Southern Charm

  • 2014
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A real-world show that zeros in on six privileged Southern singles from Charleston, S.C.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep6 Southern Charm
Ep5 Southern Charm
Ep4 Southern Charm
Ep3 #1 Raising the Roof
Ep2 #1 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Ep1 #1 Return to Neverland

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Secrets Revealed
Ep9 Reunion
Ep8 One of the Lost Boys Leaves Neverland
Ep7 The Third Man
Ep6 The Glass Menagerie Is Half Full
Ep5 White Ties and White Lies
Ep4 Is She or Isn't She?
Ep3 In the Cups
Ep2 Sh-Epic Fail!
Ep1 Peter Pan "Sin"Drome
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Southern Charm
Preview Special
Southern Charm Preview Special

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Preview Shep Struggles With Commitment
2 min 7 sec
Preview Landon Opens up About Her Divorce
2 min 28 sec
Preview Are Thomas and Kathryn Actually Happy Together?
111 sec
Preview Is Kathryn a Natural Hostess?
2 min 39 sec
Clip Take a Tour of Jennifer's Home
3 min 14 sec
Preview Is Thomas Ready to Get Married?
113 sec
Preview How to Enjoy a Martini On the Go
40 sec
Clip See More of Patricia's Gorgeous Home
3 min 57 sec
Clip Tour Shep and Whitney's Summer Home
3 min 17 sec
Clip Cameran's True Love: Food
2 min 25 sec
Preview Craig Has a Hard Time Adjusting to Post-Grad Life
2 min 3 sec
Preview Kathryn Struggles With Mom Life
104 sec
Clip Can Shep and Whitney Pass Cameran's Test?
3 min 42 sec
Clip Take a Tour of Landon's Boat
2 min 4 sec
Clip Tour Thomas' Plantation
4 min 10 sec
Clip Welcome Back to Charleston
29 sec
Preview Patricia Sheds a Tear for Her Cat
116 sec
Preview Meet Jenna’s Mystery Man
2 min 31 sec
Preview When Did Kathryn and Thomas Make up?
116 sec
Preview Cameran Wanted to Be a Witch?
24 sec
Preview The Secret to Impressing a Girl
29 sec
Clip Patricia Sudler-Smith
63 sec
Clip Will Shep Be the Next Southern Charm Dad?
2 min 41 sec
Preview Surprise! Thomas Is a Dad...
59 sec
Preview Patricia: “What a Dump!”
2 min 1 sec
Preview Thomas: “I Was in Fantasy Land”
2 min 2 sec
Preview Confronting Kathryn About Whitney
2 min 7 sec
Preview Next: Thomas Breaks Down
69 sec
Preview Kathryn and Craig End the Drama
52 sec
Preview Are Thomas and Kathryn Having Unprotected Sex?
105 sec
Preview Whitney Hooked up With Kathryn?
58 sec
Preview Next: Guns, Woods, and Drama
49 sec
Preview Thomas’ ‘Glass Menagerie’ Speech
3 min 45 sec
Preview Patricia Learns What a Bitch Slap Is
2 min 25 sec
Preview Kathryn Uninvites Craig from Thomas' House
78 sec
Preview Craig Calls Out Kathryn at Thomas' Dinner
75 sec
Preview Thomas Threatens Whitney
89 sec
Preview Dating Advice from Patricia
2 min 19 sec
Preview Thomas and Kathryn Make an Entrance
109 sec
Preview Next: Relationships in Turmoil
46 sec
Preview Who's Getting Bitch Slapped?
81 sec
Preview The Pregnancy Test Results Are...
2 min 19 sec
Preview Patricia: “It’s Kind of Pedestrian and Banal”
2 min 27 sec
Preview Meet Jenna’s Boyfriend
2 min 41 sec
Clip What a Guy Wants
96 sec
Clip A Guide to Southern Manners
109 sec
Preview Is Shep the Daddy?
89 sec
Preview What Does Jenna Do?
48 sec
Preview Is Kathryn Pregnant?
115 sec
Preview She’s Just Not That Into Thomas
2 min 1 sec
Preview More Judgments from Whitney’s Mom
2 min 5 sec
Clip ‘Southern Charm’ Outtakes
92 sec
Preview A ‘Southern Charm’ Bro Code Battle
2 min 8 sec
Preview Shep Strikes Out
94 sec
Preview Whitney’s Mom: a True Southern Belle
2 min 6 sec
Clip Meet the Belles of Southern Charm
44 sec
Clip “A Girl Needs to Poop”
88 sec
Preview Who Is Going to Get the First Swing at Jenna?
51 sec
Clip Whitney’s Great Big House
2 min 33 sec
Preview Is This Thomas Ravenel’s Comeback?
68 sec
Clip What Makes a Woman Wife Material?
39 sec
Clip Pick Up Lines With Southern Charm
53 sec
Clip Thomas’ Classic Charleston Abode
2 min 14 sec
Clip Shep’s Waterside Carriage House
2 min 48 sec
Clip Jenna’s Downtown Bachelorette Pad
2 min 23 sec
Clip Cameran’s Closet
2 min 10 sec
Preview See How the Southern Half Lives
30 sec
Preview The Playground for Men Who Never Want to Grow Up
2 min 15 sec
S2 | Ep3

Raising the Roof New

Fecha al aire: 3/30/15
Shep and Whitney move into their beach house. Meanwhile, Cameran offers Craig sisterly advice, Thomas appoints Whitney to help create a campaign commercial, and problems begin to plague Thomas and Kathryn's relationship.

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