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A comedy-drama following a large and imperfect family as they tackle the challenges of raising kids and starting over after setbacks. Based on the hit 1989 film.

Episodes available online day after air. Past seasons available with a Streampix subscription.


Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep7 These Are the Times We Live In
Ep6 Too Big to Fail
Ep5 The Scale of Affection Is Fluid
Ep4 #2 A Potpourri of Freaks
Ep3 #2 The Waiting Room
Ep2 #2 Happy Birthday, Zeek
Ep1 #2 Vegas

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 The Pontiac
Ep21 I'm Still Here
Ep20 Cold Feet
Ep19 Fraud Alert
Ep18 The Offer
Ep17 Limbo
Ep16 The Enchanting Mr. Knight
Ep15 Just Like at Home
Ep14 You've Got Mold
Ep13 Jump Ball
Ep12 Stay a Little Longer
Ep11 Promises
Ep10 All That's Left Is the Hugging
Ep9 Election Day
Ep8 The Ring
Ep7 Speaking of Baggage
Ep6 The M Word
Ep5 Let's Be Mad Together
Ep4 In Dreams Begin Responsibilities
Ep3 Nipple Confusion
Ep2 All Aboard Who's Coming Aboard
Ep1 It Has to Be Now

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep15 Because You're My Sister
Ep14 One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Ep13 Small Victories
Ep12 Keep on Rowing
Ep11 What to My Wondering Eyes
Ep10 Trouble in Candyland
Ep9 You Can't Always Get What You Want
Ep8 One More Weekend With You
Ep7 Together
Ep6 I'll Be Right Here
Ep5 There's Something I Need to Tell You...
Ep4 The Talk
Ep3 Everything Is Not Okay
Ep2 Left Field
Ep1 Family Portrait

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 My Brother's Wedding
Ep17 Remember Me, I'm the One Who Loves You
Ep16 Tough Love
Ep15 Politics
Ep14 It Is What It Is
Ep13 Just Smile
Ep12 Road Trip
Ep11 Missing
Ep10 Mr. Honesty
Ep9 Sore Loser
Ep8 In-Between
Ep7 Forced Family Fun
Ep6 Tales From the Luncheonette
Ep5 Nora
Ep4 Clear Skies From Here on Out
Ep3 Step Right Up
Ep2 Hey, if You're Not Using That Baby...
Ep1 I Don't Want to Do This Without You

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Hard Times Come Again No More
Ep21 Slipping Away
Ep20 New Plan
Ep19 Taking the Leap
Ep18 Qualities and Difficulties
Ep18 Qualities and Difficulties
Ep17 Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist
Ep17 Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist
Ep16 Amazing Andy and His Wonderful World of Bugs
Ep16 Amazing Andy and His Wonderful World of Bugs
Ep15 Just Go Home
Ep15 Just Go Home
Ep14 A House Divided
Ep14 A House Divided
Ep13 Opening Night
Ep13 Opening Night
Ep12 Meet the New Boss
Ep11 Damage Control
Ep11 Damage Control
Ep10 Happy Thanksgiving
Ep9 Put Yourself Out There
Ep9 Put Yourself Out There
Ep8 If This Boat Is a Rockin'
Ep8 If This Boat Is a Rockin'
Ep7 Seven Names
Ep7 Seven Names
Ep6 Orange Alert
Ep6 Orange Alert
Ep5 The Booth Job
Ep5 The Booth Job
Ep4 Date Night
Ep4 Date Night
Ep3 I'm Cooler Than You Think
Ep3 I'm Cooler Than You Think
Ep2 No Good Deed
Ep2 No Good Deed
Ep1 I Hear You, I See You
Ep1 I Hear You, I See You

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Lost and Found
Ep12 Team Braverman
Ep11 Solace
Ep11 Solace
Ep10 Namaste No More
Ep9 Perchance to Dream
Ep8 Rubber Band Ball
Ep7 What's Goin' on Down There?
Ep6 The Big 'O'
Ep5 The Situation
Ep5 The Situation
Ep4 Wassup
Ep3 The Deep End of the Pool
Ep3 The Deep End of the Pool
Ep2 Man vs. Possum
Ep1 Pilot

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip Crosby Gets the Boot
54 sec
Clip Coming up On Parenthood
30 sec
Preview Crosby Checks in
105 sec
Preview Trying to Get Better
3 min 3 sec
Preview Not Ready for Parenthood
2 min 3 sec
Preview The End of All the Waiting
3 min 19 sec
Clip Parenthood: Amber Shows Zeek
99 sec
Preview Parenthood: Happy Birthday, Zeek
85 sec
Clip Parenthood: Sarah Talks To Amber
102 sec
Preview Best Birthday Gift Ever
3 min 26 sec
Preview Everybody's Worried About Zeek
2 min 4 sec
Preview The Bravermans Do Vegas
2 min 46 sec
Preview Amber's Big News
81 sec
Clip Parenthood School Build Time-Lapse
65 sec
Clip Parenthood: Sarah Comes To Take Zeke
65 sec
Clip Parenthood: Sarah's Surprised
34 sec
Preview Parenthood: Vegas
98 sec
Clip Parenthood: Kristina Explains To Max
94 sec
Clip Parenthood: Max Doesn't Want To Go To
79 sec
Interview They've Got a Long Way to Go
3 min 58 sec
Interview They Wouldn't Marry Anyone Else... On TV
3 min 16 sec
Interview Max On Max
98 sec
Interview Mae, Miles and Sarah Talk Parenthood
2 min 39 sec
Interview Lauren Graham On Parenthood's Hank and Sarah
94 sec
Interview Dax and Joy On the Victory Lap
119 sec
Interview Craig T. Nelson’s Best Job Ever
3 min 3 sec
Interview Jason Katims On Parenthood's Farewell Season
53 sec
Interview Bonnie Bedelia On a Mom's Instinct
3 min 28 sec
Interview Program Pairings – Parenthood
99 sec
Preview Haddie Comes Out
2 min 33 sec
Preview Parenthood: The Pontiac
67 sec
Clip Parenthood: Amber And Ryan's Mom
78 sec
Clip Parenthood: Hank Offers Amber Some Hel
57 sec
Preview Saying Goodbye to a Cherished Friend
2 min 56 sec
Preview A Big Surprise for Camille
102 sec
Preview When All Else Fails - Why Not Surf?
113 sec
Preview A Family Dinner Run Amok
4 min 14 sec
Preview The Year of Sarah
112 sec
Preview Hank's Breakthrough
2 min 31 sec
Preview The Beginning of the Third Act
2 min 35 sec
Preview Two Shades of Vulnerability
4 min 9 sec
Preview Can This Marriage Be Saved?
86 sec
Preview A Late Diagnosis
3 min 48 sec
Preview Ryber's Moment of Truth
2 min 22 sec
Preview Who's Side Are You On?
2 min 3 sec
Preview Taking the High Road
101 sec
Preview Zeek's Confession
2 min 36 sec
Preview Make Them Love You
4 min 27 sec
Preview Crosby Drops the Mic
2 min 4 sec
Preview Wedding Plans Off the Rails
2 min 59 sec
Clip Grandpa Steps in
42 sec
Preview A Significant Impasse
3 min 5 sec
Preview Jabbar's Special Night
2 min 2 sec
Preview A Momentous Decision
3 min 44 sec
Clip Environment: Mae Whitman
15 sec
Preview PaleyFest 2013: Jason Katims On Style and Process
5 min 18 sec
Preview PaleyFest 2013: Lauren Graham and Jason Ritter On Sarah's Choice
5 min 37 sec
Preview PaleyFest 2013: What's With All the Crying?
5 min 5 sec
Preview PaleyFest 2013: Following Good Advice
4 min 2 sec
Preview PaleyFest 2013: Erika Christensen and Sam Jaeger On Adoption
3 min 39 sec
Preview PaleyFest 2013: Miles Heizer and Jason Katims Discuss How Drew Deals With Pregnancy
5 min 29 sec
Preview PaleyFest 2013: Craig T. Nelson and Mae Whitman On Matt Lauria
5 min 37 sec
Preview PaleyFest 2013: Will Parenthood Tackle a Gay Storyline?
3 min 33 sec
Clip Parenthood: Heather Delivers Campaign
70 sec
Clip Parenthood: Crosby Has Some Trouble
110 sec
Clip Parenthood: Sarah And Hank
85 sec
Preview Parenthood: Just Like At Home
85 sec
Clip Parenthood: Kristina Gets A Call
65 sec
Preview Parenthood: Election Day
54 sec
Preview Parenthood: Jump Ball
93 sec
Clip Parenthood: Crosby And Family Return
69 sec
Preview Parenthood: You've Got Mold
63 sec
Preview Parenthood: Cold Feet
64 sec
Clip Parenthood: Sarah Makes Plans
81 sec
Clip Parenthood: Natalie Thinks Drew Is Mis
86 sec
Clip Parenthood: Drew Freaks Out
89 sec
Clip Parenthood: Kristina Goes
100 sec
Clip Parenthood: Amy's Taking Over
49 sec
Preview Parenthood: The Ring
97 sec
Clip Parenthood: Zeek's
74 sec
Preview Parenthood: I'm Still Here
107 sec
Clip Parenthood: Green Week
105 sec
Preview Parenthood: The Enchanting Mr. Knight
85 sec
Preview Parenthood: Fraud Alert
67 sec
Preview Kristina's Message for Her Kids
3 min 48 sec
Preview A Blindsiding Breakup
2 min 14 sec
Preview Mark vs. Sarah
2 min 10 sec
Preview Working It Out Together
98 sec
Preview The Chemo Shirt
115 sec
Preview Max for President!
2 min 19 sec
Preview A Father-Daughter Talk
2 min 50 sec
Preview A Veteran Comes Home
2 min 3 sec
Preview Forgetting Jabbar
86 sec
Preview Talkin' 'Bout Religion
115 sec
Interview Erika Christensen & Sam Jaeger Interview
2 min 3 sec
Clip Sneak Peek: Kristina and Adam lament that their daughter is leaving the nest
89 sec
Clip Sneak Peek: Julia and Joel speak to Victor about stealing and how he?s adjusting
46 sec
Clip Sneak Peek: Sarah and Ray set up for a photo shoot
67 sec
Clip Sneak peek: Sarah & Camille discuss the family portrait.
45 sec
Clip Sneak Peek: Crosby and Jasmine discuss teaching their son about religion
42 sec
Clip Sneak Peek: Sarah and Mark talk about him being excluded from the family portrait
44 sec
Interview Dax On Jay-Z
33 sec
Preview Brother vs. Brother
2 min 55 sec
Preview Utter Devastation
2 min 16 sec
Preview Totally Interrupted!
75 sec
Preview A First Kiss
2 min 7 sec
Preview When Kids Leave the Nest
2 min 33 sec
Interview Catch up With Erika Christensen and Sam Jaeger
9 min 57 sec
Preview First Day, New Job
57 sec
Preview Kristina's Words of Wisdom
3 min 35 sec
Preview Max Comes Home
3 min 39 sec
Preview A Really Big Fight
4 min 14 sec
Clip Writers' Roundtable: Adoption, Autism and More
5 min 31 sec
Preview Mom Thwarts First Love
97 sec
Preview Something to Worry About
72 sec
Clip Writers' Roundtable: the Impact of Fans
4 min 30 sec
Preview Ambush!
2 min 15 sec
Clip Parenthood: Teens
4 min 14 sec
Preview Giving It All
88 sec
Clip Writers' Roundtable: from Idea to Fruition
4 min 47 sec
Preview Learning to Apologize
87 sec
Clip Writers' Roundtable: Haddie and Alex
2 min 50 sec
Preview Zeek Makes the Magic
94 sec
Clip All Things Kids
3 min 49 sec
Preview Connect, Compliment and Close
2 min 29 sec
Preview Coping With Surrender
2 min 3 sec
Preview Sarah's 40th B'Day Party
2 min 54 sec
Clip Writers Roundtable: On Asperger's
6 min 44 sec
Preview A Trip to the Junkyard
2 min 35 sec
Clip All Things Julia
7 min 39 sec
Interview All Things Adam
6 min 46 sec
Preview All About Jabbar
116 sec
Preview The Runners Stumble
2 min 38 sec
Clip All Things Sarah
7 min 40 sec
Preview Bomb Dropping
87 sec
Preview Scary Stuff
101 sec
Preview You're Very Controlling
2 min 43 sec
Preview I'm Baked
2 min 36 sec
Preview I Hate You
59 sec
Preview I Just Want It Black
77 sec
Preview You're Absolutely Right, I'm Black
4 min 59 sec
Preview Take It to the Field
4 min 34 sec
Preview Stay Away from What's Mine
120 sec
Preview I Hit a Guy
2 min 49 sec
Clip Day in the Life: Max's Trailer
102 sec
Preview Facing Reality
2 min 39 sec
Preview He's a Braverman
116 sec
Clip Day in the Life: More Fan Questions
2 min 58 sec
Preview Pillow Talk
3 min 19 sec
Preview I Don't Have a Life
2 min 7 sec
Clip Parenthood Is...
2 min 45 sec
Clip Day in the Life: Fan Questions
3 min 44 sec
Preview Relationships Present Challenges
2 min 16 sec
Clip Day in the Life: On the Lot
3 min 45 sec
Preview 77 Minutes
2 min 18 sec
Preview Who Has the Fertilizer?
70 sec
Preview Day in the Life: Lunchtime
2 min 5 sec
Clip Surprises
4 min 31 sec
Clip Surprises
4 min 31 sec
Clip Your Kids' Biggest Fan
4 min 35 sec
Clip Traditions
3 min 20 sec
Clip Family Relations
4 min 44 sec
Clip Being Cool
4 min 38 sec
Clip Embarassing Moments
4 min 31 sec
Clip The Next Generation
4 min 13 sec
Clip Invasion of Privacy
4 min 18 sec
Clip Invasion of Privacy
4 min 18 sec
Clip Invasion of Privacy
4 min 18 sec
Clip Unique Challenges
5 min 30 sec
Clip Unique Challenges
5 min 30 sec
Clip Becoming Your Parents
4 min 15 sec
Clip Best and Worst
5 min 13 sec
S6 | Ep4

A Potpourri of Freaks New

Air Date: 10/16/14
Max forms an intimate new friendship. Elsewhere, Sarah encounters Sandy and tries to understand the role she plays in Ruby's life; Hank deals with a diplomacy challenge; Julia and Joel worry that their separation is having an adverse effect on their kids; and Crosby tries to avoid a crisis by going after Oliver.

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