Income Property

  • 2008

Homeowners add rental suites to their property to generate revenue and lessen their mortgage burden.


Season 10

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 Kim & Tracy
Ep11 Rob & Heidi
Ep10 Leah & Stew
Ep9 Jen & Paul
Ep8 Kathy & Fanche
Ep7 Liza, Mary & Stella
Ep6 Leanne, Michelle & Richard
Ep5 Jeff & Lee
Ep4 Nellie & Joe
Ep3 Vic & Amie
Ep2 Paul & Angela
Ep1 Andrew & Maria

Season 9

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep17 Alexis & Craig
Ep16 Adrian & Jennifer
Ep15 Yoni & Shannon
Ep14 Sherief & Christine
Ep13 Jessica & Aaron
Ep12 Nick & Karen
Ep11 Sarah & Jim
Ep10 Erin
Ep9 Miranda & Fab
Ep8 Jamie
Ep7 Jen & Brock
Ep6 Robert & Stephanie
Ep5 Lysa & Jen
Ep4 Ann-Marie & Scott
Ep3 Rodrigo & Ana
Ep2 Third Time's A Charm
Ep1 Making Mom Proud

Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep15 David & Lucia
Ep14 Sidra
Ep13 Channeling Rental Energy
Ep12 Frequent Flyer Family
Ep11 Pay Day Wedding
Ep10 The Property Prodigy
Ep9 Digging Out of Debt
Ep8 Affording the Dream
Ep7 Blended Family, Expensive Future
Ep6 The Princess and the Rental
Ep5 City Dreams, Small Town Budget
Ep4 Investing for Adventure
Ep3 Love, Marriage and Investment Properties
Ep3 Love, Marriage and Investment Properties
Ep2 Family Effort
Ep1 Downtown Home, Suburb Pricing
Invested Interests for an Investor Couple

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep15 Starting Small and Dreaming Big for a Financial Future in Real Estate
Ep13 Cheryl & Amreed
Ep12 Successful Newbie Investors
Ep11 Carrying Costs for an Expecting Couple
Ep10 Urban Couple Invests
Ep9 Hot Rental Property
Ep8 Future Funds Rescue
Ep7 Life-Long Buddies Invest
Ep6 Taking Care of Mom and Dad With an Income-Generating Property
Ep5 Big City Reno for Couple's First Home
Ep4 Sibling Rivalry Over a Retirement-Funding Fixer-Upper
Ep3 Baby Makes 3, Tenant Makes 4
Ep2 Home Sweet Income Property
Ep1 Serious Investors

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Security Plan for an Out of Work Mom
Ep12 Marissa & Bryan
Ep12 Leaving Options Open for a Singer-Songwriter Who Hopes His Income Property Can be a Hit
Ep11 Matt & Sarah
Ep10 Michael & Karen
Ep10 First and Second Impressions for a Newlywed Couple
Ep9 All at Once
Ep8 A New Beginning for a Divorced Dad
Ep7 Lost Focus and a Stalled Renovation
Ep6 Suburban Dream for a Family With a Vacant Basement
Ep5 Vacant Space Renovated Into Rental
Ep5 Nadia & Gino
Ep4 Basement Sacrifice Means a New Apartment and a New Home
Ep4 Diana
Ep3 Taking Control of Finances by Finishing a Long Neglected Renovation
Ep2 Less Tenants = More Money for a Triplex Owner Who Was Formerly Renting to International Students
Ep2 Carol
Ep1 Indecision & Doubt for Two Homeowners That Can't Agree on How to Finish Things
No More Bathroom Blues
Cliff & Thyrza

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Sean
Ep20 Income Property
Ep19 Reena & Kulvir
Ep18 Naomi & Scot
Ep17 Nelson & Sarah
Ep16 Funding This Family Through Maternity Leave Will Require an Income Suite
Ep15 Susan
Ep14 Arun & Rosalina
Ep12 Raphael & Monica
Ep8 Susan & Jeff
Ep7 Rob & Tricia
Ep1 Alison & Deirdre
Karen & Kevin
David & Peter
Common Spaces Spruce Up
Thirty-Something Investors
Figuring It Out
New Start, New Income
University Fee Fixer

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep21 Catherine & Jeff
Ep13 Memorable Renovations
Ep11 Diamond in the Rough
Ep10 Raw to Refined
Ep9 Brendan
Ep8 Getting Started
Ep7 Dale & Erin
Ep6 Second Income
Ep6 Kat & Al
Ep5 Finally Finished
Ep4 Setting Priorities
Ep3 Legal and Lovely
Ep2 Awkward Arrangement
Ep1 Lori
Ep1 Reno to Riches
Ep1 The Real Priority
Kat & Al
Manny & Jessica
Melanie & Pavan
Basement Bill Payer
Better Late Than Never
David & Peter
From Gutted to Gorgeous
The Final Push

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Failure to Launch
Ep12 Matt and Lisa
Ep11 Now or Never
Ep10 Single Dad's Solution
Ep9 Law of Landlording
Ep8 Staying on Track
Ep7 Unemployment Insurance
Ep6 First-Time Parents Seek Extra Income
Ep5 An Income Property Prescription
Ep4 Out of Debt & Down the Aisle
Ep3 Saving a Money Pit
Ep2 Busy Bakers Income Suite
Ep1 Three Months Lost Rent

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Income Property
Ep12 A Renovated Duplex Will Deliver David Extra Income and Free Him Up to Do More Good in His Community
Ep11 A Rental Income Delivers a Renovation Opportunity to a Smart Student Owner
Ep10 Victoria and Evan
Ep9 A Blended Family Needs an Income Rental to Take on One Big Mortage and Lots of Expenses
Ep8 Executive Rental Pays Mortgage
Ep7 A Seven-Year Reno Finally Gets Done With the Help of the Income Property Team
Ep6 All by Herself With an Income Suite
Ep5 One-on-One Income Property Management Lesson
Ep4 An Existing Rental Suite Mess Becomes a Green Clean Income Machine
Ep3 Buried Treasure in a Basement Apartment
Ep2 First-Time Homeowners Get a Green Reno and Green Income
Ep1 A Classic Income Property
Julia And Andy
Alice And Cindy
Adam And Jamie
Anne And Karen
Marsha, Ellwood And Sarah

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Competing For Renters in an Upscale Neighborhood
Ep12 Triplex Tribulations
Ep11 A Rental Unit for a Couple Expecting Their First Child
Ep10 Earning Money to Help a New Couple Get Started
Ep9 The Pressure's On to Renovate a Basement Apartment
Ep8 Low-Cost Solutions for Sprucing Up a Rental Unit
Ep7 Green Solutions for a Rental-Unit Renovation
Ep6 Upgrading a Basement Rental Unit
Ep5 Bursting at the Seams
Ep4 Waterworks
Ep3 Attracting the Right Tenant
Ep2 Do It Right the First Time
Ep1 More Than a Coat of Paint

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 Top 10
Ep17 Reno to Riches
Ep14 Income Property: Buyer's Edition
Daria and James
Nicole & Michelle
Fernando And David
Downtown Home, Suburb Pricing
Family Effort
Pat, Kelly & Nancy
Dan & Tania
Andrea & Luke
Jeremy & Angie
Allan & Nasreen
Jerry & Amee
Marko & Jackie
Tiffany & Jamie
Third Time's a Charm
Vanessa & Carmen
Tai & Trish
Antonette & Mike
Martha & Darryl
Connie and Sebastian
Jung & Angie
Patricia & Manny
Laura & George
Stephanie & Elyse
Roz & Katherine
Rebecca & Stew
David & Lucia

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