The Amazing World of Gumball

  • 2011
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The adventures of a cat and his unusual family are chronicled in this animated series.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 The Vacation
Ep9 #1 The Gripes
Ep8 #1 The Extras
Ep7 #1 The Name
Ep6 #1 The Recipe
Ep5 #1 The Puppy
Ep4 The Joy
Ep3 The Coach
Ep2 The Fan
Ep1 The Kids
The Coach; The Joy
The Name; The Extras
The Recipe; The Puppy
The Kids; The Fan

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep40 The Finale
Ep39 The World
Ep38 The Plan
Ep37 The Internet
Ep36 The Sweaters
Ep35 The Tape
Ep34 The Boombox
Ep33 The Castle
Ep33 The Castle
Ep32 The Promise
Ep31 The Voice
Ep30 The Limit
Ep29 The Game
Ep28 The Lesson
Ep27 The Storm
Ep26 The Tag
Ep25 The Photo
Ep24 The Sidekick
Ep23 The Dream
Ep22 The Hero
Ep21 The Pony
Ep20 The Virus
Ep19 The Authority
Ep18 The Flakers
Ep17 The Bumpkin
Ep16 The Watch
Ep15 Christmas
Ep14 The Bet
Ep13 The Skull
Ep12 The Words
Ep11 The Apology
Ep10 The Treasure
Ep9 Halloween
Ep8 The Job
Ep7 The Phone
Ep6 The Banana
Ep5 The Flower
Ep4 The Fridge
Ep3 The Knights
Ep2 The Colossus
Ep1 The Remote
The Tape; The Sweaters
The Dream; The Sidekick
The Boombox; The Castle
The World; The Finale
The Internet; The Plan
The Bumpkin; The Apology
Christmas; The Apology
The Fridge; The Remote
The Phone; The Job
The Knights; The Colossus

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep36 The Fight
Ep35 The Helmet
Ep34 The Meddler
Ep33 The Microwave
Ep32 The Curse
Ep31 The Car
Ep30 The Ape
Ep29 The Wand
Ep28 The Club
Ep27 The Date
Ep26 The Mustache
Ep25 The Poltergeist
Ep24 The Genius
Ep23 The Sock
Ep22 The Secret
Ep21 The Goons
Ep20 The Picnic
Ep19 The Robot
Ep18 The Refund
Ep17 #1 The Party
Ep16 The Kiss
Ep15 The GI
Ep14 The Prank
Ep13 The Mystery
Ep12 The Ghost
Ep11 The Laziest
Ep10 The Painting
Ep9 The Pressure
Ep8 The Spoon
Ep7 The Quest
Ep6 The Dress
Ep5 The End
Ep4 The Debt
Ep3 The Third
Ep2 The Responsible
Ep1 The DVD
The Car; The Curse
The Party; The Refund
The Responsible; The Dress
The Laziest; The Ghost
The Goons; The Secret
The End; The DVD
The Sock; The Genius
The Ape; The Poltergeist
The Club; The Wand
The Mystery; The Prank
The GI; The Kiss
The Microwave; The Meddler
The Helmet; The Fight
The Party; The Date
The Robot; The Picnic
The Club; The Picnic
The Date; The Robot
The Mustache; The Laziest
The Poltergeist; The Robot
The Genius; The Refund
The Sock; The Party
The Secret; The Kiss
The Goons; The Mystery
The Picnic; The Ghost
The Robot; The Laziest
The Refund; The Painting
The Party; The Pressure
The Kiss; The Spoon
The GI; The Quest
The Prank; The Dress
The Mystery; The End
The Ghost; The Debt
The Laziest; The Third
The Painting; The DVD
The Pressure; The Responsible
The End; The Dress
The Third; The Debt
Responsible; The DVD

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 The Phone; The Knights
The Tag; The Remote
The Flower, The Dream
The Spoon; The End
The Pressure; The Quest
The Mystery; The Quest
The GI; The Mystery
The GI; The Dress
Sweet Stench of Success
The Prank; The Pressure
The Robot; The Party
The Painting; The Prank
The GI; The Responsible
The Dress; The GI
The Laziest
The Laziest; The Spoon
The Prank; The Debt
The Goons; The Party
The Third; The Pressure
The Dress; The Debt
The Refund; The Kiss
The Painting; The Responsible
The GI; The Ghost
The Prank; The Ghost
The Ghost; The Dress
The Quest; The Responsible
The Spoon; The Laziest
The End; The Painting
The Responsible; The Debt
The Dress; The Third
The Kiss; The Debt
The Third; The GI
The Prank; The Laziest
The Spoon; The Ghost
The DVD; The Quest
The Refund; The Third
The Third; The Responsible
The Kiss; The Dress
The Refund; The DVD
The DVD; The Third
The Pressure; The Painting
The Date; The Pressure
The Curse
The Sock
The Ape; The Date
The Wand; The Pressure
The Car
The Club; The Kiss
The Dress; The Party
The Prank
The Poltergeist; The Ghost
The Ghost; The End
The Poltergeist
The Genius
The Mystery; The Prank
The Pressure; The Party
The Helmet; The Secret
The Sock
The Spoon; The Painting
The Mustache; The Date
The Job; The Refund
The Joy; The Sweaters
The Curse
The Meddler; The Goons
The Wand
The Meddler; The Date
The Hero; The Photo
The Kiss; Captain Blood Orange
The Lesson; The Virus
The Microwave
The Meddler
The Photo; The Skull
The Flower; The Secret
The GI; The Sock
The Kids; The Promise
The Goons; The Wand
The End; The Third
The End; The Prank
The Mustache; The Microwave
The Ghost; The Poltergeist
The Treasure; The Phone
Halloween; The Poltergeist
The Storm; The Flower
The Curse; The Meddler
The Flower; The Ape
The Words; The Apology
The Remote
The Colossus
The Fridge; The Wand
The Remote; The Colossus
The Remote; The Knights
The Banana; The Genius
The Ghost; Halloween
The Knights
The Date; The Poltergeist
The Remote; The Mustache
The Banana; The Car
The Fridge; The Picnic
The Dress; The Kiss
The Party; The Spoon
Halloween; The Treasure
The Promise; The Voice
Ghost, The Halloween
The Castle; The Game
The Puppy; The Internet
The Tape; The Sidekick
The Words; The Apology
Halloween; The Treasure
The Skull; Christmas
The Watch; The Bet
Christmas; The Treasure
The Watch; The Bet
The Recipe; The Plan
The Name; The Banana
The Name; The Flower
The Gripes; The Pressure
The Extras; The Name
The Wand; The Ape
The Gripes; The Painting
The Sock; The Mustache
The Fridge; The Treasure
The Bumpkin; The Flakers
The Authority; The Virus
The Phone; The Job
The DVD; The Remote
The Boombox; The Tag; The Lesson
The Fridge; The Secret
The Fight; The Secret
The Remote; The Wand
Video Game
The Dress
The Pony; The Storm
The Coach; The Tape
The Limit; The Game
The Tag; The Lesson
Bus Stop
Christmas; The Words
Christmas; The Remote
The Extras; The Photo
The Finale; The Castle
The World; The Flakers
The Plan; The Bumpkin
The Internet; The Bet
The Sweaters; The Watch
The Tape; The Lesson
The Boombox; The Tag
The Castle; The Photo
The Promise; The Dream
The Voice; The Sidekick
The Limit; The Pony
The Game; The Virus
The Lesson; The Authority
The Storm; The Flakers
The Tag; The Bumpkin
The Photo; The Bet
The Sidekick; The Watch
The Dream; The Flower
The Hero; The Remote
The Pony; The Fridge
The Virus; The Colossus
The Authority; The Flower
The Flakers; The Skull
The Watch; The Words
The Bet; The Fridge
The Skull; The Knights
The Words; The Colossus
The Apology; The Remote
Halloween; The Flower
The Phone; The Knights
The Banana; The Sock
The Flower; The Banana
The Flower; The Goons
The Fridge; The Robot
The Knights; The DVD
The Colossus; The Meddler
The Remote; The End
The Sock; The Fight
The Secret; The Helmet
The Date; The Meddler
The Mustache; The Microwave
The Microwave; The Mustache
The Curse; The Genius
The Genius; The Curse
The Sock; The Car
The Car; The Sock
The Club; The Ape
The Wand; The Picnic
The Quest; The Spoon
The Dress; The End

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview The Amazing World Of Gumball: The Extr
37 sec
Preview Amazing World Of Gumball: The Recipe
29 sec
Preview The Amazing World Of Gumball: The Pupp
41 sec
Preview The Amazing World Of Gumball: The Joy
41 sec
Preview The Amazing World Of Gumball: The Fan
48 sec
Preview The Amazing World Of Gumball: Season 3
20 sec
S3 | Ep9

The Gripes New

Airdate: 7/24/14
Gumball and Darwin's complaining goes too far.

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