River Monsters

  • 2009
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A biologist explores the world's rivers and lakes for freshwater fish that may prey on humans.


Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep6 Body Snatcher
Ep5 Bone Crusher
Ep5 Legend of Loch Ness
Ep4 Man-Eating Monster
Ep3 River of Blood
Ep2 #1 Jungle Terminator
Ep1 #1 Amazon Apocalypse

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep6 Legend of Loch Ness - Part 2
Ep6 Legend of Loch Ness - Part 1
Ep6 Legend of Loch Ness
Ep6 Legend of Loch Ness
Ep5 Vampires of the Deep
Ep4 Colombian Slasher
Ep3 Killer Torpedo
Ep2 Atomic Assassin
Ep1 Face Ripper - Part 2
Ep1 Face Ripper - Part 1
Ep1 Face Ripper
Ep1 Face Ripper
Year of Beasts

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep9 Lair of Giants
Ep8 Phantom Assassin
Ep7 Mongolian Mauler
Ep6 Russian Killer
Ep5 Killer Sharks and Rays
Ep4 Asian Slayer
Ep3 Invisible Executioner
Ep2 Pack of Teeth
Ep1 American Killers

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep7 Jungle Killer
Ep6 Cold Blooded Horror
Ep5 Electric Executioner
Ep5 The Most Bizarre
Ep4 Chainsaw Predator
Ep3 Silent Assassin
Ep2 Flesh Ripper
Ep1 The Mutilator

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep7 Hidden Predator
Ep6 Rift Valley Killers
Ep5 Alaskan Horror
Ep4 Congo Killer
Ep3 Killer Snakehead
Ep2 Death Ray
Ep1 Demon Fish

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 Killer Catfish
Ep7 Fresh Water Shark
Ep6 Amazon Flesh Eaters
Ep5 Amazon Assassins
Ep4 European Maneater
Ep3 Alligator Gar
Ep2 Killer Catfish
Ep1 Piranha

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep17 Deadliest Sharks and Rays
Ep16 River Monsters
Ep15 Lair of Giants
Ep13 Deadliest Encounters
Ep12 Lethal Legends
Ep11 Killer Weapons
Ep8 River Monsters: Killer Sharks & Rays
Ep7 The Most Bizarre
Ep6 River Monsters Goes Tribal
Ep5 River Monsters Goes Tribal
Ep4 Himalayan Giant
Ep3 Amazonian Giant
Ep2 2011 April 03
Ep1 2011 March 06
American Killers: Part 2
Lair of Giants
American Killers: Part 1
Lethal Legends
The Best of: Lethal Legends
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the Best of: Killer Weapons
The Best of: Episode 5
Special: Episode 1
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Untold Stories: The Deadliest Catfish
The Best Of Deadliest Encounters
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Short Tailed Ray
Japanese Salamander
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Japanese Horrors
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Untold Stories: Lethal Legends
Untold Stories: Deadliest Encounters
Untold Stories: Killer Weapons
Special: Episode 3
The Best of: Episode 4
The Best of: Episode 3
American Killer Catfish
Untold Stories: Episode 6
Behind The Scenes
American Horrors
Lethal Encounters
Killer Mysteries
Monster-Hunting Secrets
River Monsters: LIVE with Jeremy Wade
River Monsters Sneak Peek
Worst Nightmares
River Monsters Top 10 Special
Top Ten Beasts
Year of Beasts
Deadliest Catfish
Untold Stories
Killer Sharks and Rays Special
River Monsters Goes Tribal
The Deadliest
Killer Catfish Special

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Underwater Nest of Horrors Home to a Killer?
109 sec
Preview Monster Arapaima is Your 'Mermaid' of Lore
2 min 50 sec
Preview Monster Banana Catfish Caught at Night
2 min 2 sec
Preview Black Piranha Flesh-Eaters Back for More
91 sec
Preview Fan Favorite: Serious Shark Fishing
2 min 3 sec
Preview Bone Crusher - How to Catch an Anaconda
2 min 6 sec
Preview Face-to-Face with a 20-Foot, Monster Anaconda
2 min 35 sec
Preview Why People Around the World Love Big, Ugly Creatures
2 min 39 sec
Preview This Catfish Might be Ugly, But It Can't Break Bones
84 sec
Preview Fan Favorite: Rare Glyphis Shark Filmed
2 min 11 sec
Preview Never Catch an Anaconda with Your Bare Hands
99 sec
Preview What's the Toughest Location Jeremy's Visited?
2 min 5 sec
Preview Massive Turtles Not as Slow as You Think
2 min 34 sec
Preview Jeremy on His Favorite Place to Fish and Foreign Languages
2 min 25 sec
Preview Man-Eating Monster - How to Catch a Piraiba
114 sec
Preview Jeremy Wade on Eating Fish, Tattoos and His 'White Whale'
99 sec
Preview Catch of a Lifetime - Reeling in a Piraiba Beast
3 min 40 sec
Preview What Was Jeremy Wade's Most Frightening Catch?
68 sec
Preview Armored Catfish Defenses Reveal River Predators
3 min 59 sec
Preview Hunting a Monster, Finding Other Killers Along the Way
117 sec
Preview Meet the 'Lightning Fast, Super Lacerater,' Golden Dorado
2 min 51 sec
Preview Elusive 'River Tiger' Tears Into Human Flesh, No Regrets
2 min 5 sec
Preview River of Blood - How to Catch a Golden Dorado
2 min 24 sec
Preview When Did Jeremy Start Fishing?
119 sec
Preview What's Jeremy Wade Do for 'FUN' When Not Fishing?
73 sec
Preview Can Electric Eels Burn and Kill People?
2 min 27 sec
Preview Face to Face with an Electric Eel
96 sec
Preview Kevlar, Steel, Human Flesh - Things Piranha Teeth Can Bite Through
101 sec
Preview Fishing with Amazon Natives--Back to Basics
3 min 26 sec
Preview Jungle Terminator - All the Survival Gear You'll Ever Need
2 min 5 sec
Preview Amazon Apocalypse - How to Catch a Red-Tailed Catfish
2 min 4 sec
Preview That Time Jeremy Wade Survived a Plane Crash
3 min 2 sec
Preview Extreme Angler Learns the Danger of Giant Catfish Jaws
99 sec
Preview Grieving Doctor Must Identify Human Remains Inside Fish
3 min 40 sec
Preview Can Dolphins Be Deadly?
115 sec
Preview Monster Journeys - Traveling Bolivia
2 min 7 sec
Preview Monster Journeys - Surviving Frigid Norway
100 sec
Preview Monster Journeys: Checkpoints in Chernobyl
84 sec
Preview Monster Journeys - Camping Out in Colombia
63 sec
Preview Legend of Loch Ness - How to Catch a Greenland Shark
3 min 31 sec
Preview Monster Journeys: Building a Camp in Nicaragua
114 sec
Preview Hunting a Toothy Predator, the Stone Biter
2 min 4 sec
Preview Is It the Loch Ness Monster?!
2 min 42 sec
Preview The Legendary Loch Ness Tale Revealed
2 min 17 sec
Preview Saber-toothed Piranha Relative Discovered
3 min 4 sec
Preview Monster Journeys: Filming in a Waterfall
89 sec
Preview Vampires of the deep - How to Catch a Lamprey
2 min 6 sec
Preview When Lampreys Attack: A Swimmer's Nightmare
3 min 5 sec
Preview Blood Sucking Lampreys
105 sec
Preview Colombian Slasher - How to Catch a Stingray
2 min 41 sec
Preview On the Hunt for Mutated River Monsters
3 min 46 sec
Preview Is it the "Atomic Assassin?"
2 min 11 sec
Preview Atomic Assassin: How to Catch a Wels Catfish
2 min 38 sec
Preview Showdown with a Killer Torpedo
3 min 53 sec
Preview Killer Torpedo - How to Catch a Tarpon
2 min 13 sec
Preview Hunting a Killer by Night
3 min 31 sec
Preview Freshwater Stingray Caught
3 min 6 sec
Preview Man's Face Ripped Off and Eaten by Piranhas?
2 min 26 sec
Preview Face Ripper - How to Catch a Black Piranha
3 min 1 sec
Preview River Monsters is BACK! Catch an all-new season, April 7 at 9 PM e/p
54 sec
Preview Jeremy Wade Heads Deep into the Jungles of Nicaragua
87 sec
Preview A Tiny River Shark
60 sec
Preview Battling the Elusive Taimen
3 min 4 sec
Preview Jeremy and the Witch Doctor
2 min 13 sec
Preview Bull Shark in Australian River
75 sec
Preview Rare Glyphis Shark Filmed
113 sec
Preview Landing a Ferocious Black Caiman
112 sec
Preview Carnivorous Sharp-Toothed Catfish
75 sec
Preview Catching Two Monsters at Once
77 sec
Preview Giant Vundu Caught Under Dam
112 sec
Preview Mekong Giant Catfish
115 sec
Preview Croc-Toothed Fish in the Zambezi
120 sec
Preview Fearsome Tigerfish Hunt in Packs
2 min 16 sec
Preview How to Catch an African Tigerfish
106 sec
Preview Jeremy Wade Goes Handfishin'
2 min 22 sec
Preview How to Catch a Goliath Grouper
2 min 13 sec
Preview How to Noodle a Flathead Catfish
2 min 28 sec
Preview Crazy Leaping Fish
3 min 11 sec
Preview 350lb American Grouper
2 min 26 sec
Preview Japanese Giant Salamander
2 min 25 sec
Preview Carp Chomped by Bull Shark
86 sec
Preview A Peacock Bass
65 sec
Preview Killer Wolf Fish
75 sec
Preview Monster Black Piranha
2 min 21 sec
Preview Jeremy's First Arapaima
2 min 24 sec
Preview Rammed by an Arapaima
117 sec
Preview How to Catch a Wolf Fish
88 sec
Preview Jeremy's First Goonch
2 min 23 sec
Preview Snake-Like Catfish
104 sec
Preview Catching a Mahseer
115 sec
Preview Diving for Monsters
2 min 27 sec
Preview Baby Earthquake Fish
96 sec
Preview Shark on a Handline
2 min 29 sec
Preview Lassoing an Electric Eel
2 min 59 sec
Preview Bow and Arrow Fishing
2 min 21 sec
Preview You #&$&%* Fish!
100 sec
Preview River of Freaky Fish
2 min 12 sec
Preview How to Catch an Electric Eel
90 sec
Preview Massive Red-Tailed Catfish
102 sec
Preview The Nutcracker Fish
2 min 22 sec
Preview Catching a Dorado
76 sec
Preview Battling a River Stingray
2 min 29 sec
Preview Fish With Arms and Hands?
2 min 32 sec
Preview Discovering a Legend
104 sec
Preview Surprise Bull Shark
79 sec
Preview How to Catch a Freshwater Sawfish
106 sec
Preview Catching a Barramundi
2 min 10 sec
Preview Squeaking Baby Crocodile
52 sec
Preview Fishing With a Kite
2 min 27 sec
Preview Lightning Strikes Crew Member
2 min 49 sec
Preview The Heart-Stopper Fish
2 min 9 sec
Preview The Elusive Sawfish
106 sec
Preview Massive Freshwater Stingray
2 min 10 sec
Preview How to Catch a Short-Tailed Stingray
2 min 25 sec
Preview Catching the Flesh Ripper
95 sec
Preview Bitten by Flesh-Ripping Eels
2 min 39 sec
Preview How to Catch a Longfin Eel
114 sec
Preview The Longfin Eel Migration
4 min 1 sec
Preview Stalking Longfin Eels
112 sec
Preview Eels Devour Deer Carcass
79 sec
Preview How to Catch a Pacu
115 sec
Preview Mystery Fish | Deleted Scenes
66 sec
Preview The Mouth of Madness
117 sec
Preview A Boatload of Monsters
80 sec
Preview Man-Sized Killer Catfish
64 sec
Preview River Monsters- Landing a Nile Perch
119 sec
Preview River Monsters- Catch a Snakehead
90 sec
Preview River Monsters- Huge Northern Pike
98 sec
Preview River Monsters-Hooking a Bull Shark
75 sec
Preview River Monsters- Giant River Shark
79 sec
Preview River Monsters: Have a Plan
71 sec
Preview River Monsters: Be Alert
80 sec
Preview River Monsters: Talk to Locals
74 sec
Preview River Monsters: Have the Right Gear
70 sec
Preview River Monsters: Think Like a Fish
96 sec
Clip River Monsters: Caught!
60 sec
Clip River Monsters: Swimming with Gar
98 sec
Clip River Monsters: Score One
120 sec
Clip River Monsters: Beating the Gar
68 sec
Clip River Monsters: Catching a Gar
107 sec
S6 | Ep2

Jungle Terminator

Fecha al aire: 4/13/14
Jeremy goes to the Amazon rain forest to investigate three deaths in three separate countries—Brazil, Colombia and Peru—and seeks guidance from the Matis tribe in the Brazilian jungle.

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