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Clip Marijuana users less likely to finish school, study finds
56 sec
Clip Early signs of autism studied in infants
2 min 51 sec
Clip Earlier autism treatment better, small study finds
57 sec
Clip Prescription drug abuse is "public health crisis," says Attorney General
87 sec
Clip Child cancer rate increase puzzles researchers
82 sec
Clip Mysterious respiratory virus hits Midwest, children at highest risk
52 sec
Clip New flu drug effective, study finds
71 sec
Clip FDA approves new melanoma drug
86 sec
Clip Researchers may have found a way to switch off auto-immune diseases
70 sec
Clip Less sitting means a longer life, study finds
70 sec
Clip Conjoined twin girls to be separated in Texas
47 sec
Clip Ebola survivor Writebol thought she had malaria
4 min 30 sec
Clip British Ebola survivor discusses his care
64 sec
Clip Double mastectomy may not be necessary in breast cancer patients, study finds
71 sec
Clip Low-carb diet beats low-fat one, study says
78 sec
Clip Obese children face serious health risk
68 sec
Clip Mira Sorvino brings awareness to worldwide women’s health issues
103 sec
Clip Doctors work to rebuild a child's throat
107 sec
Clip U.S. to begin testing experimental Ebola vaccine
63 sec
Clip Brain-eating amoeba detected in Louisiana
86 sec
Clip Back-to-school tips for an easier bedtime
69 sec
Clip Ebola cases could top 20,000, experts say
65 sec
Clip Scientists develop new classifications for breast cancer
68 sec
Clip Color blindness study finds key differences among young boys
78 sec
Clip Up to 20 percent of teens go through major depression
78 sec
Clip Aspirin could help with blood clots, study finds
78 sec
Clip The American Heart Association calls for tougher restrictions on sales and marketing of e-cigarettes
50 sec
Clip New York doctors save patient with 20-pound tumor
73 sec
Clip Vision loss a serious threat for elderly
77 sec
Clip Report urges pregnant women to avoid eating tuna
86 sec
Clip Minnesota mom facing charges after giving son medical marijuana
96 sec
Clip American Ebola patients declared virus-free, released from hospital
77 sec
Clip Watch: American doctor who survived Ebola gives statement
3 min 4 sec
Clip Obesity may be linked to dementia
78 sec
Clip Study links common antibiotic to heart deaths
72 sec
Clip Massachusetts hospital helps smokers kick the habit
70 sec
Clip Horse tattooed to prevent cancerous eye ulcers
80 sec
Clip Seniors getting invasive cancer screenings despite little benefit
71 sec
Clip Heart disease and stroke on the decline
81 sec
Clip HPV vaccine could last longer than thought
97 sec
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Marijuana users less likely to finish school, study finds

A study in Australia found that teens who smoke marijuana daily are 60 percent less likely to finish school. Plus, a possible link between anxiety and sleep medications with Alzheimer's. Alison Harmelin reports on the day's top health news.

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