Rachael Ray

  • 2006

The perky TV chef and cookbook author welcomes celebrity guests, prepares recipes and offers lifestyle tips in this weekday series. `Entertainment Tonight' veteran Janet Annino is the executive... More


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1127 Nick Cannon, Nancy O'Dell
Ep1126 Easy Tips to Look 10 Years Younger!
Ep1125 How to Look Skinnier in Minutes!
Ep1124 5 Desserts in 5 Minutes
Ep1123 Mystery Taster & Look 10 Pounds Slimmer
Ep1122 Casual Friday & Game Day Foods
Ep1121 13 Closet Staples & Marcus Samuelsson
Ep1120 Tips for Saving Calories and Money
Ep1119 Belly Fat Cure and Iyanla
Ep1118 Sherri Shepherd
Ep1117 Potluck Party on Casual Friday!
Ep1116 Lucy Liu & Organizing Pro Peter Walsh
Ep1115 Kevin and Danielle Jonas
Ep1114 Sharon Osbourne
Ep1113 Regis' Big Return to Daytime!
Ep1112 Casual Friday With Jeff Probst
Ep1111 Fergie's Makeup Makeovers & Shoe Interventions
Ep1110 Joy Behar, Susan Lucci, Wyclef Jean
Ep1109 National Cheeseburger Day
Ep1108 Season Premiere, New Studio Reveal & First Lady Michelle Obama!
Ep1107 Rachael's Moving Day
Ep1106 Leftover Makeovers
Ep1105 Plastic Surgery Fake Outs?
Ep1104 Baking School With TLC's Buddy Valastro
Ep1103 DIY School Supplies
Ep1102 Rach, Jr. Show!
Ep1101 Fix Your Closet Catastrophe!
Ep1100 Celebrity Q & Ray
Ep1099 Easy Tips for Traveling With Kids
Ep1098 The Wedding Show: Style, Tips & DIY
Ep1097 The Fixer Upper
Ep1096 Bottom of the Jar Show
Ep1095 4th of July Bash
Ep1094 Bathing Suit Breakdown
Ep1093 Essentials Show
Ep1092 Sex Questions & Sassy Mom Makeover
Ep1091 BBQ Tricks and Recipes
Ep1090 White House BBQ With First Lady Michelle Obama!
Ep1089 Burger Bonanza!
Ep1088 Rach's Cooking Glossary & the Cake Boss' Baking Breakdown!
Ep1087 Co-Host Monday With Dr. Oz
Ep1086 Bill O'Reilly and the Best Griller in America
Ep1085 Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi
Ep1084 Rach's All American Hot Dog
Ep1083 Co-Host Monday With Dr. Phil
Ep1082 Suzanne Somers' Mother's Day Makeover
Ep1081 Jerry Springer & Bob Harper
Ep1080 Chef Curtis Stone and "Grey's Anatomy's" Chandra Wilson
Ep1079 Bobby & Giada: Coast to Coast Recipe Show
Ep1078 Carson Daly: Co-Host Monday
Ep1077 Rachael Takes on Trivia in the Cash Cab
Ep1076 Cybill Shepherd & the Animal Guy, Jarod Miller
Ep1075 Jenna Fischer and Game Show Week
Ep1074 Private Practice's Kate Walsh
Ep1073 Co-Host Monday With the Cake Boss
Ep1072 Kourtney Kardashian
Ep1071 Food Legends With Giada and Bobby
Ep1070 Vanessa Williams
Ep1069 Julie Andrews & Grilled Cheese Sammie Smackdown
Ep1068 Zac Efron
Ep1067 Cake Decorating 101 & Actress Anna Faris
Ep1066 Emeril & Randy Jackson
Ep1065 Instant Underwear Makeovers
Ep1064 Expert Style & Skin Secrets
Ep1063 Grammy-Winning Band Train & Sammie Smackdown
Ep1062 Belly Busting Secrets From Dr. Travis Stork
Ep1061 Celebrity Hidden Talents
Ep1060 Party Planning With Tori Spelling
Ep1059 Bobby Flay and David Tutera
Ep1058 Easter Cooking Tips
Ep1057 Kiefer Sutherland
Ep1056 Tom Selleck
Ep1055 Easter Show
Ep1054 50 Cent
Ep1053 Mystery Taster and Budget-Friendly Décor
Ep1052 Rachael Ray
Ep1051 Fergie's Audience Q&A
Ep1050 Christian Slater
Ep1049 'Dancing With the Stars' Brooke Burke-Charvet
Ep1048 Rachael and Gwyneth Paltrow Set the Record Straight
Ep1047 Smart Shopping at the Farmers Market
Ep1046 Rachael Ray
Ep1045 Tips for the Perfect Fitting Bra
Ep1044 Declutter Your Home in a Few Simple Steps
Ep1043 Rachael Ray
Ep1042 Rachael Ray
Ep1041 Six Shoes You Must Have in Your Closet
Ep1040 St. Patrick's Day Celebration
Ep1039 William Shatner & Summer Fashion Trends
Ep1038 Time Saving Tips
Ep1037 Housewarming Party
Ep1036 Mystery Taster
Ep1035 Larry the Cable Guy
Ep1034 Save vs. Spend
Ep1033 Mix & Match
Ep1032 Back to Basics
Ep1031 Leaps of Faith
Ep1030 1 Million Pound Makeover
Ep1029 2 for 1 Meal, Tips & Makeovers
Ep1028 Red Carpet Party
Ep1027 First Timers Transformed
Ep1026 Khloé Kardashian Odom
Ep1025 Fat Tuesday Party
Ep1024 1000th Episode Celebration
Ep1023 Greg Kinnear
Ep1022 Mob Wives Makeunder
Ep1021 Hot in Cleveland
Ep1020 Valentine's Day Show
Ep1019 Valentine's Day 101 With Jerry O'Connell
Ep1018 Vanessa Hudgens
Ep1017 Mystery Taster
Ep1016 Tip-off 2012
Ep1015 David Duchovny & Vanessa Lachey
Ep1014 2, 12 & 22
Ep1013 Super Bowl Recipe Playoff
Ep1012 Super Bowl Party!
Ep1011 Michelle Obama Exclusive
Ep1010 Sherri Shepherd
Ep1009 Joan & Melissa Rivers
Ep1008 Katherine Heigl
Ep1007 Mystery Taster
Ep1006 Culinary Scene Investigation
Ep1005 Celebrity Show & Tell!
Ep1004 Jessica Alba
Ep1003 Rachael & Guy's Viewer Cook-Off: Round 2
Ep1002 Jennifer Hudson
Ep1001 Angie Harmon & Tia Mowry Hardrict
Ep1000 Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Ep999 Dinner & Dessert With the Cake Boss
Ep998 Rachael vs. Guy: Viewer Cook-Off
Ep997 Trash or Treasure?
Ep996 The Most Requested Show
Ep995 Rachael Ray
Ep994 Grocery Store Deals and Tips
Ep993 Desperate Housewives' Marcia Cross
Ep992 New Year, New You!
Ep991 Best Fashion of 2011
Ep990 The Top Ten Recipes of 2011
Ep989 Stacy Keibler and Celebrity Cook-Off
Ep988 New Year's Eve Party Planning
Ep987 Holiday Tribute to the Troops
Ep986 Sara Gilbert and Julie Chen
Ep985 Holiday Style for Size 2, 12 & 22
Ep984 Regis Philbin in the Hot Seat
Ep983 Holiday Party Planning 101
Ep982 Kathy Griffin
Ep981 Holiday Know-How From Buddy Valastro and Carter Oosterhouse
Ep980 Jessica and Ashlee Simpson's Fashion Show
Ep979 Jonah Hill
Ep978 Meal, a Movie and a Makeover!
Ep977 Jo Frost & Avril Lavigne
Ep976 Celebrity Potluck
Ep975 Rachael's Holiday Party Tips
Ep974 Dane Cook
Ep973 Mario Batali
Ep972 Beauty & Food Breakdown
Ep971 Jason Segel
Ep970 Rach's Big Thanksgive-Away Show
Ep969 Thanksgiving Food Legends
Ep968 Mario Lopez & Hey, Can You Cook?! Finale
Ep967 Thanksgiving Essentials
Ep966 Doctor Oz & Sara Moulton
Ep965 Jillian Michaels Trains Rach
Ep964 Julie Andrews & Nick Cannon
Ep963 Katie Holmes & Adam Sandler
Ep962 50 Cent
Ep961 Rach for Rent
Ep960 200th Makeover
Ep959 Co-Host Monday with Guy Fieri
Ep958 Hey, Can You Cook?! All-Stars
Ep957 Rachael's One-Pot Wonder
Ep956 Rach's Most Terrifying Moment - Ever!
Ep955 I Used to Be Fat Makeovers
Ep954 Halloween Extravaganza
Ep953 Hey, Can You Cook?! All-Stars
Ep952 Emeril Lagasse
Ep951 Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
Ep950 Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Ep949 Halloween Treats With the Cake Boss
Ep948 Julianne Hough, Viewer Makeover, French Dip Burger
Ep947 Meal and a Makeover
Ep946 Jeff Probst - Couples Counselor?
Ep945 Rachael's Wine & Cheese Party
Ep944 Paula Deen's New Grandson
Ep943 Rachael Boxes With Hugh Jackman
Ep942 Julianne Moore
Ep941 Your Favorite Magazine Columns Come to Life
Ep940 Kim Kardashian's Wedding Day Regret
Ep939 A Columbus Day Sammie Smackdown
Ep938 Momma-Palooza Show
Ep937 Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe
Ep936 Tyra Banks Soul Food Cooking Lesson
Ep935 Couch Potato Tuesday w/ Nick Lachey
Ep934 Meet the All-Stars Jo Frost & The Cake Boss
Ep933 Celebs Set the Record Straight
Ep932 Celine Dion's Ultimate Fan Surprise
Ep931 Primetime's Funniest Women
Ep930 Double Duty Show w/ Sarah Michelle Gellar
Ep929 The Great Philly Grill-Off w/ Patti LaBelle & Ty Pennington
Ep928 Fall Favorites Show
Ep927 Donnie Wahlberg's Cooking Lesson
Ep926 Salma Hayek's Beauty School
Ep925 President Bill Clinton
Ep924 Rachael's Season Premiere Surprise Show
Ep923 Fall Runway Fashions...at the Mall
Ep922 Time Warp Makeovers
Ep921 Lose Your Double Chin...Over the Weekend?
Ep920 Potty Training Tricks
Ep919 Back to School Survival Guide
Ep918 Baby Update With the Brides of Harris County
Ep917 Strange Medical Mysteries
Ep916 Spousonomics
Ep915 Bobby Flay & a Food Network Star Cook-off
Ep914 Could You Cure Your Sweet Tooth in 3 Days?
Ep913 Rachael's Indoor Surfing Lesson
Ep912 Amazing Medical Stories
Ep911 The Four Biggest Celebrity Transformations
Ep910 Mean Menopause
Ep909 Are You Skinny Fat?
Ep908 Rachael's 4th of July Spectacular
Ep907 A 15 Minute Meal
Ep906 DIY Plastic Surgery Products?
Ep905 American Idols in a Cook-Off!
Ep904 Brooke Burke's Dancing Confession
Ep903 Early Memorial Day Grill-Off
Ep902 Tom Selleck's Run-in With Courteney Cox
Ep901 A Day in the Life of Bob Greene
Ep900 Rebecca Romijn's One Minute Hair Tip
Ep899 Joy Behar's Outrageous Q&A
Ep898 Mario Lopez's 200 Calorie Brownies
Ep897 Dr. Oz
Ep896 Dick Van Dyke & Mary Tyler Moore Reunite
Ep895 Rachael Cooking With Food Legends
Ep894 NCIS Star LL Cool J
Ep893 Modern Family's' Sofia Vergara
Ep892 Whoopi Goldberg Stumps the Rach
Ep891 Three Generation Mom Makeovers
Ep890 Taye Diggs Plays Matchmaker
Ep889 Mascara That Lasts For 4 Weeks?
Ep888 Basketball Moms Rival Ray
Ep887 Will & Kate Took Our Wedding Date
Ep886 Rachael Skydiving & Kim Kardashian
Ep885 Kate Middleton's Stylist
Ep884 Multiples Show
Ep883 'Deadliest Catch' Cookoff
Ep882 Rocco DiSpirito's Easter
Ep881 Perfect Your Dating Profile
Ep880 Cooking With Gwyneth Paltrow
Ep879 Cooking With "Biggest Loser" Trainer Bob
Ep878 Sherri Shepherd's Bachelorette Party
Ep877 Russell Brand
Ep876 Australian Animals With Bindi Irwin
Ep875 Ashley Judd in Rachael's Kitchen
Ep874 Jillian Michaels Surprise
Ep873 Eva Longoria's Enchiladas
Ep872 Kris Jenner's Go-To Pasta Dish
Ep871 Sheryl Crow's Cooking
Ep870 Dancing With the Stars' Cheryl Burke
Ep869 Paula Deen's 5 Ingredient Dessert
Ep868 Susan Lucci
Ep867 Jimmy Kimmel and Rach
Ep866 Our Go-To Spring Guide
Ep865 How You Could Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks
Ep864 Our Guide for Brides With Vanessa Minnillo
Ep863 Cooking With Chef Bobby Flay
Ep862 Cupcake Rival Ray Bake-off
Ep861 What Not to Wear's Clinton Kelly
Ep860 St. Patrick's Day Mystery Taster
Ep859 Hair Removal 101 With Gretta
Ep858 Mystery Taster & Chipotle Queso Dip
Ep857 Christina at Weight Loss Camp
Ep856 Star Jones on Charlie Sheen
Ep855 Minute to Win It Challenge
Ep854 Fat Tuesday With Harry Connick Jr.
Ep853 Heather Locklear's Confessions & French-Style Tuna Melts
Ep852 Oscar® Red Carpet Hair Recap
Ep851 Plastic Surgery Do's & Don'ts
Ep850 The Chef Who Inspired Rachael
Ep849 Secrets of Your Favorite Magazine
Ep848 Kim Kardashian vs. Kris Jenner
Ep847 Rachael's Awards Show Party
Ep846 The Doctors Travis Stork
Ep845 Jeff Probst & 7 Slow Cooker Recipes
Ep844 Nick Jonas
Ep843 Slow Cooker Week Kickoff!
Ep842 Nancy Grace vs. Donny Deutsch
Ep841 A-list Lifestyle on a Budget
Ep840 Jennifer Aniston
Ep839 Real Housewives of New York City Tip Show
Ep838 Valentine's Day Love Lab
Ep837 Wing Women?
Ep836 Snowstorm Survival Guide
Ep835 Second Chance Show w/ Bachelorette Ali
Ep834 Kris Jenner & Bethenny Frankel
Ep833 Jennifer Lopez
Ep832 The Big Game Cookoff
Ep831 Rachael Faces Her Biggest Fear
Ep830 At Home with Gretta and Her Baby
Ep829 Mystery Taster: Family Edition
Ep828 Amazing Weight Loss Secrets Revealed
Ep827 The Royal Wedding Countdown
Ep826 Suzanne Somers on Sex After 40
Ep825 The Royal Wedding Fashion Predictions
Ep824 How to Get Free Medical Prescriptions
Ep823 Time Warp Makeovers
Ep822 Fitness Guru Bob Greene
Ep821 Lose Weight Eating Pasta
Ep820 Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Ultimate Travel Guide
Ep819 5 Ingredient Food Challenge
Ep818 Rachael's Top Ten Recipes of the Year
Ep817 Two Burger Recipes & a Grill-off Competition
Ep816 Rachael Ray
Ep815 A 90 Second Facelift
Ep814 Twin Makeovers & Cook-off
Ep813 Gwyneth Paltrow
Ep812 Make Over Your Man
Ep811 Can You Lose 8 Pounds in Five Days?
Ep810 The Bachelorette's Trista Sutter
Ep809 Taylor Swift
Ep808 Times Square Tourist Ambush
Ep807 Rach's Last Minute Christmas Dish
Ep806 Christmas w/ the Beverly Hills Housewives
Ep805 Kris Jenner's Christmas Courtroom
Ep804 Holiday Cooking w/ Mad Men's Christina Hendricks
Ep803 People Magazine's Top 10 Stories of the Year
Ep802 Cooking w/ Rocco Dispirito & Kirsten Dunst
Ep801 Kim Kardashian
Ep800 Second Lady Jill Biden & Nick Lachey
Ep799 Niecy Nash & Donny Deutsch
Ep798 Battle of the Carolers
Ep797 Josh Groban Performs
Ep796 Sheryl Crow & Holiday Giveaways
Ep795 Niecy Nash & Ty Pennington
Ep794 Mystery Taster
Ep793 A Slow-Cooker Meal & Donnie Wahlberg
Ep792 Celebrity Stump the Rach!?
Ep791 Black Friday Shopping Tips
Ep790 Turkey Carving w/ Bobby Flay
Ep789 Rachael's Gift-Away Show & Paula Deen
Ep788 The Sassy Niecy Nash
Ep787 Mystery Taster & a Thanksgiving Appetizer
Ep786 Russell Brand & Thanksgiving Gravy
Ep785 3 Thanksgiving Stuffings
Ep784 Thanksgiving With the Stars
Ep783 World's Biggest Cooking Demo Show
Ep782 Julie Andrews
Ep781 Rachael Ray
Ep780 Early Thanksgiving Treats
Ep779 The Good Wife's Julianna Margulies
Ep778 The Supernanny & the Sexy Gilles Marini
Ep777 Dr. Oz
Ep776 5 Alarm Fireman Cook-Off
Ep775 Joy Behar
Ep774 Sherri Shepherd on Bill O'Reilly
Ep773 The Kardashians' Kris Jenner
Ep772 Rachael's Halloween Bash in 3-D
Ep771 Bill O'Reilly
Ep770 Cooking W/Niecy Nash
Ep769 Wanna Live Rent Free for a Year?!
Ep768 The Next Kid Superstars & Selena Gomez
Ep767 Christina's Dramatic Weigh-In
Ep766 Quadruplet Makeover
Ep765 Dangerous Teen Trends
Ep764 Ted Danson
Ep763 Whoopi Goldberg
Ep762 Lauren Conrad's Jeans 101
Ep761 How to Stop Adult Temper Tantrums
Ep760 Modern Family Stars Secrets
Ep759 The Vampire Facelift
Ep758 Bethenny Frankel
Ep757 Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin
Ep756 The Doctors Travis Stork
Ep755 John Ritter's Wife Amy Yasbeck
Ep754 Joe Montana in a Tailgate Taste-Off
Ep753 Couch Potato Monday
Ep752 Mystery Taster
Ep751 Nancy Grace & Steve Harvey
Ep750 The Jonas Brothers
Ep749 Host the Perfect Dinner Party
Ep748 Keri Russell & Will Arnett
Ep747 Teen Weight Loss Challenge
Ep746 A Week's Worth of Meals in One Day
Ep745 Human Lab: Hair...Jerseylicious-style!
Ep744 5th Anniversary Show With Diane Sawyer and the Cake Boss
Ep743 Season Premiere: Inside Kim Kardashian's Mansion
Ep742 Post-Baby Body Fixes
Ep741 Is the Person You Love Lying to You?
Ep740 Six Back to School Recipes
Ep739 Are You Wearing the Wrong Bra Size?
Ep738 Shocking Foods With Sugar
Ep737 Play With Your Food Show
Ep736 Germs Hiding in Your Home
Ep735 Mystery Diseases
Ep734 Improve Your Sex Life
Ep733 The Closer's Kyra Sedgwick
Ep732 How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex!
Ep731 Projects Under $1 With Carter
Ep730 Summer Burger Recipes
Ep729 Underwear Ambush
Ep728 Improve Your Sex Life
Ep727 Saving Money in the Housing Market
Ep726 4th of July Show
Ep725 Summer Recipes With Celebrity Chefs
Ep724 Ty Pennington
Ep723 Mystery Taster
Ep722 The Real Housewives of New Jersey Cookoff
Ep721 Queen Latifah
Ep720 Sex and the City Makeovers
Ep719 Regis Philbin
Ep718 Mario Lopez
Ep717 Celebrity Hairdos
Ep716 Jerry Springer
Ep715 Cooking With Nick Cannon
Ep714 Modern Family's Sofia Vergara
Ep713 Comedian Damon Wayans
Ep712 NCIS's Hunky Michael Weatherly
Ep711 Brooke Shields & Melania Trump
Ep710 CSI's Marg Helgenberger
Ep709 Cinco de Mayo Taco Cook-off
Ep708 Rosie O'Donnell
Ep707 Inner-City School Makeover
Ep706 Feuding Sisters
Ep705 Sarah Silverman
Ep704 Modern Family's Rico Rodriguez
Ep703 Teen Dating
Ep702 An Entire Hour of New Tips
Ep701 Human Lab: Kitchen Products
Ep700 Chris Rock
Ep699 Jennifer Lopez's New Leading Man
Ep698 Celebrity Anti-Aging Secrets
Ep697 Paula Deen
Ep696 Michael J. Fox
Ep695 DIY Hair Disasters With Kyan
Ep694 How to Raise Happy Kids
Ep693 Matthew McConaughey
Ep692 Carol Burnett
Ep691 Tina Fey & Steve Carell
Ep690 Tyler Perry
Ep689 Ramona's Real Housewife Switch
Ep688 Kardashians Star Bruce Jenner
Ep687 Jennifer Love Hewitt's Dating Rules
Ep686 Chelsea Handler
Ep685 Your Man's Brain
Ep684 Sexy Flirting Tips for Every Woman
Ep683 Reggie Bush
Ep682 Cooking With Kirstie Alley
Ep681 Can Your Makeup Make You Sick?
Ep680 Celebrity Fit Club Diet Secrets
Ep679 Wedding Day War
Ep678 Jessica Simpson
Ep677 Mystery Taster
Ep676 Sex After Baby
Ep675 Catherine Zeta-Jones
Ep674 Supernanny Jo Frost
Ep673 When to Call Your Pediatrician
Ep672 Does Your Marriage Need a Checkup?
Ep671 How News Stories Could Affect You!
Ep670 Oscar Party Treats With Rocco DiSpirito
Ep669 Medical Horror Stories
Ep668 Khloé Kardashian Odom
Ep667 Joan Rivers
Ep666 The Bachelor Finale Secrets
Ep665 Human Lab: Facelift
Ep664 Gold Medalist Shaun White
Ep663 Guide to Plus-Size Intimates
Ep662 Katharine McPhee/Colon 101
Ep661 Taste of the Olympics
Ep660 Mystery Taster
Ep659 Bill Paxton
Ep658 Kevin Bacon
Ep657 Setting the Record Straight
Ep656 Jersey Shore Girls Make-Under
Ep655 Rach's Valentine's Show
Ep654 Susan Lucci's Love Advice
Ep653 Our Biggest Giveaway Ever
Ep652 The End of Hot Flashes?
Ep651 An Entire Hour of Brand New Tips
Ep650 Human Lab: Bigger Breasts
Ep649 Super Bowl Recipe Playoff
Ep648 2010 Fashion
Ep647 The Biggest Loser's Alison Sweeney
Ep646 Mystery Taster
Ep645 Barry Manilow
Ep644 Nick Lachey's Valentine's Tips
Ep643 Grandma Cookoff!
Ep642 Lies People Tell Their Doctors
Ep641 Top Ten Recipes of the Year
Ep640 Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
Ep639 'Jersey Shore' Cast
Ep638 Predict Your PMS
Ep637 Teens Lose Half Their Weight
Ep636 24's Freddie Prinze Jr.
Ep635 Stay Warm All Winter Long
Ep634 Can I Wear...Boots?
Ep633 Red-Carpet Beauty Secrets
Ep632 Joy Behar
Ep631 Top Ten New Beauty Products of 2010
Ep630 Is a Cleanse Right for You?
Ep629 New Year, New You
Ep628 Birth Control Breakthroughs
Ep627 Is Your Kitchen Making You Fat?
Ep626 All New Mystery Taster
Ep625 Susan Sarandon
Ep624 Holiday Giveaways
Ep623 Queen Latifah
Ep622 Rod Stewart Performs
Ep621 The Princess and the Frog's Anika Noni Rose
Ep620 Holiday Fashion for Every Figure
Ep619 Aretha Franklin
Ep618 Cesar Millan's Dog Tips
Ep617 Billy Ray Cyrus
Ep616 Kim and Khloé Kardashian
Ep615 Morgan Freeman
Ep614 Is Your Hair Making You Look Old?
Ep613 15 Minute Meal
Ep612 Top Ten People Stories of 2009
Ep611 Human Lab: Kitchen Products
Ep610 Black Friday Shopping Secrets
Ep609 Thanksgiving on Main Street
Ep608 Shakira Performs
Ep607 Rachael's Big Giveaway Show
Ep606 'New Moon' Star Surprises Fan
Ep605 Emmy-winning Mystery Taster
Ep604 Ultimate Holiday Tip Show
Ep603 Animals From Around the World
Ep602 Can-do Thanksgiving Guide
Ep601 Firefighter Cookoff!
Ep600 Martha Stewart and Rachael Together
Ep599 Twilight Mania
Ep598 Julianna Margulies
Ep597 Nick Lachey Roadtrip and Daryl Hall & John Oates
Ep596 Reba
Ep595 Suzanne Somers
Ep594 Cooking With Michael Bublé
Ep593 Ricki Lake
Ep592 Plus-Size Fashions
Ep591 Halloween Tips and Tricks
Ep590 Whoopi Goldberg
Ep589 Emmy Winning Mystery Taster
Ep588 Hollywood Makeovers
Ep587 Tip Showdown
Ep586 The Bed Bug Epidemic!
Ep585 Oscar Winner Julie Andrews
Ep584 Body Parts That Age You
Ep583 Human Lab: Cellulite
Ep582 Eddie Cibrian Sets the Record Straight
Ep581 Kyan Douglas Sets Men's Fashion Trends Straight
Ep580 Jarod Miller's Baby Animals
Ep579 John Stamos
Ep578 Mario Batali's Family Feast
Ep577 iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove
Ep576 Desperate Housewives' Doug Savant
Ep575 HLN's Nancy Grace
Ep574 The View's Sherri Shepherd
Ep573 Cooking With Christian Slater
Ep572 Craig Ferguson
Ep571 Paula Deen
Ep570 Project Runway Challenge
Ep569 The Supernanny's Newest Tips
Ep568 Lies People Tell Their Doctors
Ep567 Katie Couric
Ep566 How to Lose 8 Inches...Now!
Ep565 Save Money at the Grocery Store
Ep564 'Precious' Star Mo'Nique
Ep563 Eat This, Not That
Ep562 Kathy Griffin
Ep561 Rach Sets the Record Straight
Ep560 Tyler Perry
Ep559 Hollywood Mom Makeover
Ep558 Guilt-Free Junk Food
Ep557 Season Premiere: Rachael's Big Block Party
Ep556 Fifteen-Minute Meal
Ep555 Embarrassing Sex Questions
Ep554 Best of Season Three
Ep553 Thirty-Minute DIY Projects
Ep552 Back-to-School Fashion Tips
Ep551 Summer Save vs. Splurge
Ep550 Jillian Michaels 30 Day Fitness Challenge
Ep549 Body Warning Signs
Ep548 Mystery Taster
Ep547 Best Products of 2009
Ep546 Never Before Seen Celebrity Moments
Ep545 Better Bum
Ep544 How to Break Up With Anyone
Ep543 Save vs. Splurge Food Edition
Ep542 Build a Better Doctor Visit
Ep541 Cooking Q&A With Paula Deen
Ep540 Ultimate 4th of July BBQ!
Ep539 Next Food Network Star Cook-off
Ep538 Summer Entertaining Spectacular
Ep537 Mystery Tasters
Ep536 Hey Can You Cook?! 4 Finale
Ep535 American Idol Mom Makeovers
Ep534 Denis Leary
Ep533 Bette Midler
Ep532 Kate Gosselin: Tabloid Rumors
Ep531 Hey, Can You Cook?! 4
Ep530 Sally Field – Mother's Day
Ep529 President Bill Clinton
Ep528 Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Ep527 Tyra Banks
Ep526 Hey, Can You Cook?! 4
Ep525 Tracy Pollan on Michael. J. Fox
Ep524 Swimsuit Season
Ep523 Human Lab: Back Pain
Ep522 Go-To Guys
Ep521 Hey, Can You Cook? 4!
Ep520 Jennifer Lopez
Ep519 Paula Deen
Ep518 Mary J. Blige in the Kitchen
Ep517 The Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels
Ep516 Bob Saget
Ep515 Look Twenty Pounds Thinner
Ep514 Cougar Stories
Ep513 Bob Barker
Ep512 Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus
Ep511 Valerie's Fitness Secrets
Ep510 How to Look 15 Pounds Thinner
Ep509 Alyssa Milano
Ep508 Mary Tyler Moore
Ep507 Teen 'Sexting'
Ep506 Bill O'Reilly
Ep505 Matthew McConaughey
Ep504 'Grey's Anatomy' Hunk
Ep503 Mystery Taster
Ep502 Joy Behar
Ep501 DMV Makeovers
Ep500 Mario Lopez
Ep499 Biggest Loser Makeover
Ep498 Jimmy Fallon
Ep497 Cynthia Nixon
Ep496 Jeff Foxworthy
Ep495 Jay Mohr and Human Lab: Sweat Busters
Ep494 Brian Williams
Ep493 Mystery Taster
Ep492 Ted Danson
Ep491 Recession Proof Your Life
Ep490 Watchmen Hunks
Ep489 Bruno Tonioli
Ep488 Mystery Taster Cast
Ep487 Tori Spelling
Ep486 Siegfried and Roy
Ep485 Eva Longoria Parker
Ep484 Valerie Bertinelli
Ep483 Chelsea Handler
Ep482 Tom Selleck
Ep481 Joan Rivers
Ep480 Internet Dating
Ep479 Hilary Duff
Ep478 Dancing With the Stars---Cheryl Burke
Ep477 Samantha Harris and Oscar Pool
Ep476 Kathy Griffin
Ep475 Rachael Ray
Ep474 Gordon Ramsay
Ep473 Kids Show
Ep472 Isla Fisher and V-Day Meal
Ep471 Salma Hayek
Ep470 Beyonce's Mom
Ep469 Wynonna Judd
Ep468 Save Your Sex Life!
Ep467 Tom Cavanagh
Ep466 Joy Behar's Hot Topics
Ep465 Duffy
Ep464 Obama Hair
Ep463 Renée Zellweger & Harry Connick Jr.
Ep462 Super Bowl Recipe Playoff
Ep461 Scott Baio
Ep460 Jillian Michaels
Ep459 Spring Cleaning
Ep458 Human Lab: Pageant Products
Ep457 Susan Lucci
Ep456 Diane Sawyer
Ep455 Stump the Rach: Joan Rivers
Ep454 Supermarket Survival Guide
Ep453 Human Lab: Acne
Ep452 Doggie DNA
Ep451 Bob Greene
Ep450 Kate Hudson in the Kitchen
Ep449 Robin McGraw
Ep448 How Not to Die
Ep447 Cindy Crawford
Ep446 Sean "Diddy" Combs
Ep445 Q & Ray: Rachael Answers All
Ep444 Patti LaBelle & Julianne Hough
Ep443 Rocco's Last-Minute Holiday Shopping
Ep442 Courteney Cox's Marriage Secrets
Ep441 Rachael Ray
Ep440 Harry Connick Jr. Sings
Ep439 LL Cool J
Ep438 Tom Jones Sings
Ep437 Valerie's Photo Shoot Secrets!
Ep436 Tony Bennett Sings
Ep435 Everyone Loves Patricia
Ep434 Let's Talk About Sex
Ep433 Save vs. Splurge: Holiday
Ep432 Teenage Weight-Loss
Ep431 Magic Hour
Ep430 Re-Gifting Confessions
Ep429 The BIG Giveaway Show!
Ep428 Is Rosie Over Tom Cruise?
Ep427 "Hey, Can You Cook?!" Finale
Ep426 The Brides of Harris County
Ep425 Vanna White Is 51!
Ep424 All-Star Chefs Thanksgiving Guide
Ep423 The View's Sherri Shepherd
Ep422 Hey, Can You Cook?! Week 3
Ep421 Rachael vs. Mario Batali at NASCAR
Ep420 Anthony Edwards' ER Memories
Ep419 Michael J. Fox
Ep418 Whoopi Goldberg's Hot Topics
Ep417 Hey Can You Cook?! Week 2
Ep416 The Hilarious Debra Messing
Ep415 Girl Talk with Sheryl Crow
Ep414 Parenting According to Tim McGraw
Ep413 Joy Behar's Hot Topics
Ep412 Hey, Can You Cook?! 3 Begins
Ep411 Rachael's Halloween
Ep410 Mariah Carey's Rules to Live By
Ep409 Nate Berkus Taking Questions
Ep408 Selena Gomez on the Rumored Miley Feud
Ep407 Oscar-Nominated Mystery Taster
Ep406 Felicity Huffman's Desperate New Diet Plan
Ep405 Reshaping Your Booty
Ep404 Celebrity Look-a-Like
Ep403 Emmy Winner Glenn Close
Ep402 Olivia Newton-John Elopes at 59!
Ep401 Mom vs. Wife Cooking Showdown
Ep400 Mrs. Howard Stern
Ep399 Desperate Housewives Hunk
Ep398 A Without a Trace Star's Bridal Shower
Ep397 iCarly Crashes the Naked Brothers Band
Ep396 Manscaping
Ep395 Grey's Anatomy's Chandra Wilson
Ep394 Oprah's Personal Chef
Ep393 New Kids on the Block
Ep392 1st Mystery Taster of the Season
Ep391 Dana Delany, 52, Single and Loving It
Ep390 Human Lab: Faux Hair
Ep389 America Ferrera
Ep388 Jamie Lee Curtis
Ep387 I Hate My Post-Baby Body!
Ep386 Ugly Betty Set Crash
Ep385 Daytime Soap-Star Challenge
Ep384 Robin McGraw
Ep383 Ty Pennington
Ep382 John McCain Grilling Ribs
Ep381 Lynne Spears Tells All
Ep380 Feeding a Family of Four for $7.14
Ep379 Dr. Phil
Ep378 Shannen Doherty's 90210 Drama
Ep377 Jessica Simpson's Romance Secrets
Ep376 The Audience Has Talent With Jerry Springer!
Ep375 'The Hills' Whitney Port
Ep374 Rachael Ray's Surprise Show
Ep373 Paula Abdul
Ep372 Rach Is on the Move
Ep371 Back To School
Ep370 Birthday Wars
Ep369 The Style Secrets to the Stars
Ep368 The Doctors
Ep367 The Best Of Show
Ep366 Lunchbox Meals
Ep365 Mystery Taster
Ep364 Mystery Taster
Ep363 Mystery Taster
Ep362 Mystery Taster
Ep361 Mystery Taster Week
Ep360 2008 July 30
Ep359 Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Ep358 Rollover Show
Ep357 Confessions of a Matchmaker
Ep356 Real-life Mom Confessions
Ep355 Kyra Sedgwick
Ep354 My Kids Lie
Ep353 Real-life Sex & the City
Ep352 Doggie Proof House
Ep351 Splurge vs. Save
Ep350 Gordon Ramsay
Ep349 4th of July BBQ
Ep348 Next Food Network Star
Ep347 Regis Philbin
Ep346 Tracy Morgan
Ep345 Gene Simmons
Ep344 Daniel Radcliffe
Ep343 Drew Lachey
Ep342 Enrique Iglesias
Ep341 Minnie Driver
Ep340 Cindy Crawford
Ep339 Dreams Come True With Valerie Bertinelli
Ep338 Hey Can You Cook?!
Ep337 Clay Aiken
Ep336 Jo Frost
Ep335 Patricia Heaton
Ep334 Gayle King
Ep333 Hey Can You Cook?!
Ep332 Patrick Dempsey
Ep331 Valerie Bertinelli Mother's Day
Ep330 President Bill Clinton
Ep329 Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Ep328 Hey Can You Cook?!
Ep327 Rosie O'Donnell
Ep326 Carrie Ann Inaba
Ep325 Spectacular Proposals
Ep324 Barack and Michelle Obama
Ep323 Hey Can You Cook?!
Ep322 Regis Philbin
Ep321 Leah Remini
Ep320 Danica Patrick
Ep319 Soap Star Human Lab
Ep318 Robin McGraw
Ep317 Kristen Bell
Ep316 Julianne Hough
Ep315 Julie Andrews
Ep314 Trisha Yearwood
Ep313 James Denton
Ep312 Brittany Snow
Ep311 The Office's John Krasinski
Ep310 Ty Pennington
Ep309 Ivanka Trump
Ep308 Valerie Bertinelli
Ep307 Jodie Foster
Ep306 Ty Pennington
Ep305 The Rock
Ep304 April Fools' Surprises
Ep303 Samantha Harris
Ep302 Rashida Jones
Ep301 Frazzled Mom
Ep300 Burglar Secrets Revealed
Ep299 Rachael Ray
Ep298 Rachael Ray
Ep297 Sara Ramirez
Ep296 Kelsey Grammer
Ep295 Gene Simmons
Ep294 Top Chef Tom Colicchio
Ep293 Nate Berkus
Ep292 Kim Raver
Ep291 Drew Carey
Ep290 Jesse L. Martin
Ep289 Donny Osmond
Ep288 Bryan Cranston
Ep287 Joan Allen
Ep286 Inside Out Show
Ep285 Kate Walsh
Ep284 Celebrity Face/Off
Ep283 Dennis Quaid
Ep282 Jeff Probst
Ep281 Enrique Iglesias
Ep280 Mystery Taster
Ep279 Bindi and Terri Irwin
Ep278 Kate Hudson
Ep277 Wedding Dance, Dance Off
Ep276 Brooke Shields
Ep275 Mary-Louise Parker
Ep274 Mariska Hargitay
Ep273 Ringo Starr
Ep272 Bob Greene
Ep271 Sam Waterston
Ep270 Meal or No Meal
Ep269 Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Ep268 Super Bowl Cook Off
Ep267 Rachael Ray on Ice
Ep266 Diane Lane
Ep265 Donald Trump
Ep264 Cojo
Ep263 Diane Keaton
Ep262 KT Tunstall
Ep261 Ted Danson
Ep260 Ricki Lake
Ep259 Drew Lachey & Chace Crawford
Ep258 Audience Incognito
Ep257 James Marsden
Ep256 Bob Greene
Ep255 Cojo
Ep254 Supernanny Jo Frost
Ep253 Hulk Hogan
Ep252 Jane Krakowski
Ep251 Masi Oka
Ep250 Mike Rowe
Ep249 Tim Daly
Ep248 What You Didn't See
Ep247 Rachael's Holiday Gift
Ep246 Helen Mirren and Hillary Clinton
Ep245 Josh Groban
Ep244 Kristin Davis
Ep243 Anne Hathaway & Marlo Thomas
Ep242 Robin McGraw
Ep241 Justin Long and Gloria Estefan
Ep240 Marcia Gay Harden
Ep239 Christina Milian & John Cusack
Ep238 Jeff Foxworthy
Ep237 Jennifer Garner
Ep236 Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart
Ep235 Tracy Morgan
Ep234 Tim Gunn Makeover
Ep233 Mystery Taster
Ep232 The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Couco
Ep231 Deborah Norville
Ep230 He Said, She Said Gifts
Ep229 Susan Lucci and Steven 'Cojo' Cojocaru
Ep228 Rachael & Valerie Bertinelli Change a Hero’s Life
Ep227 So You Think You Can Cook?! Finale
Ep226 Dustin Hoffman
Ep225 Thanksgiving
Ep224 Amy Adams
Ep223 Rachael Ray
Ep222 So You Think You Can Cook?! Take 3
Ep221 Teri Hatcher Is Back!
Ep220 John Stamos
Ep219 Food Network’s Nigella Lawson
Ep218 Paula Deen
Ep217 So You Think You Can Cook?! Take 2
Ep216 Vanessa Williams
Ep215 Sara Ramirez
Ep214 Oscar Award Winning Mystery Taster
Ep213 Robin McGraw
Ep212 So You Think You Can Cook?!
Ep211 Jerry O'Connell
Ep210 Christie Brinkley
Ep209 Halloween Mystery Taster
Ep208 Michael Bublé
Ep207 Drew Carey
Ep206 Steve Carell
Ep205 Angie Harmon
Ep204 Dilley Sextuplets
Ep203 Valerie Bertinelli
Ep202 Stars of 'Friday Night Lights'
Ep201 Inside Bobby Flay’s Kitchen
Ep200 Jeff Probst
Ep199 Alison Sweeney
Ep198 Faith Ford
Ep197 Mystery Taster
Ep196 Nicollette Sheridan
Ep195 Tina Fey
Ep194 Minnie Driver
Ep193 Big Solutions for Small Spaces
Ep192 Jenna Bush
Ep191 Couch Potato Kids
Ep190 Kimora Lee Simmons
Ep189 Oktoberfest
Ep188 Food Better Than Botox
Ep187 CSI: Miami’s Emily Procter
Ep186 Patricia Wettig
Ep185 The Rock
Ep184 Kelsey Grammer
Ep183 'Criminal Minds’ Shemar Moore
Ep182 All New: Season Two Mystery Taster
Ep181 Ty Pennington, Tim Gunn and Diddy
Ep180 Elliott Yamin
Ep179 Patricia Heaton
Ep178 Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe
Ep177 Dr. Phil
Ep176 Amanda Bynes
Ep175 Surprise Show
Ep174 Elizabeth Edwards
Ep173 Valerie Bertinelli
Ep172 Teri Hatcher
Ep171 The Best of Season One
Ep170 Fashion Fake-outs
Ep169 Firehouse Chili Cook-off
Ep168 Meal Makeover
Ep167 Kid Travel Horror Stories
Ep166 'Next Food Network Star' Showdown
Ep165 Kids in the Kitchen
Ep164 The Last Minute Show
Ep163 Rach's Rules of the Road (Trip)
Ep162 Do-it-yourself 'Spa-rty'
Ep161 Size Doesn't Matter: Big Solutions for Small Kitchens
Ep160 Fourth of July With Kyra Sedgwick
Ep159 A Salute to Summer
Ep158 Animals vs. Audience
Ep157 Law & Order: SVU's Chris Meloni
Ep156 Rachael's 'Rollover Suppers'
Ep155 Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Ep154 3 Dates in 3 States
Ep153 Prom Night: Teen vs. Parents
Ep152 Ty Pennington
Ep151 Celebrity Mystery Taster Week: Taster #5 - Dustin Hoffman
Ep150 Paula Deen & Family
Ep149 Craig Ferguson
Ep148 Patricia Arquette
Ep147 After the Prom for Enterprise High
Ep146 Robin McGraw
Ep145 Celebrity Mystery Taster Week: Taster #4 - Julie Andrews
Ep144 Grey's Anatomy's Justin Chambers
Ep143 It's Not Your Fault You're Fat
Ep142 Her Honor Judge Judy
Ep141 The Prom for Enterprise High
Ep140 Michael J. Fox
Ep139 President Bill Clinton
Ep138 The Big New York/Chicago Pizza Throwdown
Ep137 Aaron Eckhart
Ep136 How to Make Over Anything
Ep135 Babysitting Horror Stories
Ep134 Does Marriage Matter Anymore?
Ep133 Unluckiest Bride
Ep132 Valerie Bertinelli
Ep131 Picky Eater’s Lunchbox
Ep130 'The Hills' Lauren Conrad
Ep129 Spy or Not to Spy
Ep128 Dancing with Laila Ali
Ep127 The Perfect Size Zero
Ep126 Celebrity Incognito
Ep125 His & Hers House Makeover
Ep124 Antiques Throwdown
Ep123 Kenny Loggins
Ep122 Throwing the Ultimate Sweet 16 Party
Ep121 Nancy Drew's Emma Roberts
Ep120 CSI's Melina Kanakaredes
Ep119 Airline Horror Stories
Ep118 Quit Your Nagging!
Ep117 Battle of the Sexes
Ep116 Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Ep115 Daytijme Soap Stars Dance Challenge
Ep114 Angela Bassett
Ep113 Menopause Support Group
Ep112 How Safe Is Your Home?
Ep111 Empty Nest Mom
Ep110 How to Do Anything Show
Ep109 Sex Myths & Truths
Ep108 Celebrity Fashion for Less
Ep107 Where the Pros Shop
Ep106 Mother-Daughter Wars
Ep105 'Heroes' Adrian Pasdar
Ep104 Heat 'n' Eat
Ep103 The Ultimate Oscar Party!
Ep102 John Stamos
Ep101 Is Chivalry Dead?
Ep100 Gabrielle Union and Joan Lunden
Ep99 What Kids Know About Weight
Ep98 Celebrity Mystery Taster Week: Taster #3 - Brad Garrett
Ep97 'Ugliest PJs in America' with Susan Lucci
Ep96 Chef Mario Batali & Actress Kristin Davis
Ep95 First Lady Laura Bush
Ep94 Worst Kitchen in America
Ep93 My Kid Wants Plastic Surgery!
Ep92 Stepparent Problems
Ep91 'American Idol' Katharine McPhee
Ep90 Heroine Ali Larter
Ep89 Super Bowl Food
Ep88 Felicity Huffman
Ep87 The Girl's Guide to Guys
Ep86 Montel Williams
Ep85 'Supernanny' to the Rescue
Ep84 The 411 on Coed Sleepovers
Ep83 Working Out With LL Cool J
Ep82 Teen Fashion: Mother vs. Daughter
Ep81 Beauty Secrets from Raquel Welch
Ep80 Dreamgirl Jennifer Hudson
Ep79 Cybill Shepherd
Ep78 Surviving the First Year of Divorce
Ep77 Pets...Is This Normal?
Ep76 Patricia Heaton
Ep75 Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Ep74 Lisa Rinna's Makeup Secrets
Ep73 Leftovers
Ep72 Fundraising Foods
Ep71 Makeup Shelf Life
Ep70 Head-to-Toe Make-Under
Ep69 Double-Duty Day
Ep68 Superfoods for 2007
Ep67 Sponsor My Weight Loss
Ep66 Fasion Do's and Don'ts
Ep65 Single Girl Challenge
Ep64 Gary Sinise
Ep63 Bachelor Bonanza
Ep62 Bad Mannered Kids
Ep61 Jenny McCarthy
Ep60 A Christmas Story
Ep59 Food Rescue
Ep58 Little People, Big World
Ep57 Rachael’s Ultimate Gift Giving Guide
Ep56 Rachael's Gift-giving List
Ep55 Toddler 911
Ep54 Trade-off Finale
Ep53 Rachael’s Biggest Fear
Ep52 Rachael's First Trade-off
Ep51 Leftovers
Ep50 Carving Corner
Ep49 Marcia Cross
Ep48 Thanksgiving Tool Kit Continued...
Ep47 The Wedding Show
Ep46 A 'Firefighting' Mystery Taster
Ep45 Baskin’ in the Robbins
Ep44 Turkey Day Tool Kit
Ep43 A Star 'Studdard' Show
Ep42 Figure Flaws Forgotten
Ep41 Entertaining 101
Ep40 Celebrity Mystery Taster Week: Taster #2 - Brooke Shields
Ep39 Celebrity Mystery Taster Week: Taster #1 - Tim Allen
Ep38 Cojo to the Rescue
Ep37 Bringing Sexy Back
Ep36 A Soldier's Surprise
Ep35 Barry Manilow
Ep34 Dennis Miller
Ep33 Is My Kid Normal?
Ep32 Rod ('If You Think I'm Sexy') Stewart
Ep31 Penny-Pinching Mom
Ep30 Don't Knock a Knock-off
Ep29 Picky Eaters Meet Their Match
Ep28 One Meal Many Ways
Ep27 Curvy Girl Fashion
Ep26 'Last Minute' Show
Ep25 Chandra Wilson
Ep24 Wild Animals
Ep23 Scott Wolf
Ep22 Jessica Simpson
Ep21 Law and Order Holds Court
Ep20 Rachael's Broadway Debut
Ep19 Rachael's Party With The Nine's Scott Wolf
Ep18 Oscar Winning Mystery Taster
Ep17 Sopranos Sauce-off
Ep16 Movie Theme Party
Ep15 Bachelor Party
Ep14 A Menu Fit for an Astronaut
Ep13 Food Allergy Family
Ep12 Husband and Wife Cook-off
Ep11 Grocery Store Confidential
Ep10 Survivor's Jeff Probst
Ep9 70 Pounds on 30-Minute Meals
Ep8 Dr. Phil's One-Pot Meal
Ep7 National Family Dinner Day
Ep6 Rachael Ray
Ep5 Rachael Ray
Ep4 Rachael Ray
Ep3 Oprah Winfrey
Ep2 Rachael Ray
Ep1 Rachael Ray
Real Mom Confessions; Battle of the Bands; YouTube Contest Winner
Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray
Easter Weekend
Swimsuit Season is Almost Here
April Fools' Day
Surprise Pizza Lesson
Elizabeth Hurley
Tim Gunn
Secrets You Need to Know to Step Up Your Game!
It's St. Patrick's Day
It's Our First-Ever 'Bracket, Lunch & Dinner Cook-Off!'
'Cinderella' Hits Theaters Today, and Rachael's Talking to Two of the Movie's Stars!
Get Ready for One Tasty 'Throwback Thursday'
Chef Curtis Stone Is Rachael's Co-Host for the Day, and They're Cooking up Family Favorites – Like Curtis' Favorite Potato Salad
"The Chew" Host Clinton Kelly Is in the House, and He's Getting the Party Started by Whipping up a Boozy Milkshake!
We're Filled With Glee, Because Jane Lynch Is Here, and She's Giving Us the Scoop on Her Hit Show's Final Episodes!
Feel Beautiful at Any Size - We're Helping a Former Police Officer and Busy Mom Go From Drab to Fab With a Hot New Makeover!
Nate Berkus Is Turning the Outdoors Into Décor With His DIY Tricks; "Suits" Star Meghan Markle Is Chatting at the Kitchen Table
It's Our Couch Potato Show! And We've Got One Hot Potato in the House, the Hilarious Star of "Black-ish" Anthony Anderson!
Rachael's in the Kitchen With "The Following" Star James Purefoy, and They're Cooking Up a Cheesy Penne Pasta!
Chef Curtis Stone Is Rachael's Co-Host Today! And They're Joined by Kelly Kapowski Herself: Tiffani Thiessen Is Stopping By!
Rachael and Her Co-Host, "The Biggest Loser" Trainer Bob Harper, Are Revealing the Best Time of Day to Do Just About Anything
We're Celebrating Firsts Today! "Shameles"' Star William H. Macy Is Chatting With Rach for the First Time!
"Fox & Friends" Co-Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is Here, and She's Catching Up With Rach About Her Recent Surgery
Ever Dreamed of Meeting Your Idol? Today, We're Helping Make It Happen for Our Pal Sunny Anderson, Who's Cooking With Her Idol
Get Ready for the Oscars With a First-Time Nominee: The Star of "Big Hero 6," Baymax!
It's All About "50 Shades of Grey" With Star Marcia Gay Harden and 50 Makeovers for Gray Hair!
Pasta Lovers, This Show Is for You! Mario Batali's Making a Linguini With Anchovies
Start Your Engines, Because Regis Philbin Is Rachael's Co-Pilot Today! And NASCAR Star Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is Making a Pit Stop
It's the 80th Anniversary of Monopoly, So We Turned Our Studio Into One Giant Board Game!
It's Almost Valentine's Day, So We're Hanging With a Man Who Knows a Ton About Relationships - Steve Harvey Is Here!
''The Biggest Loser' Trainer Bob Harper Is Rachael's Co-Host for the Day, and He's Cooking Up Skinny Stuffed Bell Peppers
We've Got a Mystery Taster in the House, and Rach Is Playing a Speed Round to See if She Can Guess Who It Is!
It's an Hour of Adorable Dogs and a Man Who Makes the Ladies Drool...David Duchovny Is Here! He's Dishing on His New Book
The Doctor Is In - Dr. Oz, That Is! He's Making Three Tasty Weight Loss Smoothies
Dr. Phil McGraw Is in the House, and He and Rach Are Ringing Up the Phone Booth We Put in the Middle of New York
"Scanda"' Star Tony Goldwyn Is in the House! And He's Giving Advice for Our Audience With a Round of "Presidential" Pardons!
Things Are Heating Up in Our Studio: Supermodel Naomi Campbell Is Here to Talk About Her Hot New Show "Empire"
"MasterChef Junior" Star Abby Major Is Dishing Up Her Chicken Francaise! And, a 16-Year-Old Guitar Prodigy Is Jamming Out
It's Our Big Top 10 Recipes of the Year Show and Cat Deeley Is Co-Hosting and Helping With the Countdown!
It's Our Annual Super Bowl Recipe Playoff! And This Time, It's Our Couples Edition
President Bill Clinton Is Here! He's Updating Us on Being a First-Time Grandpa and His Work Fighting Childhood Obesity!
Our "Countdown to Kickoff" Continues With Former New York Giants Star Amani Toomer!
Do Medical Questions Ever Lead You to Wonder: Am I Normal?! We've Got Three Medical Professionals in the House to Help
We're Getting You Ready for the Super Bowl With Our "Countdown to Kickoff," and ESPN Analyst Jesse Palmer Is Here to Help!
Gwyneth Paltrow Is Here, and She's Giving Us the Scoop on Her New Movie 'Mortdecai'...And What It Was Like to Kiss Johnny Depp
We've Got Four Huge Football Fans in the House, and One of Them Will Be Headed to the Super Bowl!
What's the Next Big Trend of 2015?! 'Restaurant: Impossible' Star Robert Irvine Spills Foodie Trends for the Year Ahead!
Golden Globe Winner and Oscar Nominee Julianne Moore Is Here, and She's Talking About Her Moving Performance in 'Still Alice'!
Donny Osmond Is Rachael's Co-Host for the Day, and He's Being Put On the Spot With Our Audience's Most-Asked Questions!
Kirstie Alley Is in the House! She's Looking Better Than Ever, and Dishing on Her New Year's Resolutions!
'The Biggest Loser' Trainer Bob Harper Is in the House to Help You Stay on Track With Weight-Loss Resolutions!
We're Declaring Décor Wars! Designers John Gidding and Sabrina Soto Are Going Head-to-Head, Decorating Two Living Rooms
Our Team of Problem Solvers Is Helping Keep Your New Year's Resolutions on Track!
Chef Curtis Stone Is Rach's Wingman for the Day, and He's Throwing Down Six New Twists on the Ultimate Crowd-Pleaser
Legendary Actress Jane Seymour Is in the House, and She's Dishing on What It's Like to Rock a Bikini at 60!
It's 30-Minute Meals: The Game! We're Playing Our Brand New Card Game to See What Kind of 30-Minute Meal Can Be Made on the Fly!
Dr. Travis Stork Is Tackling the Most Dreaded Time of Year: Cold and Flu Season! He's Breaking Down the Different Symptoms
Move Over, Ladies...We're Manscaping! Our Beauty Pro Is Helping Three Men Solve Their Hairiest Problems!
It's Time to Make Our New Year's Resolutions! Organizational Pro Peter Walsh Is Here to Kick Off His "31 Days to Get Organized"
It's Christmas Eve, and We're Bringing the 12 Days of Christmas to Life, Including Five Surprise Proposals With Golden Rings!
Rachael's Fellow Members of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition
Our Team of Elves Is Solving Your Biggest Holiday Problems! Nate Berkus Is Surprising Last-Minute Shoppers
Cameron Diaz Is Hanging With Rach Today, and She's Giving Us the Inside Scoop on Her New Movie 'Annie'
Chef Curtis Stone Is Rachael's Co-Host for the Day, and He's Starting an Hour Filled With Recipes With Something Sweet
Two Holiday Entertaining Pros Are Hanging With Rach! Sunny Anderson's Unwrapping Deals on the Coolest Cooking Gadgets
We've Got One Delicious Hour Filled With Holiday Recipes! QVC's Resident Foodie, David Venable, Has Three Great Go-to Recipes
Rachael's Co-Host for the Day Is 'So You Think You Can Dance' Host Cat Deeley, and They're Getting Ready for the Holiday
Carrie Underwood Is Hanging With Rachael Today! Then, 'Watch What Happens: Live' Host Andy Cohen Is in the Kitchen With Rachael
We're Giving Lucky Viewers Makeovers to Help Turn Back the Clock! Plus, Piers Morgan Is Dishing on Today's Hot Topics
After Losing 260 Pounds, One Inspiring Woman Gets the Makeover of a Lifetime! Plus, You Can Get Her Look for a Special Deal!
'The Biggest Loser' Trainer Bob Harper Is Showing Off His Figure-Friendly Meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!
Rachael and Her Country Superstar Co-Host, Trisha Yearwood, Are Cooking Up Go-to Party Favorites!
Chef Richard Blais Is Hanging With Rach Today! Richard's Got a DIY Popcorn Bar
We're Swimming With the Sharks Today - Rachael's Co-Host Is "Shark Tank" Star Daymond John! They're Joined By Bill O'Reilly
Rachael's Giving Half a Million Dollars to a Great Cause and an Even Greater Friend, as Beth Stern is Here
Tori Spelling Is Here With Amazing Christmas DIY Décor, Like Homemade Snow Globes!
Don't Know What to Do With All Your Thanksgiving Leftovers?! We're Challenging Our "Fridge Raiders"
Thanksgiving Is Tomorrow, and Chef Curtis Stone Is Getting You Ready With a Turkey Carve-Along!
Get Ready to Laugh Out Loud With British Bad Boy Russell Brand! He's Answering Your Questions in a Round of "Pop the Question!"
Rachael Is Celebrating Her 1500th Show! She's Getting Surprises All Hour Long, From First Lady Michelle Obama to Oprah!
It's Part 2 of Our "Thanksgiving A to Z" Event, and Rachael's Co-Host Is Chef Emeril Lagasse!
It's Our First-Ever Two-Day Thanksgiving Event! Rach and Her Co-Host Emeril Lagasse Have Got Everything You Need to Know
Thanksgiving Is Almost a Week Away, so Katie Lee's Throwing Down Easy Thanksgiving Fakeouts...Like a No-Cook Cranberry Sauce!
Katherine Heigl Is Hanging With Rach! Plus, Sunny Anderson's Cooking Up a Beer Can Turkey!
'Scandal' Star Darby Stanchfield Is in the Kitchen Making a Hearty Pasta Dish With Rach!
'The Biggest Loser' Trainer Bob Harper Is in the House With His Holiday Weight Loss Survival Guide!
The Stars of 'Hot in Cleveland' Are Heating up Our Kitchen! Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick Face Off
Dr. Travis Stork Is in the House to Put a Healthy Twist on Thanksgiving Leftovers, Like a Broccoli and Turkey Salad!
We're Saluting Veterans With Our First-Ever Armed Forces Cook-Off!
Chef Curtis Stone Is Cohosting With Rachael, and He's Dishing Up Everyone's Favorite Thanksgiving Side: Potatoes, Four Ways!
Donnie Wahlberg Is Hanging With Rach for the Whole Show! Plus, the Illusionists Are Here
'America's Got Talent' Judge Howie Mandel Is Going Undercover in Our Audience! Think They Can Guess His Identity?!
The Kitchen Is Heating up With Our 6th Annual 5-Alarm Cook-Off! Five Members of the FDNY Are Firing Up Their Best Dishes
Get Ready to Laugh Out Loud, Because We're Celebrating 25 Years of 'America's Funniest Home Videos' With Rachael
We've Got a "Party of Five" Today - Scott Wolf Is Hanging With Rach for the Whole Show! And He Brought His Entire Fridge
Rachael's Walking Like an Egyptian This Halloween! She and Her Hubby John Are Hanging With Mad Scientist Chef Richard Blais
It's Our Big "Thanks a Million" Show - One Million Bucks Big! We're Giving Over a Million Dollars in Gifts to Real-Life Heroes
Debra Messing Is Here, and She And Rach Take on their Stickiest Challenge Yet: A Grape-Stomping Competition!
Michael Strahan's Parents Are Getting a House Call From Our Buddy Dr. Ian Smith! He's Helping Them on the Path to Weight Loss
It's Mission Im-Pasta-Able for "Dancing With the Stars" Judge Julianne Hough
Richard Marx Is Hanging With Rach for the Whole Show! And They're Joined by "Shark Tank" Star Daymond John!
"The Chew" Star Clinton Kelly Is Here to Fix Fall Fashion Fails!; Plus, One of the Doctors From 'The Doctors' Stops By
Get Ready to Laugh Out Loud With Funnyman Craig Ferguson! Our Audience Is Putting Him on the Hot Seat
We're Throwing a Party With Legendary Country Music Star Martina McBride!
The Hilarious Chelsea Handler Is Here, and Our Audience Puts Her on the Spot With Their Questions
Living in a Small Place? Organizational Pro Peter Walsh Has Tons of Tips for Making It Feel Like a Bigger, Brand-New Space!
Football Star Tony Gonzalez Is Hanging With Rach for the Whole Show, and His Wife Is Joining the Fun
Our Studio Has Transformed Into One Huge Farmers' Market, and Our First Shopper Is "The Chew" Star Mario Batali
Cooking School Is in Session With 'Iron Chef' Star Chef Geoffrey Zakarian! He's Revealing His Top Five Tips for Perfect Pasta
Nick Cannon Is Hanging With Rach for the Whole Show Today, and He's Dishing on What His Kids Want to Be for Halloween!
The Brains Behind One of the Most Hilarious Food Blogs Are Here - the Creators of Thug Kitchen Are Whipping Up a Pasta Dish
Rachael's Hanging With One of Her Favorite Football Fans: Regis Philbin!