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A small Missouri town is shaken by the return of an 8-year-old boy who seemingly died 30 years ago.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep5 Will
Ep4 Old Scars
Ep3 Multiple
Ep2 Echoes
Ep1 #1 Revelation
A Second Chance

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 Torn Apart
Ep7 Schemes of the Devil
Ep6 Home
Ep5 Insomnia
Ep4 Us Against the World
Ep3 Two Rivers
Ep2 Unearth
Ep1 The Returned

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Fred Picks a Fight
99 sec
Preview Margaret Makes Fred Believe
119 sec
Preview Bellamy Realizes He's Returned
2 min 7 sec
Preview Bellamy Confronts Toni
98 sec
Clip Sneak Peek: What Happened to Bellamy?
109 sec
Preview Maggie's Reunion With Her Mom
2 min 51 sec
Preview Bellamy and Jacob Are Trapped!
2 min 24 sec
Preview Lucille Slaps Fred!
100 sec
Preview Fred Sees Barbara for the First Time
98 sec
Preview Bellamy Takes Jacob from the Langstons
3 min 12 sec
Preview Rachael Returns... Again!
2 min 12 sec
Preview Maggie Discovers Her Mom Is Back
2 min 14 sec
Preview Jacob Runs Away
85 sec
Preview Rachael Dies in Tom's Arms
2 min 11 sec
Preview Rachael's Secret is Exposed!
2 min 17 sec
Preview Henry & Lucille Make a Decision About Jacob
2 min 7 sec
Preview A New Theory in Arcadia
2 min 22 sec
Preview He's Gone, Isn't He?
2 min 1 sec
Preview Elaine Confronts Caleb in Prison
3 min 15 sec
Preview Rachael Is Pregnant!
2 min 4 sec
Preview Caleb Disappears
2 min 11 sec
Clip Meet the Langstons
2 min 56 sec
Clip What's Happening in Arcadia?
3 min 0 sec
Preview Tom Can't Lose Rachael Again
3 min 15 sec
Preview Jacob Is Different Than Before
101 sec
Preview Caleb Is Arrested
2 min 40 sec
Preview Rachael Tells Her Story
2 min 22 sec
Preview Bellamy Confronts Caleb
3 min 15 sec
Preview Rachael's Return
80 sec
Preview Fred Wants Answers from Jacob
118 sec
Preview Henry Opens up to Lucille
111 sec
Preview The Two Rivers
104 sec
Clip Behind the Scenes: Meet the Characters
3 min 6 sec
Preview Caleb's Message for Jacob
87 sec
Preview Jacob's Tomb Is Opened
93 sec
Preview Second Chances
83 sec
Preview Maggie & Bellamy Team up
2 min 16 sec
Preview Caleb's Return
3 min 13 sec
Preview Jacob Remembers the Day He Died
2 min 38 sec
Preview Do You Want to Believe?
100 sec
Preview Jacob's Return
100 sec
Clip Behind the Scenes: Resurrection 101
2 min 25 sec
S2 | Ep1

Revelation New

Fecha al aire: 9/28/14
Season 2 begins with Bellamy facing another shocking turn of events when he awakens alone and abandoned at Arcadia's outskirts unable, at first, to account for a week of his life. As his memory returns, the town welcomes back from the dead powerful matriarch Margaret Langston after more than a 30-year absence.

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