Minute to Win It

  • 2009-2011
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Competitors take on a series of seemingly simple tasks while under a one-minute time limit in this game show.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep41 Battle of the Sexes
Ep40 Like Mother, Like Daughter
Ep39 Girls Got Game
Ep38 Opposites Attract a Million
Ep37 Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Ep36 Army of Gamers
Ep35 Go for Broke
Ep34 The Manny and the Nanny
Ep33 Sibling Rivalry
Ep32 Soul Sisters
Ep31 Jackass in the Circle
Ep30 Brotherly Love
Ep29 Million Dollar Redemption
Ep28 Million Dollar Redemption
Ep27 The Odd Couple
Ep26 The Family That Plays Together
Ep25 Million Dollar Bromance
Ep24 Mother's Day Face-off
Ep23 Law and Order
Ep22 Kids Try This at Home
Ep21 Twin Cities
Ep20 Beauty and the Geek
Ep19 Like Father, Like Daughter
Ep18 Lakers in the Circle
Ep17 Couple Showdown
Ep16 Show Us the Blueprint
Ep15 127 Hours to a Million
Ep14 127 Hours to a Million
Ep13 Family Face-Off
Ep12 Not Just a Pretty Face-Off
Ep11 There's No Place Like Home
Ep10 There's No Place Like Home
Ep9 Kids Rule, Part 2
Ep9 Kids Rule, Part 2
Ep8 Kids Rule, Part 1
Ep8 Kids Rule, Part 1
Ep7 Second Chances
Ep7 Second Chances
Ep6 A Love Connection?
Ep6 A Love Connection?
Ep5 Like Mother, Like Daughter
Ep4 Million Dollar BFFs
Ep3 A Marry Me, Christmas
Ep2 A Family Affair
Ep1 A 60 Second Miracle

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep27 America's Heroes
Ep26 NFL in the Circle, Part 2
Ep25 NFL in the Circle, Part 1
Ep24 Movers & Shakers
Ep23 Sisters Got Game
Ep22 Sister Act
Ep21 East Coast vs West Coast
Ep20 Last Beauty Standing
Ep19 Double Trouble
Ep18 Office Romance
Ep17 Young Hearts
Ep16 Girls of Summer
Ep15 Did You See That?!
Ep14 Love and Marriage
Ep13 Million Dollar Twins
Ep12 60 Seconds to I Do
Ep11 Minute to Win It
Ep10 Minute to Win It
Ep9 Minute to Win It
Ep8 Minute to Win It
Ep7 Minute to Win It
Ep6 Minute to Win It
Ep5 Minute to Win It
Ep4 Minute to Win It
Ep3 Minute to Win It
Ep2 Minute to Win It
Ep1 Minute to Win It

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Minute to Win It

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip Nervous Nelly
34 sec
Clip Punch Your Lights Out
32 sec
S0 |

Nervous Nelly

Contestant must score a total of 500 clicks or more using four pedometers attached to the arms and legs.

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