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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Healthy County Initiative
Colorado Springs
Carolyn Casey
Cmsr. George Copadis
Donny Guillemette
Mayor Richard Cohen
Paul Barabani
Paul Moore
Rick Presbrey
Danny Eaton
Joan Kagan
Alternative Paths to Education
Lisa Scails
Alternative Paths to Education
Confidence in Public Schools
Teaching English as a second language
Maintaining Good Education
Corporate Partnerships with Schools
Federal and Local Government
Mental Health Reform
Reducing School Violence
U.S. Relationship with India
Minimum Wage
Improving Urban Schools
Keystone XL Pipeline
Handling Your Tax Dollars
Dealing with Identity Theft
Combating the Fiscal Crisis
Taxes on Municipal Bonds
Regaining Trust in Government
Mayor Alex Morse
Preparing Students for Careers
Medicaid and Local Governments
Benefits of Public School Options
Third Grade Reading Levels
Jim Koplik
Louis Golde
Matt Poland
Mayor Carolyn Kirk
Sister Caritas
Mobile Food Pantry
Prepared for Launch
Space Yesterdays
Azeb Berhane
Cal Stanely
Earl Plante 1
Earl Plante 2
Gibor Basri
Gregory Cendana
Julie Strand
Kish Rajan
Leslie Ewing
Linda Seifert
Susan Yee
Tim Sbranti
Tom Terrill
Troy Flint
MA Cmsr Edward Lambert
Town of Breckenridge
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