Haunted Collector

  • 2011
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John Zaffis and his team investigate allegedly haunted objects from people's homes.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 House of Pain; Antique Spirits
Ep11 Haunted Seminary; Ghost Games
Ep10 Hollywood Haunting; Gold Rush Ghost
Ep9 Lakeside Terror; Pythian Secrets
Ep8 Shadow Boxer; Ghost Storm
Ep7 Ghosts of Geneva; Fort Fear
Ep6 Spirits of Gettysburg; Headless Horseman
Ep5 Emmitt House Ghosts; Shadow Intruder
Ep4 Island of Fear; Tropical Terror
Ep3 Ghost Behind Bars; Haunted Brothel
Ep2 Cigar Bar Spirits; Child's Play
Ep1 Farm Stalker; Echo Club Spirits

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 Haunted Island; Ghosts of Maui
Ep11 Enfield Horror; Masonic Spirits
Ep10 Firestarter; Haunted Museum
Ep9 Ghost Tavern; Terror House
Ep8 Bare Bones; Octagon Haunting
Ep7 Casino Phantom; California Nightmare
Ep6 Stirring the Dead; Ghost Writer
Ep5 Haunted Rectory; Grand Midway Ghosts
Ep4 Priest Gun; Haunted Asylum
Ep3 Haunted Villa; Spirit Springs
Ep2 Haunted Inn; Long Live the Kings
Ep1 Haunted Mansion; Ghost Mill

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep6 Slaughterhouse Ghosts; Supernatural Sword
Ep5 Uncivil Spirit; Revolutionary Ghost
Ep4 The Sanitarium; Firehouse Phantom
Ep3 Burning Spirits; Ghosts of the West
Ep2 My Mother's Ghost; Paranormal Predator
Ep1 Haunted Bayou; Library Ghost

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Seminary Spirits/Ghost Games
Haunted Villa/Spirit Springs
Priest Gun/Haunted asylum
Haunted Mansion/Ghost Mill
Casino Phantom/California Nightmare
Haunted Rectory/Grand Midway Ghosts

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip Season Finale: Antique Spirits
15 sec
Preview Shadow of a Doubt
2 min 55 sec
Clip Haunted Seminary/Ghost Games
93 sec
Clip Next Episode: Haunted Seminary/Ghost Games
15 sec
Preview Fallon House Ice Cream Parlor
50 sec
Preview Lights Out
93 sec
Preview M for Murder?
67 sec
Clip Arthur's Roundtable
110 sec
Preview Digging up a Coconut
2 min 8 sec
Preview Stir of Echos
118 sec
Clip Boxing Ring: Bonus Scene
53 sec
Clip Startling Evidence
89 sec
Preview Movement in the Courtyard
71 sec
Preview A Shadowy Figure
2 min 12 sec
Clip EVP Session in the Bar
78 sec
Clip EVP Session in the Bedroom
95 sec
Preview A Paranormal Magnet
2 min 3 sec
Clip Eyewitness to a Haunt: Bonus Scene
63 sec
Preview Jesslyn Gets Locked in the Showers
94 sec
Preview A Shocking Discovery
2 min 5 sec
Clip Mobster Tommy Gun: Bonus Scene
57 sec
Clip Cigar Bar Spirits/Child’s Play
95 sec
Preview Contact Is Made
2 min 39 sec
Clip Poltergeist Activity
59 sec
Preview Piece of the Footage
2 min 7 sec
Preview Committed Suicide
101 sec
Preview Bloodletting
118 sec
Preview Bloodletting
2 min 4 sec
Preview Stabbed With an Ice Pick
2 min 22 sec
Preview Negative Energy
2 min 10 sec
Preview He Killed the Baby
2 min 11 sec
Preview Trick of the Eye
105 sec
Preview Footsteps: Bonus Scene
70 sec
Preview The Forgotten Wife
2 min 14 sec
Preview Leeching Pot
2 min 11 sec
Preview Secret Space
85 sec
Preview Dark Attic Figure
62 sec
Clip Casino Phantom/California Nightmare
72 sec
Interview Get to Know the Team
2 min 22 sec
Preview Chris' Story
120 sec
Preview Italian Villa EVP Session - Bonus Scene
109 sec
Clip The Night of Terror
20 sec
Preview Flashing Lights - Bonus Scene
110 sec
Clip Every Thing Has a Story
30 sec
Clip Everything Has a Story
20 sec
Preview The Reveal: Slaughterhouse Ghosts/Supernatural Sword
2 min 14 sec
Preview The Reveal: Uncivil Spirit/Revolutionary Ghost
2 min 16 sec
Preview The Reveal: The Sanitarium/Firehouse Phantom
100 sec
Preview The Reveal: Burning Spirits/Ghosts of the West
114 sec
Preview The Reveal: My Mother's Ghost/Paranormal Predator
2 min 6 sec
Preview The Reveal: Haunted Bayou/Library Ghost
2 min 11 sec
S0 |

Season Finale: Antique Spirits

Air Date:
Is the woman who cost the King of England his crown haunting a house in…Florida?

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