North Woods Law

  • 2012
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A series following Maine game wardens as they patrol the Pine Tree State during hunting season.


Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep17 Passing the Torch
Ep16 Wild Kingdom
Ep15 Rapid Responders
Ep15 High Jinks
Ep14 Star Spangled Weekend
Ep13 Night and Day
Ep12 North Woods Law
Ep12 Trail of Trouble
Ep11 North Woods Law
Ep11 All Hands on Deck
Ep10 Distress Call
Ep9 North Woods Law
Ep9 Take the Plunge
Ep8 Moose on the Loose
Ep7 Episode 17
Ep7 North Woods Law
Ep7 Man vs. Animal
Ep6 North Woods Law
Ep6 Outfoxed
Ep6 North Woods Law
Ep6 North Woods Law
Ep5 Cold as Ice
Ep5 North Woods Law
Ep4 North Woods Law
Ep4 Throttle Out
Ep3 The End Is Near
Ep3 North Woods Law
Ep2 North Woods Law
Ep2 Just One More ...
Ep1 Cheaters

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Uncuffed 2
Ep9 Lost and Found
Ep8 Life on the Border
Ep7 Mysteries in the Moose State
Ep6 Summer Heats Up
Ep5 Mud Season
Ep4 Running Cold and Fast
Ep3 24 Hours on the Job
Ep2 Turkey Dogs
Ep1 Ice Out

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Uncuffed
Ep9 Crossing the Line
Ep8 Deer Deception
Ep7 The Crime of the Century
Ep6 Racking Up the Bad Guys
Ep5 Things Are Afowl
Ep4 The Rookies
Ep3 Harvest Time
Ep2 Boat Load of Trouble
Ep1 Wicked Summer

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep6 Maine Freeze
Ep5 On Thin Ice
Ep4 Gun Country
Ep3 Off Roadin'
Ep2 Moose Mania
Ep1 Warden Warriors

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Wild Kingdom
'Tis the Season
North Woods Law Holiday Special

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Warden Corrals Runaway Oxen
2 min 10 sec
Preview Oh Deer. A Second Chance for Wild Deer
2 min 8 sec
Preview Rescued Seals to Go Home
2 min 13 sec
Preview May the Best Dog Win
2 min 16 sec
Preview Busted for Dumping
2 min 15 sec
Preview Poacher Caught Red-Handed
2 min 13 sec
Preview Behind the Scenes
73 sec
Preview Hunting Down Poachers
3 min 7 sec
Preview Mass Poaching Investigation
2 min 21 sec
Preview Catching an Illegal Trapper
3 min 7 sec
Preview Rescuing a Wounded Loon
2 min 29 sec
Preview Cornered Baby Bear
3 min 12 sec
Preview Off the Grid and In Trouble
3 min 41 sec
Preview Moose Poachers Caught
2 min 26 sec
Preview The Science of Trapping
110 sec
Preview The Moose Mating Call
2 min 44 sec
Preview Daring Moose Rescue
2 min 32 sec
Preview Frantic Water Rescue
2 min 30 sec
Preview Bear Loose in Portland
3 min 29 sec
Preview Busting Bad Guys at Night
2 min 46 sec
Preview Sneak Peek
52 sec
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Warden Corrals Runaway Oxen

Air Date:
Warden Rick LaFlamme stumbles across two stubborn, escaped oxen.

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