Sean Saves the World

  • 2013
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A comedy centering on a divorced father trying to balance the demands of his life. His juggle struggle includes focusing on his successful career, dealing with his meddling mother and raising his teen... Más


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 #1 I Know Why the Caged Bird Zings
Ep12 #1 The Wrath of Sean
Ep11 #1 Trapped in the Closet (Part 2)
Ep10 Sean the Fabulous
Ep9 #1 Best Friends for Never
Ep8 #1 Of Moles and Men
Ep7 #1 The Good, the Bad and the Sean
Ep6 #1 Sean Comes Clean
Ep5 #1 Nobody Puts Sean in a Corner
Ep4 #1 Shut Your Parent Trap
Ep3 #1 Date Expectations
Ep2 #1 Busted
Ep1 #1 Pilot

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview For the Birds
3 min 46 sec
Clip Blooper: Bearded Surprise
24 sec
Clip Blooper: Crack-up at the Door
16 sec
Clip Blooper: Bird Call
20 sec
Clip Blooper: Bird Buddy
21 sec
Clip Blooper: Megan's Got a Mouthful
75 sec
Preview A Pot Full of Retribution
3 min 44 sec
Clip Blooper: Comedic Gesture
26 sec
Clip Blooper: Musical Bowls
15 sec
Clip Blooper: iPad Eyeline
29 sec
Clip Blooper: Thomas up Close and Personal
50 sec
Clip Blooper: Linda's Line
32 sec
Preview The Tequila-Laden Posse
2 min 56 sec
Clip The Unflattering File
2 min 47 sec
Clip Bloopers: Love and Hate
39 sec
Clip Bloopers: Shocking
24 sec
Clip Bloopers: Caught Off-Guard
31 sec
Preview Not-So-Home-Cooked Meal
3 min 40 sec
Preview Too Too Tango
3 min 25 sec
Preview Under-Mustached
105 sec
Preview Shake the Weasel
99 sec
Preview Mother-Son Mattress Marketing
79 sec
Preview A Sauce Full of Secrets
2 min 5 sec
Preview And I Outwitted You!
85 sec
Clip Ask Sean
2 min 8 sec
Clip Sean Hayes On His New Show
2 min 37 sec
Interview Executive Producer Victor Fresco Interview
2 min 48 sec
Interview Executive Producer Todd Milliner Interview
2 min 14 sec
Interview Thomas Lennon Interview
5 min 7 sec
Interview Sean Hayes Interview
4 min 21 sec
Interview Samantha Isler Interview
3 min 6 sec
Interview Megan Hilty Interview
2 min 39 sec
Interview Linda Lavin Interview
3 min 17 sec
Interview Echo Kellum Interview
3 min 39 sec
Clip Sean Saves The World: Clip 3
32 sec
Preview Sean Saves The World: The Good, The Ba
61 sec
Clip Sean Saves The World: Flying Closer To
106 sec
Clip Sean Saves The World: A Mole Among Us
71 sec
Preview Sean Saves The World: Trapped In The C
65 sec
Preview Sean Saves The World: Sean The Fabulou
64 sec
Preview Sean Saves The World: Of Moles And Men
74 sec
S1 | Ep13

I Know Why the Caged Bird Zings

Fecha al aire: 1/23/14
Sean goes out with his ex-flame, but Liz and Lorna team up in a bid to sabotage their date. Meanwhile, Max talks Hunter into helping him and his flock of pet birds.

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