The Large Family

  • 2008

An animated series following the domestic chaos of a modern-day elephant family who are very much like humans.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Father's Day
Ep25 Queen of the Castle
Ep24 My Cousin Little Luke
Ep23 The Old New Teacher
Ep22 Mr. Short's Christmas
Ep21 A Relaxing Day
Ep20 A Walk In The Woods
Ep19 Mrs. Large's Big Night
Ep18 Four Go Away Together
Ep17 Happy Birthday Luke
Ep16 Girl Power
Ep15 The E-Factor
Ep14 You Are What You Eat
Ep13 Trendy Trouble
Ep12 Don't Do It Yourself
Ep11 Rock Star
Ep10 Pachyderm Park
Ep8 The Play's The Thing
Ep7 Blackout
Ep6 While The Cat's Away
Ep5 No Place Like Home
Ep4 Rotorwhizzers
Ep3 The School Fete
Ep2 Mrs. Large's Birthday Boogie
Ep1 The Babysitter
#1 Happy Birthday Luke; Four Go Away Together
#1 What a Load of Rubbish; Pachyderm Park
#1 The School Fete; Rotorwhizzers
#1 The Babysitter; Mrs. Large's Birthday Boogie
#1 Trendy Trouble; You Are What You Eat
A Relaxing Day; Mr. Short's Christmas
Mrs. Large's Big Night; A Walk In The Woods
The Old New Teacher; My Cousin Little Luke
#1 No Place Like Home; While The Cat's Away
#1 Blackout; The Play's The Thing
#1 Rock Star; Don't Do It Yourself
#1 The E-Factor; Girl Power
#1 Fathers' Day; Dino Disaster

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Not Again
Ep25 The Big Race
Ep24 Me Too
Ep23 Super Elly
Ep22 Mr. Short Takes a Holiday
Ep21 Sebastian's Cousin Sarah
Ep20 Baby Chilly
Ep19 Six Go to the Seaside
Ep18 Picture Perfect
Ep17 X Marks the Spot
Ep15 Sebastian's Sleepover
Ep14 You Can Do It
Ep13 Mystery of the Missing Elephant
Ep12 Dino Disaster
Ep11 Fancy That
Ep10 Wrong End of the Stick
Ep9 Under the Stars
Ep8 Easy Peasy
Ep7 The Great Explorer
Ep6 Sniffles and Snuffles
Ep5 Elephants Never Forget
Ep4 Sports Day
Ep3 Good as Gold
Ep2 Girls' Stuff
Ep1 Flour Power
Sebastian's Sleepover; Spring Clean
Mystery of the Missing Elephant; You Can Do It
#1 Sebastian's Cousin Sarah; Mr. Short's Holiday
#1 Six Go to the Seaside; Baby Chilly
#1 Super Elly; Me Too
Flour Power; Girls' Stuff
#1 The Big Race; Not Again
Under the Stars; Wrong End of the Stick
Elephants Never Forget; Snuffles and Sniffles
Good as Gold; Sports Day
X Marks the Spot; Picture Perfect

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Girl's Stuff
Snuffles and Sniffles
Fancy That; Queen of the Castle
A Walk In The Woods
Trendy Trouble
Don't Do It Yourself!
Mrs. Large's Big Night
Mrs. Large's Birthday Boogie
No Place Like Home
The School Fete
What a Load of Rubbish
The Babysitter
Pachyderm Park
While The Cat's Away
What A Load Of Rubbish
Father's Day
The Play's The Thing
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Happy Birthday Luke; Four Go Away Together

Happy Birthday Luke; Four Go Away Together

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