Monumental Mysteries

  • 2013

Host Don Wildman uncovers the history behind America's national monuments.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Roosevelt's Moroccan Mission; The Last Bare Knuckle Boxer; America's First Spy Ring
Ep12 The House That Sugar Built; Kill Dozer; Rocking Chair Riots
Ep11 Escape From Slavery; A Witch on Hatteras Island; The Horn That Made a Big Bang
Ep10 Blind Tom; Invention of the Tommy Gun; Granddaddy of Snowboarding
Ep9 The Reanimator; Florida Three Toes; the Man Who Invented Martians
Ep8 Superman vs. the KKK; Who Killed Huey Long?; Marches to Montgomery
Ep7 The King and the Spanish Dancer; a Communist Comes to America; Filth Party
Ep6 Kecksburg Space Acorn; Skyscraper Swindle; Emperor of the U.S.
Ep5 The Mystery of Captain Thunderbolt; Newsboy's Versus the World; the Rocket Man
Ep4 Kidnapping the Sacred Cod; Baseball's Forgotten Hero; the Artichoke War
Ep3 Mike the Headless Chicken; the Mystery of Boon Island; Sister Aimee's Scandal
Ep2 St. Urho; Mystery Castle; Bat Bombs
Ep1 Lucy the Elephant; Capitol Bomber; Hitler in Hollywood

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Ames Pyramid; Straus Titanic; Cracking the Zodiac
Ep12 Eureka Springs Cancer Hotel; Female Paul Revere; Frozen Grandpa
Ep11 First Circus Elephant; Greenbrier Ghost; Death of Captain Cook
Ep10 Devil's Music; Fisherman's Wharf; Alaska Triangle Hale Boggs
Ep9 American Venus; Alien Abduction; Buffalo Wings
Ep8 Sleeping Prophet; Mysterious Death of Mozart; the Real Poltergeist
Ep7 The Real Rocky; Dr. Burdell; Kissing Sailor
Ep6 Ellis Island; Sailing Stones; Alamo Treasure
Ep5 Chrysler Building; Stanford Mausoleum; Hedy Lamarr
Ep4 Grand Central Occult; Superhero Surfer; Charleston Jail
Ep3 Smoky the Yorkie; Golden Gate Bridge; Oakville Blobs
Ep2 Sickness of the Brooklyn Bridge; Day the Sky Fell Down; Gram Parsons Coffin Heist
Ep1 Teen Vampire; King of Cons; First Escape From Alcatraz

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip The Rocking Chair Riots
2 min 19 sec
Clip Mystery Submarine
3 min 24 sec
Clip The Philadelphia Experiment
2 min 17 sec
Clip The Barefoot Bandit
3 min 46 sec
Clip Louisiana Capitol Controversy
3 min 47 sec
Clip Mystery of Sleepy Sickness
4 min 15 sec
Clip The Clan of the Fiery Cross
3 min 52 sec
Clip The Death of Mary Rogers
3 min 22 sec
Clip March for Equality and Justice
3 min 24 sec
Clip The Mermaid Riot
2 min 10 sec
Clip A UFO in South Dakota
2 min 36 sec
Clip A New Winter Pastime
3 min 8 sec
Clip Mystery of Florida 3 Toes
3 min 0 sec
Clip The Sad Roots of Jazz
3 min 2 sec
Clip The Sinister Schoolmaster
3 min 17 sec
Clip The Root of a Legend
3 min 14 sec
Clip Lurancy or Mary?
3 min 4 sec
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The Rocking Chair Riots

Fecha al aire:
A violent transforms New York's Central Park for the better.

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