Little Women: LA

  • 2014
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The lives of a group of girlfriends who happen to be little people are chronicled.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep14 #1 Reunion Special
Ep14 Reunion Special, Part 2
Ep13 Reunion Special With Bonus Episode of Little Women: NY
Ep13 #1 Reunion Special
Ep12 #1 Friendtervention
Ep11 #1 New Orleans, New Engagement?
Ep10 #1 Little Women, Big Easy
Ep9 #1 Home Wreckers
Ep8 #1 Into the Woods
Ep7 #1 Pain in the Butt
Ep6 #1 The Ex-Files
Ep5 #1 Stage Fight
Ep4 A Little Fired Up
Ep3 Baby Bump
Ep2 Mama Drama
Ep1 #1 Baby On Board

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep9 #2 Here Comes the Bride
Ep8 #2 Sinner Takes All
Ep7 #2 Miss-Conception
Ep6 #2 She's Booty-ful
Ep5 #2 Movin' On Up
Ep4 #2 The Ex-Factor
Ep3 #2 Who Do You Think You Are?
Ep2 #2 Little Women, Big Drama
Ep1 #2 The M Word

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Little Women: LA
To Be Determined
Little Women: LA
Little Women: LA
Little Women: LA
#1 Little Women: LA Season 2 Kickoff Special

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip New Day, New Challenge
66 sec
Clip Joe Thinks Todd Encourages Drama
69 sec
Clip The Men Owe Apologies
2 min 52 sec
Clip Terra's Top Season 2 Fights
80 sec
Clip Racing for Babies
2 min 12 sec
Clip Christy, the Instigator
88 sec
Clip Briana Breaks Off Her Engagement
2 min 9 sec
Clip Matt Proposes to Briana
114 sec
Clip Christy Warns Briana About Matt
112 sec
Clip Tonya Demonstrates the Wheelbarrow
69 sec
Clip Rebuilding Friendships
2 min 7 sec
Clip Terra's Airport Apprehension
111 sec
Clip Briana Flirts with the Devil
113 sec
Clip House Warming Party
115 sec
Clip Meeting Elena's Mom
2 min 34 sec
Clip Brianna Gets a Lap Dance
97 sec
Clip Catalina Island Trip
2 min 10 sec
Clip Tonya's Zipline Trouble
84 sec
Clip Tonya Goes Off on Lila
84 sec
Clip Erik Intervenes in Todd's Fight
2 min 10 sec
Clip Elena's Cosmetic Surgery
114 sec
Clip Costume Drama
115 sec
Clip A Whole Lotta Love
115 sec
Clip Joe's Ex is Back in Town
2 min 13 sec
Clip Joe Challenges Todd to Fight
114 sec
Clip Sex Talk with Lila
101 sec
Clip Meeting Briana's New Man
2 min 32 sec
Clip Baby Here, Baby There
120 sec
Clip Elena Wants a Fashion Line
2 min 20 sec
Clip Terra Won't Kumbaya with Christy
93 sec
Clip Who Knew What, When
2 min 4 sec
Clip Terra and Joe Shop for Baby
103 sec
Clip Elena's Burlesque Rival
2 min 1 sec
Clip Trevor is Trouble
2 min 14 sec
Clip Sex and Dating Questions
105 sec
Clip New Year's Resolutions
62 sec
Clip Christy and Todd Want a Baby
49 sec
Clip Sex Shop Awkwardness
51 sec
Clip Confronting Briana
99 sec
Clip 5 Things to Know About Terra
79 sec
Clip 5 Things to Know About Tonya and Briana
98 sec
Clip Christy's Brother is Not Coming to the Wedding
2 min 1 sec
Clip Episode 9: Todd and Christy's Wedding
112 sec
Clip Sex Talk is the Topic
117 sec
Clip Traci Gets Down at Her Bachelorette Party
102 sec
Clip Episode 8: Battle of the Brides Moments
2 min 1 sec
Clip Indoor Skydiving
108 sec
Clip Something So Sweet Becomes So Bitter
2 min 6 sec
Clip Episode7: Reflections
93 sec
Clip Things Get Heated Between Trevor and Terra
118 sec
Clip Episode 6: Reflections
102 sec
Clip Terra Gets No Support From Joe
107 sec
Clip Christy Teaches Some Basic Dance Moves
77 sec
Clip Cooking Gets Dicey with Tonya's Love Life
2 min 4 sec
Clip Terra Makes Dinner for Two or One?
2 min 2 sec
Clip Episode 5: Reflections
111 sec
Clip Episode 4: Reflections
93 sec
Clip Showing a Bit Too Much
83 sec
Clip Christy and Todd Talk about Losing His Baby
2 min 4 sec
Clip A Wedding Dress Is Chosen
111 sec
Clip Episode 3: Reflections
113 sec
Clip Coffee Talk
120 sec
Clip Episode 2: Reflections
2 min 28 sec
Clip Elena's Truth Comes Out
85 sec
Clip Elena Steals the Show
97 sec
Clip Party in the Hot Tub
109 sec
Clip Reflections: Episode 1
101 sec
Clip Real Talk at the Furniture Store
115 sec
S2 | Ep14

Reunion Special

Air Date: 4/1/15
The cast revisit the most exciting and dramatic moments from the season and provide a sneak peek into their futures.

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