Thomas & Friends

  • 2004

Adventures of a cartoon train named Thomas and his pals. Earlier tales were depicted on 'Thomas the Tank Engine' (a.k.a. 'Shining Time Station').


Season 16

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Express Coming Through
Ol' Wheezy Wobbles
Race to the Rescue
Percy and the Monster of Brendam
Muddy Matters
Bust My Buffers!
Thomas Toots the Crows
Whiff's Wish
Welcome Stafford
Salty's Surprise
Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor
Flash Bang Wallop!
Percy and the Calliope
Sodor Surprise Day

Season 15

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 Fiery Flynn
Ep18 Percy the Snowman
Ep17 Wonky Whistle
Ep16 Kevin the Steamie
Ep15 Big Belle
Ep9 Henry's Happy Coal
Ep5 Edward the Hero
Ep1 Gordon and Ferdinand
Emily and Dash
Percy's New Friends
Stuck on You
Spencer the Grand
Stop that Bus!
Up, Up and Away
Tree Trouble
Happy Hiro
Toby and Bash
James to the Rescue

Season 14

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep19 Merry Misty Island
Ep12 Merry Winter Wish
Ep10 Thomas in Charge
Ep10 Winter Delights
Ep9 Victor Says Yes
Ep9 Listening and Learning
Ep8 Pop Goes Thomas
Ep8 Sounds and Smells
Ep7 Diesel's Special Delivery
Ep7 Playing With Friends
Ep6 Henry's Health and Safety
Ep6 Busy Days
Ep5 Being Happy With Me
Ep4 Charlie and Eddie
Ep4 Special Jobs
Ep3 Pingy Pongy Pick Up
Ep3 Safe & Sound
Ep2 James in the Dark
Ep2 Helpful Friends
Ep1 Thomas's Tall Friend
Ep1 Clever Ideas
Pingy Pongy Pick Up
Diesel's Special Delivery
O the Indignity
Jitters and Japes
Jumping Jobi Wood!; Thomas and Scruff; O The Indignity
Thomas and Scruff
Henry's Magic Box
Charlie and Eddie
O the Indignity
Pop Goes Thomas

Season 13

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep19 Buzzy Bees
Ep18 Henry's Good Deeds
Ep17 Snow Tracks
Ep16 The Biggest Present of All
Ep10 Helping Hands
Ep9 Out and About
Ep8 Good Deeds
Ep7 Wild Weather
Ep6 Early Bird
Ep6 Giving and Sharing
Ep5 Slippy Sodor
Ep5 Best Times!
Ep4 Double Trouble
Ep4 Marvelous Moments!
Ep3 Tickled Pink
Ep3 Working Well
Ep2 The Lion of Sodor
Ep2 Slips and Trips!
Ep1 Creaky Cranky
Ep1 Friends and Family
Time for a Story
Play Time
Percy's Parcel
The Early Bird
Tickled Pink
Slippy Sodor
Thomas and the Pigs

Season 12

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 Best Friends
Ep18 Percy and the Bandstand
Ep17 Thomas Puts the Brakes On
Ep16 The Man in the Hills
Ep15 Gordon Takes a Shortcut
Ep14 Don't Go Back
Ep13 Tram Trouble
Ep11 Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
Ep10 Saved You!
Ep8 Excellent Emily
Ep7 Toby's Special Surprise
Ep6 Heave Ho Thomas!
Ep5 Henry Gets It Wrong
Ep4 Mountain Marvel
Ep3 Rosie's Fun Fair Special
Ep2 Steady Eddie
Ep1 Thomas and the Billboard
Mountain Marvel; Henry Gets It Wrong; Saved You
Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon; Tram Trouble; Don't Go Back

Season 11

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 Skarloey Storms Through
Ep22 Sir Handel In Charge
Ep15 Hide and Peep
Ep12 Thomas Sets Sail
Ep9 Thomas and the Lighthouse
Ep7 Thomas and the Spaceship
Ep6 Gordon and the Engineer
Ep5 Hector The Horrid
Ep3 Dream On
Ep2 Emily's Rubbish
Ep1 Thomas and the Storyteller

Season 10

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Fearless Freddie
Emily and the Special Coaches
Duncan Drops a Clanger
It's Good to Be Gordon
A Smooth Ride
Emily and the Special Cars
Edward Strikes Out
Duncan's Bluff
Follow that Flour
Big Strong Henry

Season 9

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep5 Just Being You
Ep4 Communication
Ep3 Winter Surprise
Ep1 Chuffing With Pride
Respect for Gordon
Toby Feels Left Out
Thomas and the Toy Shop
Percy and the Oil Painting
Mighty Mac
Thomas and the Rainbow
Rheneas and the Dinosaur
Tuneful Toots
Molly's Special Special
Thomas and the New Engine
Thomas's Milkshake Muddle

Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Being Useful
Ep9 Special Times
Ep8 Slow Down!
Ep7 Laughing Together
Ep6 Helping Each Other
Ep5 Fun in the Snow
Ep4 Happy Engines
Ep3 Learning Together
Ep2 Kindness With Friends
Ep1 Thomas and the Tuba
Ep1 Exciting Friends
Emily's New Route
Don't Tell Thomas
Henry and the Wishing Tree
Edward the Great
Percy's New Whistle
Thomas And The Firework Display
Thomas to the Rescue
Gordon Takes Charge
Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough
James Gets a New Coat

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep82 James and the Queen of Sodor
Ep74 Bad Day at Castle Loch
Ep73 What's the Matter with Henry
Ep65 Gordon and Spencer
Ep64 The Grand Opening
Ep63 Bulgy Rides Again
Ep62 Fergus Breaks the Rules
Ep61 Peace and Quiet
Ep59 The Runaway Elephant
Ep58 Something Fishy
Ep57 Snow Engine
Ep56 Salty's Stormy Tale
Ep55 Toby's Windmill
Ep54 The Spotless Record
Ep53 The Refreshment Lady's Stand
Ep52 Edward's Brass Band
Ep51 Percy Gets It Right
Ep50 Emily's New Coaches
Ep42 Best Dressed Engine
Ep28 The Old Iron Bridge
Ep27 Bill, Ben & Fergus
Rheneas and the Roller Coaster

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep49 Faulty Whistles
Ep48 Rusty Saves the Day
Ep21 Thomas, Percy and the Squeak
Ep20 Toby Had a Little Lamb
Ep19 Buffer Bother
Ep17 Gordon Takes a Tumble
Ep16 Jack Frost
Ep15 James and the Red Balloon
Ep14 The Middle Engine
Ep13 Percy and the Haunted Mine
Ep12 Scaredy Engines
Ep11 The World's Strongest Engine
Ep10 Twin Trouble
Ep9 It's Only Snow
Ep8 A Friend in Need
Ep7 Jack Jumps In
Ep6 The Fogman
Ep5 Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry
Ep4 A Bad Day for Harold
Ep3 No Sleep for Cranky
Ep2 Harvey to the Rescue
Ep1 Salty's Secret
#1 Percy's Chocolate Crunch

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Duncan Gets Spooked
Ep22 Make Someone Happy
Ep20 Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday
Ep17 Thomas and the Rumors
Ep13 Mistakes
Ep12 Adventures
Ep11 Pulling Together
Ep11 Haunted Henry
Ep10 Kindness
Ep9 Presents & Prizes
Ep9 Put Upon Percy
Ep8 Courage
Ep7 Right Tracks
Ep6 Good Turns
Ep6 Gordon and the Gremlin
Ep5 Being Careful
Ep5 James & the Trouble with Trees
Ep4 Good Friends
Ep4 Lady Hatt's Birthday Party
Ep3 Team Work
Ep2 Doing Your Best
Ep1 Cranky Bugs
Ep1 Variety

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Fish
Ep9 Pushing and Pulling
Ep8 Fun and Games
Ep7 Experience
Ep6 Being on Time
Ep5 Sight and Sound
Ep4 Believing
Ep3 The Unexpected
Ep2 Hopes and Dreams
Ep1 New Friends
Ep1 Granpuff
Thomas and the Special Letter

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Thomas and Percy Christmas Adventure
Ep25 Percy, James and the Fruitful Day
Ep20 Tender Engines
Ep19 One Good Turn
Ep17 James Goes Buzz Buzz
Ep16 Edward, Trevor And The Really Useful Party
Ep15 Toby's Tightrope
Ep14 Mavis
Ep14 Feelings
Ep13 Trust Thomas
Ep13 Discovery
Ep12 Thomas, Percy And The Mail Train
Ep12 Strength
Ep11 No Joke For James
Ep11 The Way I See It
Ep10 The Trouble With Mud
Ep10 Favorite Places
Ep9 Big and Small
Ep9 Henry's Forest
Ep8 Diesel Does It Again
Ep8 Navigation
Ep7 Thomas, Percy And The Dragon
Ep7 Imagination
Ep6 Thomas Gets Bumped
Ep6 Old & New
Ep5 Donald's Duck
Ep5 Special Days
Ep4 Friendship
Ep4 Gordon and the Famous Visitor
Ep3 Time For Trouble
Ep3 Clues
Ep2 Percy's Promise
Ep2 Connections
Ep1 A Scarf For Percy
Ep1 Being Reliable

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Thomas And The Missing Christmas Tree
Ep25 Woolly Bear
Ep24 Percy's Ghostly Trick
Ep23 Edward's Exploit
Ep18 Thomas Comes to Breakfast
Ep16 Donald and Douglas
Ep13 Keeping Up with James; Edward's Brass Band; Flour Power
Ep12 Loyalty
Ep11 Bold and Brave; Fergus Breaks the Rules; Skarloey the Brave
Ep10 Thomas's New Trucks; Toby Had a Little Lamb; Duncan and the Old Mijne
Ep9 Emily Knows Best; Gordon Takes a Tumble; Thomas' Day Off
Ep8 Thomas and the Statue; Toby's Windmill; Henry and the Flagpole
Ep7 Thomas Tries His Best; No Sleep for Cranky; the Magic Lamp
Ep6 Thomas and the New Engine; Bulgy Rides Again; Toby Feels Left Out
Ep5 Thomas and the Toy Shop; Something Fishy; Rheneas and the Dinosaur
Ep4 Thomas and the Birthday Picnic; Harold and the Flying Horse; Tuneful Toots
Ep3 Molly's Special Special; Edward the Really Useful Engine; Respect for Gordon
Ep2 Thomas' Milkshake Muddle; Spotless Record; Mighty Mac
Ep1 Percy and the Oil Painting; James and the Red Balloon; Thomas and the Rainbow
Dirty Work

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Gordon Takes a Dip
Ep23 James in a Mess
Ep22 Thomas Breaks the Rules
Ep20 Whistles and Sneezes
Ep19 The Flying Kipper
Ep18 Henry's Special Coal
Ep17 Percy Runs Away
Ep13 Too Hot for Thomas; Salty's Stormy Tale; Percy and the Magic Carpet
Ep12 James Goes Too Far; Three Cheers for Thomas; Chickens to School
Ep11 Halloween; Trusty Rusty; You Can Do It, Toby!
Ep11 Thomas and the Conductor
Ep10 Fish; The Old Iron Bridge; Emily's Adventure
Ep10 A Proud Day for James
Ep9 Thomas Gets It Right; What's the Matter with Henry; As Good as Gordon
Ep8 Squeak, Rattle and Roll; Percy Gets it Right; Thomas and the Circus
Ep8 James Learns a Lesson
Ep7 Spic and Span; Not So Hasty Puddings; Edward the Great
Ep7 Thomas Saves the Day
Ep6 Thomas and the Fireworks; Bill, Ben and Fergus; Gordon Takes Charge
Ep6 Trouble for Thomas
Ep5 A Big Day for Thomas
Ep5 Don't Tell Thomas; James and the Queen of Sodor; Emily's New Route
Ep4 Percy's Big Mistake; Gordon and Spencer; Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough
Ep4 Henry to the Rescue
Ep3 James Gets a New Coat; Best Dressed Engine; Thomas Saves the Day
Ep3 Come Out Henry
Ep2 Thomas to the Rescue; Emily's New Coaches; Henry and the Wishing Tree
Ep2 Edward Helps Out
Ep1 Thomas and the Tuba; Peace and Quiet; Percy's New Whistle
#1 Thomas Gets Tricked

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep88 Don't Give Up
Ep87 Fun on the Farm
Ep86 If a Job's Worth Doing
Ep85 All Together Now
Ep84 A New Friend for Thomas; Percy's Promise; Heroes
Ep83 Friends and Family
Ep80 Directions
Ep79 Spotless Record; Toby's Windmill; Bad Day at Castle Loch
Ep78 What's the Matter with Henry; James and the Queen of Sodor; Refreshment Lady's Stand
Ep72 Edward the Really Useful Engine
Ep70 Hooray for Thomas
Ep68 Trusty Rusty
Ep66 Not So Hasty Puddings
Ep60 Gordon & Spencer; Trusty Rusty; Hooray for Thomas
Ep37 Emily's New Coaches; The Old Iron Bridge; Edward's Brass Band
Ep36 Edward the Really Useful Engine; Rusty Saves the Day; Faulty Whistles
Ep35 Percy's Chocolate Crunch; Buffer Bother; Toby Had a Little Lamb
Ep34 World's Strongest Engine; James and the Red Balloon; Gordon Takes a Tumble
Ep33 Harvey to the Rescue; Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter; Twin Trouble
Ep32 Lady Hatt's Birthday Party; Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday; Duncan gets Spooked
Ep31 Thomas's Winter Tales
Ep21 Buzz Buzz
Ep4 Thomas Gets Tricked
Thomas & Friends
Sodor Surprise Day
Tricked; Helps Out; Dip
Thomas the Jet Engine
Elephant; P&Q; Rules
Coaster; Storm; Fishy
Lesson; Proud; Mess; Buzz
Trouble for Thomas, Thomas Saves the Day, Thomas and the Conductor, Thomas and
It's Only Snow; Thomas and Percy Christmas Adventure; Snow Engine
Come Out Henry; Henry's Special Coat; Whistles & Sneezes; Edward's Exploit; Henry's Forest; Haunted Henry
Bulgy Rides Again; Grand Opening; Best Dressed Engine
Night and Day
Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure; Not So Hasty Puddings
Christmas Party; Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
Thomas: Big Day/Fishing/Tractor
Thomas: Friend/Pop/Late
Thomas: Race/Shed/Tram
Thomas: Bike/Discover/Happy
Thomas And Friends: The Great Discovery
Thomas: Gallant/Rescue/Stepney
Thomas: Toad/Fish/Attraction
Thomas & Friends
Thomas & Friends
Thomas and the Billboard; Steady Eddie; Rosie's Carnival Special
Thomas & Friends
Thomas & Friends
Party Surprise
Thomas & Friends
The Birthday Express
Thomas & Friends
Thomas & Friends
Thomas & Friends
Thomas & Friends
Thomas & Friends
Heave-Ho Thomas!; Toby's Special Surprise; Excellent Emily
New Friends For Thomas
Balloon; Trouble; Go Back
Percy's Parcel; Toby's New Whistle; A Blooming Mess
Creaky Cranky; The Lion of Sodor; Tickled Pink
Shortcut; Hills; Brakes On
Double Trouble; Slippy Sodor; The Early Bird
Diesel's Special Delivery; Pop Goes Thomas; Victor Says Yes
Play Time; Pigs; Story Time
#1 A Big Day For Thomas
Henry's Good Deeds; Buzzy Bees; Hiro Helps Out
Emily's Rubbish; Dream On; Cool Truckings
Hide and Peep; Gordon and the Engineer; Thomas Sets Sail
Tender Engines; Bulgy; Heroes
Gordon Takes a Shortcut; The Man in the Hills; Thomas Puts the Brakes On
#1 Thomas' Snowy Surprise
Sleeping Beauty; Bulldog; Four Little Engines
Trucks; Home At Last; Rock and Roll
Skarloey Storms Through; Thomas and the Lighthouse; Sir Handel in Charge
Christmas Party; Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
Double Trouble; Slippy; Bird
Parcel; New Whistle; Mess
Play Time; Thomas and the Pigs; Time for a Story
Thomas & the Really Brave Engines
As Good as Gordon
Bandstand; Push Me; Friends
Thomas's Tall Friend; James in the Dark; Pingy Pongy Pick Up
Charlie and Eddie; Toby and the Whistling Woods; Henry's Health & Safety
Thomas and the Runaway Kite; Steamy Sodor; Splish, Splash, Splosh
Percy and the Bandstand; Push Me, Pull You; Best Friends
Thomas in Charge; Being Percy; Thomas' Crazy Day
Creaky Cranky; Lion; Tickled
On Site With Thomas
Emily's Rubbish; Dream On; Cool Truckings
Salty's Secret
Make Someone Happy
Double Trouble; Slippy Sodor; The Early Bird
Wash Behind Your Buffers
Play Time; Thomas and the Pigs; Time for a Story
Smoke And Mirrors
Thomas And The Runaway Car
Thomas and the Jet Plane
Thomas And The Stinky Cheese
Harvey to the Rescue
Double Trouble; Slippy Sodor; The Early Bird
A Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter
Fearless Freddie
Which Way Now
Toby's Triumph
Thomas And The Big Bang
Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out
Don't Be Silly Billy
Thomas and the Shooting Star
Faulty Whistles
Double Trouble; Slippy Sodor; The Early Bird
Wharf and Peace
Thomas in Charge
Edward And The Mail
Being Percy
Thomas's Crazy Day
Duncan Does It All
Toby and the Whistling Woods
Merry Winter Wish; Thomas and the Snowman Party; Merry Misty Island
Merry Winter Wish; Thomas and the Snowman Party; Merry Misty Island
Jumping Jobi Wood
Calm Down, Caitlin
Lost And Found
Emily And Dash
Percy The Snowman
Topped Off Thomas
Seeing the Sights
Surprise Surprise
Sticky Toffee Thomas
Thomas and the Birthday Mail
Toby's Afternoon Off
Kite; Steamy Sodor; Splish
Thomas and the Colours
Toby's New Shed
James the Second Best
Percy's New Friends
Thomas' Frosty Friend
The Green Controller
Wash Behind your Buffers
Duncan Does It All
Sir Handel in Charge
Percy And The Left Luggage
Percy and the Bandstand
Thomas and the Rubbish Train
Henry's Lucky Day
Happy Birthday, Sir!
Cool Truckings
Thomas And The Treasure
Don't Bother Victor
Ding - A - Ling
Emily's Winter Party Special
Calling All Engines
Thomas and the Snowman Party
Percy's Chocolate Crunch
Thomas and the Runaway Kite
Ho Ho Ho Snowman
Thomas Gets Tricked
Emily's Adventure
Splish Splash Splosh
The Magic Lamp
Squeak, Rattle and Roll
Skarloey the Brave
Missing Trucks
Henry and the Flagpole
Thomas's Tricky Tree
Thomas Saves The Day
Percy's Parcel
Saving Edward
Spic and Span
Chickens to School
Play Time
You Can Do It, Toby!
Duncan and the Old Mine
Thomas Gets It Right
Percy's Big Mistake
Percy and the Magic Carpet
Thomas and the Golden Eagle
Steamy Sodor
Thomas's Day Off
Thomas and the Pigs
The Early Bird
Thomas and the Circus
Bold and Brave
Flour Power
Thomas Tries His Best
Push Me, Pull You
Percy at the Funfair
Toby's New Whistle
James Goes Too Far
The Party Surprise
Thomas and the Statue
Too Hot for Thomas
Thomas's New Trucks
Thomas and the Birthday Picnic
Emily Knows Best
Time for a Story
James Works It Out
A Blooming Mess
Keeping Up With James
Hiro Helps Out
Skarloey Storms Through
Gordon and the Mechanic; Thomas & the Storyteller
Gordon and Ferdinand; Toby and Bash; Emily and Dash
Percy's New Friends; Edward the Hero; James to the Rescue
Creaky Cranky; The Lion of Sodor; Tickled Pink
James to the Rescue
Spills and Chills
#1 Thomas and the Really Brave Engines
Mud Glorious Mud
Track Stars
Thomas and His Friends Get Along
#1 The Toy Workshop
Come Ride the Rails
Sing-a-long and Stories
Steamies vs. Diesels
#1 Thomas and the Jet Engine
Songs from the Station
Percy and the Dragon
Railway Friends
On Site With Thomas
Best of James
Percy Saves the Day
Thomas and His Friends Help Out
New Friends With Thomas
Ultimate Christmas
Toby and Bash
Thomas' Snowy Suprise
Tales from the Tracks
Races, Rescues, and Runaways
Salty's Secret
#1 Best of Gordon
Best of Thomas
Happy Hiro
Harold and the Flying Horse
Luke's New Friend
The Lost Puff
Too Many Fire Engines
Henry's Hero
Percys New Friend
Edward The Hero
James To The Rescue
Thomas And Friends 71 30mins
Big Belle; Kevin the Steamie; Wonky Whistle
Spencer the Grand; Stop that Bus; Stuck on You
Not Now, Charlie
Kevin's Cranky Friend
Wayward Winston
Scruff's Makeover
Bill or Ben?
Gordon Runs Dry
Steamie Stafford
The Switch
The Phantom Express
Thomas in a Fix
Percy's Lucky Day
James Goes Buzz Buzz
James & the Red Balloon
Emily and Dash
Thomas, Percy & the Dragon
Hooray For Thomas
Edward the Very Useful Engine
Not So Hasty Pudding
Dunkin Duncan
Luke's New Friend
Calm Down Caitlin
Henry's Hero
Toby and Bash
The Lost Puff
Thomas And The Birthday Mail
Thomas And The Treasure
Thomas And The Jet Plane
The Sounds Of Sodor
Santa's Little Engine
Thomas and the Garbage Train
S17 No Snow For Thomas
Muddy Waters
Whiffs Wish
Wharf And Peace
Tricks and Tales
Tricks and Tales
Taking Turns
Snow Stops Play
Tinsel and Trains
Spooky Charms
Peace & Quiet
Someone to Look Up To
Just Be Yourself
Fire & Water
Look & Listen
Let It Snow
Buffer Brother

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length
S6 |

Percy's Chocolate Crunch

Airdate: 6/10/06
Percy gets covered in all sorts of things, so Sir Toppham Hatt rewards him with a washdown and a new paint job.

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