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Animated series in which the singer of a garage band creates lyrics from his sister's diary entries and must ensure that she regularly feels the full range of teen angst in order to keep the lyrics... More


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep34 Who Are You?
Ep33 In 'er Face
Ep32 Kon-Fusion
Ep31 Myme Disease
Ep30 War and Peaceville
Ep29 Rock the House
Ep28 The Grin Reaper
Ep27 Rocker-Size
Ep26 Six Strings of Evil
Ep25 Love in a Nethervator
Ep24 Ahead of Our Tone
Ep23 On the Air
Ep22 Hair Today
Ep21 Line of Credit
Ep20 Knight to Remember
Ep19 Super Zeroes
Ep18 Dreamreaver Pt. 2
Ep17 Dreamreaver Pt. 1
Ep16 Helmet
Ep15 All You Need Is Cake
Ep14 Wish Upon a Jug
Ep13 Space Jammin
Ep12 Queen Bee
Ep11 Smash Up Terby
Ep10 Math of Kon
Ep9 In-D Road Rager
Ep8 One-Plant Band
Ep7 Monster of Rock
Ep6 No Strings Attached
Ep5 Pox N' Roll
Ep4 Zoohouse Rock
Ep3 Creep-Away Camp
Ep2 Dance of the Dead
Ep1 Cloudy With a Chance of Malt Balls
Rocker-Size; The Grin Reaper
Myme Disease; Kon-Fusion
In 'er Face; Who Are You?
Rock the House; War and Peaceville
Love in a Nethervator; Six Strings of Evil
On the Air; Ahead of Our Tone
Line of Credit; Hair Today
Super Zeroes; Knight to Remember
Dreamreaver Pt. 1; Dreamreaver Pt. 2
All You Need Is Cake; Helmet
Space Jammin; Wish Upon a Jug
Smash Up Terby; Queen Bee
Monster of Rock; One-Plant Band
In-D Road Rager; Math of Kon
Pox N' Roll; No Strings Attached
Creep-Away Camp; Zoohouse Rock
Cloudy With a Chance of Malt Balls; Dance of the Dead

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Pop Goes the Bubble; Girl, You'll Be a Festival Soon
Dreamreaver Pt. 2; Wish Upon a Jug
Knight to Remember; Helmet
Queen Bee; Math of Kon
Dreamreaver Pt. 1; Space Jammin
Smash Up Terby; In-D Road Rager
Curse Of The Metrognome; Dueling Buttons
Hear Us Rock Pt.1; Hear Us Rock Pt.2
Monster of Rock; Cloudy With a Chance of Malt Balls
One-Plant Band; Dance of the Dead
Smash Up Terby In-d Road Rager
In-d Road Rager; Math Of Kon
Ahead of Our Tone; Math of Kon
Six Strings of Evil; Helmet
Line of Credit; Dreamreaver Pt. 1
Love in a Nethervator; All You Need Is Cake
On the Air; In-d Road Rager
Hair Today; Dreamreaver Pt. 2
Smash Up Terby; Zoohouse Rock
Creep Away Camp; Queen Bee
Saxsquatch; Group Hug
For Hat and Country; It's in the Cards
The Bandidate; The Pirate Lounge For Me
Hologroj; The Snuffles With Sniffles
Bee Bop a Loofah; A Capella Lips Now
Soulin' Down the Road; That's My Jam
Super Zeroes; All You Need Is Cake
Zoohouse Rock; No Strings Attached
Creep-Away Camp; Pox N' Roll

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