SuperCars Exposed

A look at the car-enthusiast lifestyle, with profiles of tuners and their ultra-fast rides as well as updates on automotive trends.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 #1 Ghost Town
Ep12 #1 Wild West Exotics
Ep11 #1 Porsche Turbos
Ep10 #1 Royal Drive
Ep9 Super Sedans
Ep8 #1 Lamborghini Club Italia
Ep7 #1 The American Super Car
Ep6 #1 AMG
Ep5 #1 Nurburgring and Pagani
Ep4 #1 Porsches in Germany
Ep3 #1 Tanner and the German Drift Queen
Ep2 Lamborghini
Ep1 #1 Ferrari

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Electric SuperCars
Ep12 Ultimate Shootout
Ep11 Road Atlanta
Ep10 Budget Supercars
Ep9 Ride With Tony
Ep8 R8/200 MPH
Ep7 World Class Driving
Ep6 American Supercar Show
Ep5 Los Angeles Supercar Rally
Ep4 Winter Test
Ep3 Stock vs. Custom
Ep2 Exotics
Ep1 Mulholland Drive

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Audi R8/200 MPH

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Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Aston Martin Vs. STI
5 min 20 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Audi R8
4 min 13 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Prized Possessions
62 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Racing at Infineon
71 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Texas Mile Event
3 min 23 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Vantage and STI Race
3 min 27 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Techart Porsches
2 min 26 sec
Preview Indoor Pro Bike Oval
5 min 3 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Military Show
2 min 8 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: BOSS 302
2 min 4 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: McLaren SLR
4 min 44 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Ford GT
3 min 58 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Mustang Tjaarda EVX
78 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Porsche Carrera GT
4 min 7 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Salesman Tanner
5 min 10 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: How To Sell A Ferrari
3 min 45 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Hawaiian Corvette
3 min 45 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Porsche Carrera GT
3 min 49 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Ferrari 599 GTB
3 min 45 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Yellow Lamborghini
107 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Porsche Carrera 1 Mile
3 min 11 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: AMG Vs. Camaro
3 min 56 sec
Clip SuperCars Exposed: Formula Drift
61 sec
Preview 300 SEL 6.3 AMG
2 min 58 sec
Preview Crash Fest 2
3 min 43 sec
Clip Ford GT
2 min 7 sec
Preview Moto Hill Climb
3 min 53 sec
Preview Night Hill Climb
5 min 24 sec
Preview Ice Race Quads
6 min 6 sec
Preview Pro Mod Drags
6 min 49 sec
Clip Snowmobiles On Water
4 min 15 sec
Clip ATV Ice Racing
4 min 51 sec
Preview Vida's New Tattoo
3 min 39 sec
Preview 4-Wheel Jamboree
6 min 17 sec
Clip World Cup On Wheels
5 min 6 sec
Clip Xtreme Climbs
3 min 33 sec
Preview 4x4 Mud Drags
4 min 3 sec
Preview Viper V JEEP SRT8
2 min 52 sec
Preview Vegas Pit Party
5 min 10 sec
Preview Batman's Stand
3 min 56 sec
Preview Porsche GT1 in a Mile
4 min 5 sec
Preview Blues Crown Vic
2 min 7 sec
Clip Supercars Exposed: Corvettes Galore!
3 min 44 sec
Preview Keonigsegg
3 min 41 sec
Preview Vegas Bling
3 min 42 sec
Clip Brabbus Rocket
3 min 24 sec
Preview Lambo LP 560
3 min 41 sec
Preview Hydraulic Beginnings
4 min 26 sec
Preview Supercars Exposed: Lamborghini Heaven
2 min 47 sec
Preview Audi and VW Tuners
3 min 38 sec
Preview Porsche Tune-Up
2 min 32 sec
Clip Opel V. Nissan
2 min 36 sec
Preview Model Tips
5 min 11 sec
Preview Stealth Reventon
3 min 39 sec
Preview Spike's Shop
3 min 47 sec
S2 | Ep13

Ghost Town

Airdate: 5/11/09
Tanner and a friend race to a ghost town in a Jeep and a Dodge Viper. Gumball Rally organizer Maximilian Cooper meets them.

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