Tattoo Nightmares

  • 2012

Three talented cover-up artists work their magic on bad tattoo jobs.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep33 No One's Bitch
Ep32 U-F-OH NO!!
Ep31 Baywatch Bimbo!
Ep30 Doggie Style
Ep29 Penis Neck
Ep28 You've Got Male
Ep27 Cross and Bongs
Ep26 Gus Scratches Back
Ep26 The Ladykiller
Ep25 Wolf Grind
Ep24 Hatchet Girl
Ep23 Dr. Death
Ep22 Murder Boner
Ep21 Racist to a Pervert
Ep20 Disco Love
Ep19 Bologna Ona Skillet
Ep18 Big Norma's House
Ep17 Ink Disasters
Ep16 Jumping the Gun
Ep15 The Scrambler
Ep14 All In
Ep13 I Do's and Bad Tattoos
Ep12 Needle Phobia!
Ep11 Rib Shots and Breast-aurants
Ep10 Pony Boy
Ep9 Fire Crotch
Ep8 Holy Hank!
Ep7 Couples Therapy
Ep6 Behind the 8 Ball
Ep5 Good Girl Gone Bad
Ep4 Tattoo Secrets
Ep3 Unholy Cross
Ep2 Starfish Booty
Ep1 Satanic Schoolgirl

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 Don't Call it a Tramp Stamp
Ep7 Burn Baby Burn
Ep6 Teabag Tattoo
Ep5 Tribute Trouble
Ep4 Dragon Slayer
Ep3 Pinup Problems
Ep2 Killer Skyline
Ep1 Butt Pirate

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Needle Phobia!
Behind the 8 Ball
Good Girl Gone Bad
Starfish Booty
Satanic Schoolgirl
Fire Crotch
Holy Hank!
Jumping the Gun
The Scrambler
Bologna Ona Skillet
Big Norma's House
I Do's And Bad Tattoos

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