I Want That

  • 2011

The latest must-have building-and-home products are examined.


Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 #1 Sticks, Frames
Ep7 #1 Pit Stop Furniture
Ep6 #1 Spider Podium
Ep5 #1 Tugo Wheel Suitcase
Ep4 #1 Skilz-Air Station
Ep3 #1 Chill Pad
Ep2 #1 Pixelist
Ep1 #1 Nest Pro

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Node
Ep12 Facet Cupboards
Ep11 Folditure
Ep10 Dremel
Ep8 Blueair Sense
Ep7 Netchef
Ep6 Picture Chair Rail
Ep5 Big Kahuna Spatula
Ep5 Doggie Doorbell
Ep4 Wash It
Ep3 Lumoback
Ep2 Lg Smart Thinq
Ep1 Renny Ringer

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 #1 Chalkboard Paint
Ep12 #1 Baking Steel
Ep11 #1 Faux Concrete
Ep10 #1 Numbra
Ep9 #1 Bottoms Up
Ep8 #1 Adapt Acoustic
Ep7 #1 Trailer Valet
Ep6 #1 Look Lock
Ep5 #1 Mur
Ep4 #1 Hey Mosaic
Ep3 #1 Wood Snap
Ep2 #1 Alto Steps
Ep1 #1 Rug Buddy

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Mobos
Ep12 Zumyn
Ep11 DIY Stone
Ep10 Paper Shag
Ep9 Click and Go
Ep8 Mod Tiles
Ep7 Vecco Rug
Ep6 iLighting
Ep5 Fresh Futons
Ep4 All In One Energizer
Ep3 Image Snap
Ep2 Benchmark Table
Ep1 Nest Thermostat

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Lockitron
Ep12 Garage Vac
Ep11 Rotisserie Case
Ep10 #1 iZon Camera
Ep9 #1 Remote Fetch
Ep8 #1 State Flex
Ep7 #1 Znak Wallpaper
Ep6 Aspect Tiles
Ep5 Swift Hitch
Ep4 Car Capsule
Ep3 Race Track Floor
Ep2 Mobile Shop
Ep1 Cliks Floor Tiles

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip Wingman Travel Garment Bags
56 sec
Clip Chef Sleeve Saves iPad Screen
72 sec
Clip Fridge Coaster Food Liners
59 sec
Clip Ixxi Modular Picture Wall Art
93 sec
Clip Fashion Crafts Using Duck Tape
56 sec
Clip LG True Balance: Smart Laundry
92 sec
Clip Pet Fountain Laps Up Praise
79 sec
Clip Handy Bar Tools for Cocktails
73 sec
Clip New Practice Art Tablet
71 sec
Clip Just Like Dad's Bow-Tie Collar
74 sec
Clip Renny Ringer Phone Alert
79 sec
Clip Motion-Activated Screwdriver
70 sec
Clip Urbio: Urban Vertical Garden
68 sec
Clip Power-Mat Wireless Charger
72 sec
Clip DIY Decorative Wall Clock
70 sec
Clip Kitchen Tool for Sushi-Lovers
74 sec
Clip No Spills With Mighty Mug
62 sec
Clip Easy-to-Use Trailer Jack
74 sec
Clip Tennis-Shoe Wall Art
72 sec
Clip Inserts Help With Stinky Shoes
75 sec
Clip Soft-Sided Tackle Tek Gear Bag
76 sec
Clip Sound Panels Help Acoustics
75 sec
Clip On-the-Go Travel Humidifier
70 sec
Clip Fort-Building Kit for Kids
71 sec
Clip Wearable Sleep Pillow
70 sec
Clip Dewalt Radar Scanner for Walls
81 sec
Clip Ease Back Pain Electronically
75 sec
Clip Sliding Tool Chest on Wheels
71 sec
Clip Soft Baby-Bath Pillow
68 sec
Clip Showerhead Jet Spa System
70 sec
Clip Eco-Friendly Mosquito Zapper
73 sec
Clip Wireless Back-Up Car Camera
73 sec
Clip Easy-to-Install Pet Window
71 sec
Clip Waterproof Speaker for Shower
75 sec
Clip Flexible Folding Work Table
70 sec
Clip Plug the Seat and Console Gap
70 sec
Clip Creating a Custom Lampshade
74 sec
Clip Decorative Carpet Stair Strips
71 sec
Clip Umbrella Lights Up for Safety
69 sec
Clip Under-Rug Heating Pad
67 sec
Clip Bistro-Brewed Coffee at Home
75 sec
Clip Versatile Drill for DIY Jobs
75 sec
Clip Power-Outage Light Kit
75 sec
Clip Easy-Install Bamboo Flooring
74 sec
Clip Auto Hoop and Hide a Hoop
60 sec
Clip Earthwood Evolutions Decking
62 sec
Clip Guttercups Multibarrier System
66 sec
S5 | Ep8

Sticks, Frames

Fecha al aire: 9/19/14
Flexible photo frames; a dual blade saw with dual reciprocating strokes; light bulbs integrated with Blue-tooth speakers; innovative blenders; a smart phone activated key locks.

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