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A former White House communications director opens a Washington, D.C. crisis-management firm in this drama based on the work of crisis manager Judy Smith, whose clients have included Monica Lewinsky... More

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Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 The Price of Free and Fair Election
Ep17 #1 Flesh and Blood
Ep16 #2 The Fluffer
Ep15 #2 Mama Said Knock You Out
Ep14 #2 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Ep13 #2 No Sun on the Horizon
Ep12 We Do Not Touch the First Ladies
Ep11 Ride, Sally, Ride
Ep10 A Door Marked Exit
Ep8 Vermont Is for Lovers, Too
Ep7 Everything's Coming Up Mellie
Ep6 Icarus
Ep5 More Cattle, Less Bull
Ep4 Say Hello to My Little Friend
Ep3 Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington
Ep2 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Ep1 It's Handled
The Secret is Out

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 White Hat's Back On
Ep21 Any Questions?
Ep20 A Woman Scorned
Ep19 Seven Fifty-Two
Ep18 Molly, You in Danger, Girl
Ep17 Snake in the Garden
Ep16 Top of the Hour
Ep15 Boom Goes the Dynamite
Ep14 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Ep13 Nobody Likes Babies
Ep12 Truth or Consequences
Ep11 A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar
Ep10 One for the Dog
Ep9 Blown Away
Ep8 Happy Birthday, Mr. President
Ep7 Defiance
Ep6 Spies Like Us
Ep5 All Roads Lead to Fitz
Ep4 Beltway Unbuckled
Ep3 Hunting Season
Ep2 The Other Woman
Ep1 White Hat's Off

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep7 Grant: For the People
Ep6 The Trail
Ep5 Crash and Burn
Ep4 Enemy of the State
Ep3 Hell Hath No Fury
Ep2 Dirty Little Secrets
Ep1 Sweet Baby

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Scandal: America's Top 10
Grant For The People

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Olivia Tries to Protect Fitz
2 min 56 sec
Preview Olivia Admits Her Feelings to Jake
3 min 41 sec
Preview Jake and Olivia Fight About Rowan
82 sec
Preview Huck Tells Quinn He Wants Her
66 sec
Preview Jake, Fitz Question Liv’s Handling
74 sec
Preview Olivia Pushes Mellie About Paternity
3 min 11 sec
Preview Olivia Will Do What Fitz Needs
2 min 14 sec
Preview Olivia Calls Herself Fitz’s Fluffer
2 min 49 sec
Preview Liv Seduces Jake for the Greater Good
4 min 1 sec
Preview Maya Joins Liv and Rowan for Dinner
2 min 13 sec
Preview Jake Is Heartbroken at Olivia’s Door
2 min 47 sec
Clip You Will Win
52 sec
Preview Quinn Takes Control With Huck
2 min 8 sec
Preview Fitz Blames Mellie for Their Downfall
3 min 35 sec
Preview Fitz Finds Out About Mellie and Andrew
69 sec
Preview Rowan Hits a Nerve With Jake
2 min 22 sec
Preview Jake's Oval Visit Turns Violent
2 min 35 sec
Preview Olivia Cannot Afford to Fail Today
69 sec
Clip Preview 316: Calling Me
36 sec
Preview Huck Comes to Put Quinn Down
2 min 19 sec
Preview Olivia Confronts Jake at B613
103 sec
Preview Cyrus Breaks Down in Tears Over James
3 min 12 sec
Preview Abby Wants to Share David's Burden
94 sec
Preview Olivia and David Are an Army of 2
85 sec
Preview Andrew and Mellie Get It On
81 sec
Preview Rowan and Olivia Talk About Meaning
3 min 15 sec
Clip What Are We Paying
56 sec
Preview Scandal Fan Fueled Recap: Episode 13
4 min 52 sec
Preview Fitz Throws the Debate
81 sec
Preview Cyrus Makes His Case for Jake's Help
2 min 5 sec
Preview Liv Asks Jake to Take Advantage of Her
3 min 8 sec
Preview The Shocking Final Moments of 313
81 sec
Preview Cyrus Confronts James About Publius
2 min 1 sec
Preview Liv Loses It When She Hears the Truth
3 min 26 sec
Clip Escape Route
32 sec
Preview Mellie Makes Clear She Didn't Cheat
79 sec
Preview Mellie Lets Go and Kisses Andrew
2 min 10 sec
Preview Liv and Fitz Fight About Jake
3 min 44 sec
Preview Mellie Tells Andrew Her Awful Secret
60 sec
Preview Andrew Hears Fitz and Mellie Fighting
62 sec
Preview Jake Plays Olivia's Pretend Boyfriend
91 sec
Clip Preview: Answering Phones
51 sec
Preview Scandal Fan Fueled Recap: Episode 11
4 min 42 sec
Preview Rowan Warns "Run, Olivia, Run"
3 min 0 sec
Preview Fitz Won't Lose Olivia Again
2 min 51 sec
Preview Andrew Dreamed of This for 12 Years
28 sec
Preview David Asks for James' Inside Help
72 sec
Clip Preview: Ladies Lunch
80 sec
Clip Preview: Liv & Carla
39 sec
Clip Preview 311: Listening in
54 sec
Clip The Scandal Lexicon
3 min 57 sec
Clip The Scandal Love Triangle Continues
2 min 27 sec
Clip A Look at Scandal Fashion
4 min 34 sec
Clip Lunch
20 sec
Clip Fan Fueled Recap: Episode 10
4 min 28 sec
Preview Cyrus and Mellie Are the Devil
101 sec
Preview Rowan Tells Fitz He's Just a Boy
3 min 31 sec
Preview Jake Is Command Now
65 sec
Preview Liv Gets the Truth from Rowan
2 min 17 sec
Preview Jake Tells Olivia He Loves Her
76 sec
Clip Vice President's House
39 sec
Preview Scandal Fan Fueled Recap: Episode 9
4 min 17 sec
Preview Sally Pledges Allegiance to Leo
120 sec
Clip She's Alive
35 sec
Preview Liv Has Breakfast With Her Mom
2 min 31 sec
Preview Cyrus Confronts James About Daniel D
2 min 15 sec
Preview Jake Gives Fitz a Piece of His Mind
95 sec
Preview Huck Prepares Quinn for His Torture
3 min 10 sec
Clip Preview: Safe House
81 sec
Preview Fan Fueled Recap
3 min 45 sec
Preview Daniel Douglas Makes a Pass at James
110 sec
Preview Making Love in Vermont
50 sec
Preview I Wanted You to See the Dream
4 min 17 sec
Preview Cyrus Gets the Pictures of James
94 sec
Preview Maya Pope Has a Request
85 sec
Clip Phone Is Ringing
58 sec
Clip Preview: Meet Mama
68 sec
Preview Scandal Fan Fueled Recap: Episode 7
3 min 45 sec
Preview The Shocking Final Moments of Season 3, Episode 7
3 min 33 sec
Preview Things Go Terribly Wrong for Quinn
2 min 39 sec
Preview Fitz Begs Liv to Stay Away from Jake
2 min 28 sec
Preview Jerry Forces Himself On Mellie
3 min 6 sec
Preview Young Mellie and Fitz in Happy Times
108 sec
Preview Abby Breaks It Down
70 sec
Preview Quinn Stalks Charlie
54 sec
Preview Josi Loses Her Temper On TV
2 min 36 sec
Preview Scandal Fan Fueled Recap: Episode 6
4 min 27 sec
Preview Olivia Tells Fitz About Her Mother
3 min 23 sec
Preview Harrison Won't Be Swayed by Cyrus
67 sec
Preview Fitz Can't Help Jake Anymore
82 sec
Preview Liv and Fitz Fight About Remington
2 min 3 sec
Preview Scandal Fan Fueled Recap: Episode 5
3 min 52 sec
Preview Mellie Pleads for Olivia's Help
3 min 6 sec
Preview Josie Marcus Stands up for Herself
3 min 10 sec
Preview Olivia Vets Fitz's Jokes
3 min 2 sec
Preview Fitz and Jake Play Basketball
103 sec
Preview Abby Surprises David
48 sec
Preview Scandal Fan Fueled Recap: Episode 4
4 min 12 sec
Preview Olivia Distances Herself from Jake
2 min 9 sec
Preview Fitz Interrupts Jake and Olivia's Kiss
3 min 19 sec
Preview Huck Finally Talks to Quinn
62 sec
Preview Olivia Gets a Shock About Remington
45 sec
Preview Cyrus Warns Fitz About Remington
80 sec
Preview Scandal Fan Fueled Recap: Episode 3
3 min 59 sec
Preview Scandal Fan Fueled Recap: Episode 2
3 min 49 sec
Preview Huck Breaks Down, Rowan Owns Him
4 min 8 sec
Preview Fitz and Mellie Hate Each Other
116 sec
Preview Drunk Mellie Celebrates Olivia
3 min 31 sec
Preview Jake Calls Fitz for Olivia
79 sec
Preview Olivia Asks Jake How He Got Here
3 min 26 sec
Preview Fitz and Liv Can't Come Clean
100 sec
Preview Rowan Tries for a Second Chance
2 min 41 sec
Preview Huck Is Devastated, Attacks Olivia
2 min 10 sec
Preview Rowan Shows Olivia Who He Really Is
102 sec
Preview Olivia Confronts Rowan About B613
2 min 4 sec
Preview Olivia Sold Her Soul, Jake Arrives
46 sec
Preview Mellie and Fitz Reveal the Leaks
3 min 15 sec
Preview Cyrus Reads the Op. Remington File
72 sec
Preview Olivia Goes to Rowan for Jake
90 sec
Preview Rowan Has a Fix for Olivia's Problem
3 min 4 sec
Preview Fitz Gives Sally an Opportunity
2 min 16 sec
Preview Fitz Tries to Comfort Olivia
81 sec
Preview Scandal 101
6 min 39 sec
Clip Olivia, Jake, and Fitz Finally Meet
112 sec
Preview Olivia Laughs With Jake
57 sec
Preview Jake Turns the Camera Off
100 sec
Preview It's a Date for Jake and Olivia
109 sec
Preview Olivia and Jake Share Their Secrets
3 min 26 sec
Preview Abby and Harrison Talk About Morality
92 sec
Preview Cyrus Has a Heart Attack
63 sec
Preview Fitz Wants Olivia to Be the First Lady
118 sec
Preview Olivia Kisses Jake
2 min 54 sec
Clip Sneak Peek: Fancy meeting you here
60 sec
Clip Sneak Peek: I don't believe you
47 sec
Clip Screaming
58 sec
Clip Is there something we need to discuss?
47 sec
Clip He sent you a letter?
66 sec
Clip Civil rights
53 sec
Clip I believe
31 sec
Clip They know everything
59 sec
Clip I'm folding those baby clothes
78 sec
Clip Tick Tock
54 sec
Preview Lost in Translation
119 sec
Preview Olivia Gives a Warning!
2 min 7 sec
Clip Put the guns down
75 sec
Clip I'm not normal
49 sec
Clip Too much cleavage
72 sec
Preview Scandal Trailer
114 sec
S3 | Ep17

Flesh and Blood New

Airdate: 4/10/14
Olivia's team try to resolve a security breach. Meanwhile, Fitz contemplates ignoring Olivia's advice when his reelection campaign loses momentum; and Adnan and Maya strategize about how to proceed.

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