Ep7 Digital Nation
Ep5 The Card Game
Ep4 A Death in Tehran
Ep3 Close to Home
Ep2 The Warning
Ep1 Obama's War

Season 27

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep16 Breaking the Bank
Ep15 The Madoff Affair
Ep14 The Released
Ep13 Poisoned Waters
Ep12 Black Money
Ep11 Sick Around America
Ep10 Ten Trillion and Counting
Ep9 Inside the Meltdown
Ep8 My Father, My Brother and Me
Ep7 Dreams of Obama
Ep6 The Old Man and the Storm
Ep5 The Hugo Chavez Show
Ep4 Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story
Ep3 The War Briefing
Ep2 Heat
Ep1 The Choice 2008

Season 26

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Young and Restless in China
Ep12 Storm Over Everest
Ep11 Sick Around the World
Ep10 Bad Voodoo's War
Ep9 Bush's War
Ep8 Bush's War
Ep7 Rules of Engagement
Ep6 Growing Up Online
Ep5 The Medicated Child
Ep4 On Our Watch
Ep3 The Undertaking
Ep2 Showdown With Iran
Ep1 Cheney's Law

Season 25

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 Endgame
Ep13 Spying on the Home Front
Ep12 When Kids Get Life
Ep11 Hot Politics
Ep10 So Much, So Fast
Ep9 News War: What's Happening to the News?
Ep8 News War: Secrets, Sources & Spin
Ep7 News War: Secrets, Sources & Spin
Ep6 Hand of God
Ep5 Living Old
Ep4 A Hidden Life
Ep3 The Lost Year in Iraq
Ep2 The Enemy Within
Ep1 Return of the Taliban

Season 24

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 The Dark Side
Ep13 The Age of AIDS
Ep12 The Age of AIDS
Ep11 Can You Afford to Retire?
Ep10 The Tank Man
Ep9 The Insurgency
Ep8 The Meth Epidemic
Ep7 Sex Slaves
Ep6 Country Boys
Ep5 Country Boys
Ep4 Country Boys
Ep3 The Storm
Ep2 The Last Abortion Clinic
Ep1 The Torture Question

Season 23

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep16 The O.J. Verdict
Ep15 Private Warriors
Ep14 A Jew Among the Germans
Ep13 The New Asylums
Ep12 Death of a Princess
Ep11 Karl Rove---The Architect
Ep10 Israel's Next War?
Ep9 The Soldier's Heart
Ep8 A Company of Soldiers
Ep7 House of Saud
Ep6 Al Qaeda's New Front
Ep5 Secret History of the Credit Card
Ep4 Is Wal-Mart Good for America?
Ep3 The Persuaders
Ep2 Rumsfeld's War
Ep1 The Choice 2004

Season 22

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep16 Sacred Ground
Ep15 The Plea
Ep14 The Way the Music Died
Ep13 The Jesus Factor
Ep12 Son of Al Qaeda
Ep11 Diet Wars
Ep10 Ghosts of Rwanda
Ep9 The Invasion of Iraq
Ep8 Tax Me if You Can
Ep7 Beyond Baghdad
Ep6 Chasing Saddam's Weapons
Ep5 From China with Love
Ep4 Dangerous Prescription
Ep3 The Alternative Fix
Ep2 Chasing the Sleeper Cell
Ep1 Truth, War and Consequences

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
The Gulf War
From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians
Crisis in Central America: Battle for El Salvador
The Gulf War
From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians
The Farmer's Wife
From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians
From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians
Stopping Drugs
Crisis in Central America: Castro's Challenge
Shootout on Imperial Highway
The Gulf War
Innocence Lost: The Verdict
Divided Memories
The Mind of a Murderer
The Gulf War
The Farmer's Wife
War in Europe
Real Justice
Drug Wars
Money, Power and Wall Street
Organ Farm
From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians
From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians
Stopping Drugs
Shootout on Imperial Highway
Crisis in Central America: Yankee Years
The Farmer's Wife
Divided Memories
Innocence Lost: The Verdict
The Mind of a Murderer
The Gulf War
The Gulf War
War in Europe
Drug Wars
Real Justice
Organ Farm
Apartheid's Last Stand
The Lost American
Easy Money
Nazi Gold
Hot Guns
The Triumph of Evil
Washington's Other Scandal
Ambush in Mogadishu
The Child Terror
Betting on the Market
The Opium Kings
Plague War
The Pilgrimage of Jesse Jackson
Last Battle of the Gulf War
Godfather of Cocaine
My Retirement Dreams
Fooling with Nature
Why America Hates the Press
The Nicotine War
Angel on Death Row
In the Shadow of the Capitol
Down for the Count
Keeping Faith
The Defense of Europe
Murder in the Amazon
Tracking the Pan Am Bombers
Tobacco on Trial
Babies at Risk
The Russians Are Here
Will There Always Be England?
Who Pays for AIDS?
An Unauthorized History of the NFL
So You Want to Be President
The Secret File
A Matter of the Mind
Who's Running This War?
The Lifer and the Lady
The Execution
Your Flight Is Canceled
We Are Driven
Hollywood Dreams
Sue Doctor
Israel: The Covert Connection
Welcome to America
Prescriptions for Profit
The American Way of War
Trouble in Paradise
Assault on Affirmative Action
The Real Ronald Reagan
Indian Country
The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela
God's Banker
The Man Who Shot John Lennon
Growing Up Poor
Our Forgotten War
Disillusionment of David Stockman
The Arab and the Israeli
Extraordinary People
Who's Killing Calvert City?
The Real Stuff
Looking for Mao
Who Profits from Drugs?
Struggle in Birmingham
Shakedown in Santa Fe
Campaign for Page One
Let My Daughter Die
Poison and the Pentagon
What Jennifer Saw
Vietnam Under Communism
Children of the Night
Hostage in Iran
Back in the USSR
Catholics in America: Is Nothing Sacred?
The Bloods of 'Nam
Crisis at General Hospital
Cry Ethiopia, Cry
Mind of a Murderer
Race for High Ground
In Search of Marcos Millions
The Shakespeare Mystery
Throwaway People
A Chinese Affair
Who Decides Disability?
Russia: Love It or Leave It
Return of the Great White Fleet
Taxes Behind Closed Doors
What About Mom and Dad?
Secret Daughter
Murder on the Rio San Juan
Breaking the Bank
Not One of the Boys
Operation Urgent Fury
Old Man and Gun
The Crash
Street Cop
Running with Jesse
In Our Water
Retreat from Beirut
The Faces of Arafat
Death of a Terrorist
Divorce Wars
Making Babies
Give Me That Big Time Religion
To a Safer Place
Russian Roulette
Death of a Porn Queen
Desperately Seeking Baby
My Husband Is Going to Kill Me
Vietnam Memorial
The Terrorist and the Superpower
Men Who Molest
Other Side of the Tracks
The Dallas Drug War
Guns, Drugs and the CIA
Better Off Dead
Poland---The Morning After
The Nazi Connection
Chasing Basketball Dream
Abortion Clinic
Daisy Story of Facelift
Klaus Barbie: The American Connection
The Battle for Eastern Airlines
Memory of the Camps
Give War a Chance
The Spy Hunter
Guns, Tanks and Gorbachev
Innocence Lost
China After Tiananmen
The Great American Bailout
Springfield Goes to War
Secret Story of Terry Waite
High Crimes and Misdemeanors
New Harvest, Old Shame
Mind of Hussein
Who Is David Duke?
The Color of Your Skin
Who Cares About Children?
War and Peace in Panama
The War We Left Behind
After Gorbachev's USSR
The Election Held Hostage
The Struggle for South Africa
Saddam's Killing Fields
Who Pays for Mom and Dad?
The Last Communist
The Death of Nancy Cruzan
The Betrayal of Democracy
Black America's War
The Spirit of Crazy Horse
Cuba and Cocaine
Gates Nomination
Coming from Japan
Health Quarterly, Born in Africa
Who Killed Adam Mann?
A Kid Kills
The Resurrection of Reverend Moon
In the Shadow of Sakharov
Don King, Unauthorized
The Hunt for Howard Marks
The High Price of Health
Is This Any Way to Run a Goverment?
What Happened to Bill Clinton?
School Colors
The Trouble with Baseball
Currents of Fear
In Our Children's Food
Behind the Badge
The Long March of Newt Gingrich
Teacher, Teacher
How to Steal $500 Million
Public Lands, Private Profits
The Diamond Empire
The Vanishing Father
Rush Limbaugh's America
Does TV Kill?
Secrets of a Bomb Factory
What Happened to the Drug War?
Kevorkian File
L.A. Is Burning
The Best Campaign Money Can Buy
The Politics of Power
The Secret File on J. Edgar Hoover
The Struggle for Russia
Natasha and the Wolf
Showdown in Haiti Updated
When Cops Go Bad
Losing the War with Japan
Sarajevo: The Living and the Dead
Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill: Public Hearing, Private Pain
Iran and the Bomb
Hilary in Hiding
Go Back to Mexico!
Betting on the Lottery
Broken Minds
When the Bough Breaks
Waco: The Inside Story
Murder on 'Abortion Row'
Hot Money
Prisoners of Silence
The Arming of Saudi Arabia
High Stakes in Cyberspace
The Begging Game
Showdown in Haiti
Welcome to Happy Valley
Tobacco Deal
The Princess and the Press
Once upon a Time in Arkansas
Murder, Money and Mexico
Am I My Brother's Keeper?
Smoke in the Eye
Who's Afraid of Rupert Murdoch?
Breast Implants on Trial
So You Want to Buy a President?
The Health Care Gamble
A Place for Madness
Little Criminals
The Trouble with Evan
The Kevorkian Verdict
Does America Still Work?
Other People's Money
Your Loan Is Denied
My Doctor, My Lover
AIDS, Blood & Politics
Innocence Lost 'The Plea'
The Choice'96'
Behind the Mask: The IRA and Sinn Fein
The Search for Satan
Six O'Clock News
Living on the Edge
Secrets of an Independent Counsel
Dreams of Tibet
The Navy Blues
Spying on Saddam
JFK, Hoffa, and the Mob
Seven Days in Bensonhurst
Standoff in Mexico
Journey to Occupied Lands
Warnings from Gangland
The US Soviet Debate
Marshall High Fights Back
The Confessions of RosaLee
Gunfight USA
Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo
Living Below the Line
Global Economy
The Noriega Connection
88 Seconds in Greensboro
Inside the Cartel
In the Game
An Appointment with Death
Monsters Among Us
Ashes of the Cold War
The Bombing of West Philly
The Homecoming
Nuclear Reaction
Crossfire El Salvador
Tabloid Truth: Michael Jackson Scandal
Potomac Fever
Praise Lord
Red Star Over Khyber
Racism 101
American Game, Japanese Rules
Bread, Butter and Politics
Captive in El Salvador
The Heartbeat of America
Hillary's Class
The Bank of Crooks and Criminals
The Choice '92
War on Nicaragua
Man's Best Friend
Anatomy of an Oil Spill
A Whale of a Business
An Unauthorized History of the NFL
Israel---The Price of Victory
After the Crash
Buying the Bomb
Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?
Holy War, Holy Terror
The Spy Who Broke the Code
Crisis in Zimbabwe
Children of Pride
Child Savers
Investigating the October Surprise
AIDS National Inquiry
You Are in Computer
Valentina's Nightmare
Yellowstone Under Fire
My Doctor, My Lover
In Search of Our Fathers
Remember My Lai
The Earthquake Is Coming
The World's Most Wanted Man
Israel Between River and Sea
For Good of All
The Bombing of Pan Am 103
Inside the Jury Room
To Last Fish
Politics of Greed
The Man Who Made the Supergun
Dear Frontline
Busted: America's War on Marijuana
The Heartbeat of America
Red Flag Over Tibet
Clinton Takes Over
Loose Nukes
John Paul II: The Millennial Pope
Lost Children of Rockdale County
Secrets of the SAT
Mafia Power Play
The Survival of Saddam
Justice for Sale
The Case for Innocence
The Killer at Thurston High
Jefferson's Blood
Dr. Solomon's Dilemma
Hunting Bin Laden
Return of the Czar
The Battle Over School Choice
The Future of War
The Choice 2000
Juvenile Justice
Saving Elian
The Merchants of Cool
The Silence
Frontline — -1
Frontline — -1
Money, Power and Wall Street: The Crisis Spreads
Cell Tower Deaths
A Daughter's Death
The Tank Man
Public Schools, Inc.
The Other Drug War
The Wall Street Fix
Burden of Innocence
Cyber War!
Kim's Nuclear Gamble
Blair's War
The Long Road to War
A Class Divided
The War Behind Closed Doors
China in the Red
Failure to Protect: The Caseworker Files
The Taking of Logan Marr
A Dangerous Business Revisited
Much Ado About Something
In Search of Al Qaeda
Let's Get Married
A Crime of Insanity
Missile Wars
The Man Who Knew
Campaign Against Terror
Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero
Shattered Dreams of Peace: The Road from Oslo
Bigger than Enron
The Siege of Bethlehem
Terror and Tehran
Did Daddy Do It?
Modern Meat
Requiem for Frank Lee Smith
Battle for the Holy Land
Testing Our Schools
Rollover: The Hidden History of the SUV
American Porn
Inside the Teenage Brain
Dot Con
Inside the Terror Network
An Ordinary Crime
The Monster That Ate Hollywood
The Saudi Time Bomb
Gunning for Saddam
Trail of a Terrorist
Dangerous Straits
Looking for Answers
Target America
LAPD Blues
Medicating Kids
The Clinton Years
Assault on Gay America

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Frontline: Tb Silent Killer
104 sec
S0 |

Frontline: Tb Silent Killer

With more than 8 million new infections every year, virulent new drug-resistant strains emerging faster than ever, and outbreaks across the world, tuberculosis has become the second leading cause of death from an infectious disease on the planet. Jezza Neumann travels to Swaziland, the country with the world's highest incidence of TB, to deliver this unforgettable portrait of the people living at the pandemic's epicenter.

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