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A troubled CIA operative worries that a rescued marine, a longtime POW, may be an enemy agent with a connection to Al Qaeda and part of a plan to commit a terrorist act on U.S. soil.

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Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 #1 The Star
Ep11 #1 Big Man in Tehran
Ep10 #1 Good Night
Ep9 #1 One Last Time
Ep8 #1 A Red Wheel Barrow
Ep7 #1 Gerontion
Ep6 #1 Still Positive
Ep5 #1 The Yoga Play
Ep4 #1 Game On
Ep3 #1 Tower of David
Ep2 #1 Uh... Oh... Ah...
Ep1 #1 Tin Man Is Down

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 #1 The Choice
Ep12 The Choice
Ep11 #1 In Memoriam
Ep10 Broken Hearts
Ep10 #1 Broken Hearts
Ep9 #1 Two Hats
Ep8 #1 I'll Fly Away
Ep7 #1 The Clearing
Ep6 #1 A Gettysburg Address
Ep5 #1 Q&A
Ep4 #1 New Car Smell
Ep3 #1 State of Independence
Ep2 #1 Beirut Is Back
Ep1 #1 The Smile
Season 2 Sneak Peek

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 Marine One, Part 2
Ep12 Marine One, Part 1
Ep12 #1 Marine One
Ep11 #1 The Vest
Ep10 #1 Representative Brody
Ep9 #1 Crossfire
Ep8 #1 Achilles Heel
Ep7 #1 The Weekend
Ep6 #1 The Good Soldier
Ep5 #1 Blind Spot
Ep4 #1 Semper I
Ep3 #1 Clean Skin
Ep2 #1 Grace
Ep1 #1 Pilot

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Homeland Clips
Homeland Clips
Secrets Revealed
Homeland Clips

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip Homeland Season 4: First Look
60 sec
Clip Homeland Season 4: Tease
15 sec
Clip Homeland: Farewell Damian Lewis
2 min 28 sec
Clip Behind the Episode: Big Man in Tehran
75 sec
Clip Homeland: On Location in Morocco
2 min 18 sec
Clip Behind the Episode: Good Night
103 sec
Clip Big Man in Town
83 sec
Clip Movement in Tehran
38 sec
Clip Medical Records
65 sec
Clip Praying
69 sec
Clip You're Awake
72 sec
Clip You're Alive
60 sec
Clip Upgrade to Sho
2 min 20 sec
Clip Bruising Investigation
85 sec
Clip Serious Allegations
103 sec
Clip Plans For You
72 sec
Clip Main Suspect
92 sec
Clip Homeland: In Production with Shaun Toub
41 sec
Clip Lying
99 sec
Clip Hunting Duck
69 sec
Clip Romeo and Juliet
67 sec
Clip The Yoga Play
98 sec
Clip Full Blown Contagion
47 sec
Clip You're Out
38 sec
Clip Not For Sale
60 sec
Clip Behind the Episode: Tower of David
2 min 38 sec
Clip Lucid
68 sec
Clip Homeland: Rupert Friend on Peter Quinn
2 min 3 sec
Clip Homeland: F. Murray Abraham on Dar Adal
2 min 8 sec
Clip Bad Moment
61 sec
Clip Brody
68 sec
Clip Out For Blood
69 sec
Clip Dissecting a Scene: Tin Man Is Down
2 min 13 sec
Clip Phony Sympathy
74 sec
Clip The Big Lie
90 sec
Clip Homeland: Mandy Patinkin Profile
3 min 3 sec
Clip Homeland: Damian Lewis on Brody
2 min 8 sec
Clip Homeland: Mandy on Saul
2 min 8 sec
Clip Homeland: From The Beginning
4 min 3 sec
Clip Who Do You Trust? (Homeland Spot)
33 sec
Preview Homeland Season 3 Trailer
3 min 10 sec
Clip Signals (Homeland Spot)
30 sec
Preview Showtime - Sizzle Reel
2 min 35 sec
Preview Homeland
20 sec
S3 | Ep12

The Star

Airdate: 12/15/13
Season 3 ends with security forces closing in on Carrie and Brody, and Brody struggling to find redemption. Meanwhile, Saul plans a last-ditch rescue mission.

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