Sanjay and Craig

  • 2013
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The animated adventures of an enthusiastic boy and his best pal, a charming, cunning snake.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep17 Pet Parents
Ep16 TuffCon
Ep15 Tufflips' Tales of Terror
Ep14 Glad to Be Sad
Ep13 Glory Hounds
Ep12 Googas
Ep11 Alien Craig
Ep10 Enter Sandman
Ep9 Screamday
Ep8 Butts Up Club
Ep7 Barfy's Babies
Ep6 Space Race
Ep5 Dolled Up
Ep4 Middle Shame
Ep3 Shirts Off
Ep2 Ghost Pool
Ep1 Hot Sauce Boss
Ting; Fartwerk
2 Tuff 2 Watch; Cuddle Buddy
TuffCon; Pet Parents
Glory Hounds; Glad to Be Sad
Alien Craig; Googas
Screamday; Enter Sandman
Barfy's Babies; Butts Up Club
Dolled Up; Space Race
Shirts Off; Middle Shame

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Pretty in Punk
Ep38 Boatin' Down the River
Ep37 A Tail of Two Slithers
Ep36 Curb Dawgz
Ep35 Susan Loogie
Ep34 Chill Bill
Ep33 Flip Flopas
Ep32 Old Farts
Ep31 Kerplunk'd
Ep30 Prickerbeast
Ep29 Day of the Snake
Ep28 Dream Rangers
Ep27 Booger Johnson
Ep26 You're in Trouble
Ep25 Cup O'Universe
Ep24 Road Pizza
Ep23 Trouble Dare
Ep22 Kung-Fu Catapult
Ep21 Fart Baby
Ep20 Family Re-Noodman
Ep19 Blackout
Ep18 Doom Baby
Ep17 Laked Nake
Ep16 Game On
Ep15 Unbarfable
Ep14 Cold Hard Cash
Ep13 Muscle C.O.P.S.
Ep12 Release the Craigan
Ep11 The Giving G
Ep10 Partybot
Ep9 Traffical Island
Ep8 Wolfie
Ep7 Stinkboy
Ep6 Be Like Tufflips
Ep5 Heightmare
Ep4 Dog Wave
Ep3 Maximum Denis
Ep2 Laugh Quake
Ep1 Brett Venom, M.D.
Boatin' Down the River; Pretty in Punk
Susan Loogie; Curb Dawgz
Flip Flopas; Chill Bill
Kerplunk'd; Old Farts
#1 Day of the Snake; Prickerbeast
#1 Booger Johnson; Dream Rangers
#1 Cup O'Universe; You're in Trouble
#1 Trouble Dare; Road Pizza
Fart Baby; Kung-Fu Catapult
Blackout; Family Re-Noodman
Laked Nake; Doom Baby
Unbarfable; Game On
Muscle C.O.P.S.; Cold Hard Cash
The Giving G; Release the Craigan
Traffical Island; Partybot
Stinkboy; Wolfie
Heightmare; Be Like Tufflips
Maximum Denis; Dog Wave
Brett Venom, M.D.; Laugh Quake

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
S1 Eps #008 Unbarfable; Game On
Doom Baby/Laked Nake
S1 Eps #012 Trouble Dare; Road Pizza
Kung-Fu Catapult;urine Trouble
Doom Baby;laked Nake
Pretty in Punk; Hot Sauce Bosses
S1 Eps #005 Traffical Island; Partybot
S1 Eps #004 Stink Boy; Wolfie
S1 Eps #003 Heightmare; Be Like Tufflips
S1 Eps #007 Muscle C.O.P.S.; Cold Hard Cash
S1 Eps #012 Trouble Dare; Road Pizza
S1 Eps #008 Unbarfable; Game On
S1 Eps #017 Flip Flopas; Chill Bill
Game On;unbarfable
Glad To Be Sad/Glory Hounds
Ghost Pool; Boatin' Down the River
S1 Eps #009 Lake Nake; Doom Baby
Cuddle Buddy/2 Tuff 2 Watch
Glad To Be Sad; Glory Hounds
S1 Eps #013 Cup O' Universe; You're In Trouble
S1 Eps #014 Booger Johnson; Dream Rangers
2 Tuff 2 Watch
Cuddle Buddy
Hot Sauce Boss; Ghost Pool
Curb Dawgz; I Love Loogie
S1 |

Day of the Snake; Prickerbeast

Air Date: 3/1/14
Craig's weekday activities are revealed to Sanjay; a local legend proves to be fake, so the kids want to retaliate against their parents.

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