Storage Hunters

  • 2011

A married pair of auction hunters are followed as they score valuable items across the U.S.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Underwater in Hawaii
Ep26 Storage Hunters
Ep25 Hawaiian Jungle Mystery
Ep24 After Dark
Ep23 All's Fair
Ep22 Brandon vs. Lori
Ep21 The Big One
Ep20 Dropping Anchor
Ep19 His Way
Ep18 Too Hot!
Ep17 Rolling Thunder
Ep16 Bid 'Em Up
Ep15 Dying to Know
Ep14 Mystery Trailer
Ep13 Let It Fly
Ep12 A Test of Wills
Ep11 Wine Country
Ep10 The Art of the Bid
Ep9 Sound the Alarm
Ep8 Surfs Up in Canyon Country
Ep7 The Dancing Bear
Ep6 Storage Hunters
Ep5 Winter Wonderland
Ep4 Bling & Bang
Ep3 Lock and Load
Ep2 Behind Closed Doors
Ep1 Storage Hunters
Ep1 Buried Alive

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Deceptive Deals
Ep25 Going for Broke
Ep24 Risky Business
Ep23 Bear Hunters
Ep22 Rhinestones and Thrones
Ep21 Storage Hunters
Ep20 Go for the Gold
Ep19 Fuel for the Fire
Ep18 Torching the Competition
Ep17 Storage Hunters
Ep16 Stormy Waters
Ep15 Claws for Cash
Ep14 Men at War
Ep13 #1 Hold Tight & Bid High
Ep12 Business in a Box
Ep11 #1 Swollen Profits
Ep10 This Can't Be!
Ep9 Now You See It. Now You Don't
Ep8 Sin City Sucker Punch
Ep7 Bowling for Billions
Ep6 Naughty Hands & Crazy Pants
Ep5 Once in a Lifetime
Ep4 Double Cross
Ep3 Checkmate
Ep2 Never a Safe Bet
Ep1 Bid or Die

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep21 Judgment Day
Ep20 All Out War
Ep19 Fishing for Trouble
Ep18 Buyer Beware
Ep17 Built for Speed
Ep16 Triple X
Ep15 Smoking Hot
Ep14 Native Wars
Ep13 Dirty Gold Rush
Ep13 Dirty Gold Rush
Ep12 Dirty Deeds, Dirtier Dealings
Ep11 Medieval Melee
Ep10 Cash Dash
Ep9 Old Rivals, New Wars
Ep9 Episode 100
Ep8 Score of the Century
Ep8 Stor Hunt 108
Ep7 Boston's Bad Blood
Ep6 Storage Hunters
Ep5 Storage Hunters
Ep4 Redneck & Riches
Ep3 Storage Hunters
Ep2 Bloody Battle
Ep1 Storage Hunters

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Men at War
Once in a Lifetime
Never a Safe Bet
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Claws for Cash
Stormy Waters
S2 | Ep13

Hold Tight & Bid High

Airdate: 9/2/12
Jesse bets big on a mystery box at an airport auction; a couple haggle over a gem; and Sean offers up a unique opportunity for a bidder willing to dig deep.

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