The Taste

  • 2013
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A cooking-competition show featuring celebrity chefs who mentor groups of cooks and then do blind taste tests to determine who moves on to the next rounds.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep3 Happy Holidays
Ep3 #1 Happy Holidays
Ep2 #1 Under the Sea
Ep2 Under the Sea
Ep1 Auditions & Childhood
Ep1 Auditions & Childhood
Ep1 #1 Auditions & Childhood

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 The Finale, Part 2
Ep8 The Finale, Part 1
Ep8 The Finale
Ep7 Good with Beer, Part 2
Ep7 Good with Beer, Part 1
Ep7 Good With Beer
Ep6 The Sweetest Thing, Part 2
Ep6 The Sweetest Thing, Part 1
Ep6 The Sweetest Thing
Ep5 Go Green, Part 2
Ep5 Go Green, Part 1
Ep5 Go Green
Ep4 Street Food, Part 2
Ep4 Street Food, Part 1
Ep4 Street Food
Ep3 Guilty Pleasures Part 2
Ep3 Guilty Pleasures Part 1
Ep3 Guilty Pleasures
Ep2 My Life On A Plate Part 2
Ep2 My Life On A Plate Part 1
Ep2 My Life on a Plate
Ep1 The Auditions Part 2
Ep1 The Auditions Part 1
Ep1 The Auditions

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep8 The Taste Finale: Triple Threat
Ep7 Seduction
Ep6 Nose to Tail
Ep5 The Art of the Sandwich
Ep4 Daring Pairings
Ep3 Comfort Food
Ep2 Auditions (Part 2)
Ep1 Auditions (Part 1)
Ep1 Auditions (Part 1)
Ep1 Auditions (Part 1)

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
The Auditions Part 2
A/B The Finale
Happy New Year
Happy Holidays
Under the Sea

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Team Challenge, Childhood: Ludo’s Omelette
81 sec
Preview Nigella Eliminates Renee
3 min 14 sec
Preview Jen’s Audition Recipe: New England Clam Chowder
4 min 59 sec
Preview Dan's Audition Recipe: Dungeness Crab Cake
5 min 28 sec
Preview Tristen’s Audition Recipe: Yuzu Kosho Hamachi Crudo W/ Brassicas and Orange Quinoa Popcorn
4 min 40 sec
Preview Gabe's Audition Recipe: Curried Succotash, Glazed Black Cod
4 min 14 sec
Preview Vanessa’s Audition Recipe: Turkish Kabob With Roast Pepper Sauce
7 min 17 sec
Preview Joe's Audition Recipe: Fish Fume With Shrimp & Blue Crab, Infused With Pepper Oils
3 min 41 sec
Preview Team Challenge, Childhood: Marcus’ Curry Chicken
65 sec
Preview Team Challenge: Childhood - Anthony’s Ragu
66 sec
Preview Jake’s Audition Recipe: Pork Tenderloin With Kale & Sweet Potato
70 sec
Preview Tony Crosses the Line and Steals Eric at the Audition
74 sec
Preview Mia's Audition Recipe: Stuffed Chicken Chefarella
3 min 31 sec
Preview Pot Stickers: Kitchen Ninja
5 min 9 sec
Preview Baked Mushrooms: Kitchen Ninja
2 min 42 sec
Preview Stir Fry: Kitchen Ninja
3 min 17 sec
Preview Lettuce Wraps: Kitchen Ninja
3 min 58 sec
Preview Fried Rice: Kitchen Ninja
3 min 38 sec
Preview Fried Shrimp: Kitchen Ninja
3 min 27 sec
Preview Mac N Cheese: Kitchen Ninja
3 min 11 sec
Preview Lee Is Feeling the Pressure (Cooker)
80 sec
Preview The Season 2 Champion
2 min 20 sec
Preview Lee's Potty Mouth
41 sec
Preview Beer Pong With the Mentors
77 sec
Preview Ludo Goes Cuckoo
68 sec
Preview Genius vs. Consistency
3 min 11 sec
Clip Ludo Lingo
70 sec
Preview Jacquelyn Goes AWOL, Part 2
76 sec
Preview Jacquelyn Goes AWOL, Partt 1
61 sec
Preview Nigella Gets Frustrated
65 sec
Preview Ludo Calls "Caca" in the Kitchen
90 sec
Preview Anthony On Love in the Kitchen
43 sec
Preview Marcus Sends His Own Cook Home
2 min 33 sec
Preview A Budding Show-mance?
42 sec
Preview Jay Defends His Dish
2 min 53 sec
Preview Lee Makes History
2 min 26 sec
Clip Nigella Lawson
28 sec
Clip Brian Malarkey
24 sec
Clip Ludo Lefebvre
38 sec
Clip Anthony Bourdain
32 sec
Clip We handpick our teams based on one mouthful
36 sec
Clip You have to make a decision between Ludo or Malarkey
48 sec
Clip They're either going to appreciate it or hate it
66 sec
Clip That was genuinely revolting
87 sec
S3 | Ep3

Happy Holidays New

Air Date: 12/18/14
The 13 remaining cooks compete in a holiday-theme challenge that features dishes based on fowl and spiced chocolate desserts. Naomi Pomeroy is the guest judge.

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