Noodle and Doodle

  • 2006
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A live-action show that features arts, crafts and healthy recipes that kids can try at home.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep52 A Trip to the Lake
Ep51 Happy Birthday, Brother!
Ep50 A Family Valentine's Day
Ep49 A Day at the Aquarium
Ep48 Skate-O-Rama
Ep47 Big Sister's Birthday; Skate-O-Rama
Ep46 We Love Mermaids
Ep45 Deck the Scarecrow
Ep44 Kings and Queens
Ep43 Meow Meow
Ep42 Our New Boots
Ep41 Magic Time
Ep40 Art-Tastic
Ep39 Let's Fly a Kite
Ep38 A Day at the Lighthouse
Ep37 A Visit With Grandpa
Ep36 Using Our Senses
Ep35 We Love Mom
Ep34 Woof! Woof!
Ep33 I Love to Build
Ep32 It's a Hot, Hot Day!
Ep31 Road Trip
Ep30 Bake Sale
Ep29 Our Family Apple Tree
Ep28 A Pirate Party
Ep27 Soccer Time!
Ep26 Puppet Show
Ep25 Going Camping
Ep24 Dance
Ep23 #1 Cheer Up
Ep22 Bubbles
Ep21 A Halloween Party
Ep20 Birds in My Backyard
Ep19 A Friend at the Hospital
Ep18 It's a Band!
Ep17 Dinner With Grandma
Ep16 Our New Baby
Ep15 Family Vacation
Ep14 Come to Our Tea Party
Ep13 Teddy Bear Picnic
Ep12 It's Movie Time
Ep11 Dino Stomp
Ep10 Family Bike Ride
Ep9 Story Time
Ep8 Wrapping Presents
Ep7 A Chinese New Year
Ep6 Mom's New Job
Ep5 Zoorific
Ep4 Trains
Ep3 The Babysitter's Here
Ep2 Sweet Memories
Ep1 Down on the Farm

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Dinner With Grandma; It's a Band!
Ep12 Family Vacation; Our New Baby
Ep11 Teddy Bear Picnic; Come to Our Tea Party
Ep10 Dino Stomp; It's Movie Time
Ep9 Story Time; Family Bike Ride
Ep8 A Chinese New Year; Wrapping Presents
Ep7 Zoorific; Mom's New Job
Ep4 The Babysitter's Here; Trains
Ep3 Down on the Farm; Sweet Memories
Ep2 Meow Meow
Ep1 Cheer Up
Puppet Show
Dance Lessons
Happy Birthday
A Pirate Party
Noodle and Doodle: Soccer Time
Our New Baby
Halloween Party
Let's Fly a Kite
Big Sister's Birthday
It's a Band
Story Time
Dino Stomp
Magic Time
A Chinese New Year
Bake Sale
A Day At The Lighthouse
We Love Mom
Road Trip
A Day At The Aquarium
The Deck Scarecrow
Family Vacation
A Pirate Party
Dinner With Grandma
Soccer Time
I Love To Build
Kings and Queens
King and Queens
I Love to Build
Grandpa's Visit
Wrapping Presents
It's Movie Time!
A Family Bike Ride
Dance Lessons
Story Time
We Love Mermaids
Sweet Memories
Cheer Up
Going Camping
Using Our Senses
It's A Hot, Hot Day!
It's A Band!
Our Family Apple Tree
Come To Our Tea Party
Mom's New Job
A Friend At The Hospital
Happy Birthday, Brother!; A Trip to the Lake
A Day at the Aquarium; A Family Valentine's Day
Big Sister's Birthday; Skate-O-Rama
Deck the Scarecrow; We Love Mermaids
Meow Meow; Kings and Queens
Magic Time; Our New Boots
Let's Fly a Kite; Art-Tastic
A Visit With Grandpa; A Day at the Lighthouse
We Love Mom; Using Our Senses
I Love to Build; Woof! Woof!
Road Trip; It's a Hot, Hot Day!
Our Family Apple Tree; Bake Sale
Soccer Time!; A Pirate Party
Going Camping; Puppet Show
Cheer Up; Dance
A Halloween Party; Bubbles
A Friend at the Hospital; Birds in My Backyard
Let's Fly a Kite

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length
S1 | Ep23

Cheer Up

Air Date: 11/3/12
Aboard their double-decker bus, Sean, Noodle and Doodle help friends make "orange smiles." Recycling an orange net bag, they make dream catchers to brighten their bedrooms and chase away the blues. Doggity cooks up another special treat. All aboard!

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