Nursery Rhymes

Dance and sing to your toddler’s favorite nursery rhymes, like "Wheels on the Bus," "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and more!


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep32 #1 Time to Get Moving!
Ep31 Nursery Rhymes: Yummy Tasty Food
Ep30 Nursery Rhymes: Watch & Sing!
Ep29 Nursery Rhymes: U.S. Anthems
Ep28 Nursery Rhymes: The Gift of Nature
Ep27 Nursery Rhymes: Sharing and Caring
Ep26 Nursery Rhymes: Shapes & Songs
Ep25 Nursery Rhymes: Musical Time Pt 30
Ep24 Nursery Rhymes: Musical Time Pt 29
Ep23 Nursery Rhymes: Musical Time Pt 28
Ep22 Nursery Rhymes: Musical Time Pt 27
Ep21 Nursery Rhymes: Musical Time Pt 26
Ep20 Nursery Rhymes: Musical Time Pt 25
Ep19 Nursery Rhymes: Musical Numbers
Ep18 Nursery Rhymes: Move It, Move It!
Ep17 Nursery Rhymes: Hush... a Lullaby
Ep16 Nursery Rhymes: Game Playing
Ep15 Nursery Rhymes: Colorful World
Ep14 Nursery Rhymes: Cars, Trains & More
Ep13 Nursery Rhymes: Body Basics
Ep11 Nursery Rhyme Toys
Ep9 #1 Mother Nature Music
Ep8 #1 Game Time Playtime
Ep7 #1 Fun Colorful Shapes
Ep6 #1 Favorite Songs 2
Ep5 #1 Favorite Songs 1
Ep4 #1 Celebrate the USA
Ep1 #1 A Wonderful World

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
#1 BB Nursery Rhyme 26
#1 Shapes Song
#1 BB Nursery Rhyme 29
#1 Caring Kids
BB Nursery Rhyme 27
Let's Play!
Mother Nature
BB Nursery Rhyme 28
BB Nursery Rhyme 30
Baby Boogie Song 2
#1 On the Go!
Play All Rhymes
Yummy Food
#1 New Nursery Rhyme
#1 Raps: Favorite Rhymez
#1 Color Song
123 Song
#1 123 Song
Watch & Sing!
#2 Raps: Hip Little Piggies
Raps: Groovin Nursery Rhymez
The Powerful Dozer Clears the Way!
#1 BB Nursery Rhyme 25
School Rules
Move Your Body!
Move Your Body!
My Favorite Toys
#1 My Favorite Toys
Yummy Food
Baby Boogie Song 1
Raps: Twinkle Shiny Star
#1 Raps: Itsy Bitsy Spider
#1 All My Parts
Raps: Knick Knack Dance
Raps: Hip Hop
#1 Raps: Little Miss Muffet
Princess Songs 1
Puppies Playtime
Puppy Fun
Raps: Dance Party Rhymez
Raps: Funky Rhymez
Raps: Nursery Rhymez Jamz
Raps: Your Favorite Rhymez
Raps: Hip Hop Nursery Rhymez
Ponies at Play
Animal Song
Princess ABC
Puppies and Babies Play Together!
#1 Raps: Mary's Little Lamb

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip Raps: Knick Knack Dance
2 min 15 sec
Clip Nursery Rhymes: All My Parts
13 min
Clip Raps: Twinkle Shiny Star
2 min 47 sec
Clip Nursery Rhymes: BB Nursery Rhyme 27
8 min 57 sec
Clip Nursery Rhymes: Let's Play!
13 min
Clip Raps: Hip Hop Nurs Rhymez
2 min 37 sec
Clip Nursery Rhymes: Lullabies
12 min
Clip Nursery Rhymes: BB Nursery Rhyme 28
11 min
Clip Nursery Rhymes: 123 Song
11 min
Clip Nursery Rhymes: Yummy Food
13 min
Clip Nursery Rhymes: Baby Boogie Song 1
11 min
Clip Raps: Funky Rhymez
6 min 57 sec
S1 | Ep32

Time to Get Moving!

It's time to get moving! Singalongs presents a video that's all about your child's body parts! From the head to the toes, there are lots of ways to move around. All that moving might make you hungry, so there are songs about berries and cherries, too!

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