Gaspard and Lisa

  • 2012

Preschool series about the adventures of two best friends living in Paris.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Our School Concert
Ep25 The Big Bicycle Race
Ep22 Prince's Muddy Mess
Ep18 Lisa's Little Sister
Ep16 Lisa's Scarf
Our Big , Big Sale
Maman's Special Day
Victoria's New Wallpaper
Our Clubhouse
Best Friends Forever
Parrots On The Loose
Best Friends Puppet Show
Lisa's Hiccups
Best Friend's Baguette
Gaspard Post A Letter
Our Very Special Delivery
Our First Train Ride
Our Class Pet
The Surprise Surprise
Our Talent Show
Seaside Sculptures
Our Sweet Treat
When Gaspard Met Lisa
The Kite That Got Away
Papa's Important Paper
Our Walk With Jean Claude
Gaspard's Toys For Sale
Gaspard's Hoppy Friend
Monsieur Huget's Special Day
Gaspard's Masterpiece
Ducks In A Row
Best Bicycle Friends
Gaspard The Great
Maman's Broken Vase
School Pet Day
Lisa's Kitten
Judo Lessons
Our Treasure Hunt
Shopping With Mama
Gaspard's Puppy
Gaspard's Egg; Mama's Special Day
Gaspard's Egg
Our Snowy Day; Mystery of the Missing Tomatoes
Our Snowy Day
Mystery of the Missing Tomatoes
A Christmas Surprise; Our Best Christmas Ever
A Christmas Surprise
Our Best Christmas Ever
Our Big Baking Disaster
Our Big Baking Disaster; Monster Hunters
Monster Hunters
The Big Bicycle Race; Our School Concert
Our Treasure Hunt; Gaspard's Masterpiece
Prince's Muddy Mess; Gaspard's Bag of Trouble
Our Walk With Jean Claude; The Perfect Family Picture
Ducks in a Row; Seaside Sculptures
Parrots on the Loose; Papa's Important Paper
Lisa's Scarf; Gaspard's Puppy
Lisa's Hiccups; Gaspard's Toys for Sale
Our Sweet Treat; Our Big Big Sale
Gaspard Posts a Letter; Monsieur Huget's Special Day
Our Clubhouse; Best Friends' Baguette
Victoria's New Wallpaper; Gaspard's Garden for Mama
Best Bicycle Friends; The School Project
The Kite That Got Away; Our Talent Show
Gaspard the Great; Mama's Broken Vase
Space Rocket; Our Class Pet
Space Rocket
Our First Train Ride; Lisa's Kitten
School Pet Day; Our Very Special Delivery
Judo Lessons; When Gaspard Met Lisa
Best Friends Puppet Show; Shopping With Mama
Gaspard's Hoppy Friend; Best Friends Forever

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