Winx Club

  • 2011

Teenage friends battle witches in a magical world. Originating in Italy, this Nickelodeon version of the series features a different voice cast than FOX's version.


Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep16 Zombie Invasion
Ep15 Mystery of Calavera
Ep14 Mythix
Ep13 The Fairy Godmother
Ep12 Shimmer in the Shadows
Ep11 Broken Dreams
Ep10 The Secret Greenhouse
Ep9 Shrine of the Green Dragon
Ep8 Attack of the Sphinx
Ep7 The Lost Library
Ep6 Vortex of Flames
Ep5 The Golden Auditorium
Ep4 Bloomix Power
Ep3 The Flying School
Ep2 The Legendarium
Ep1 Inspiration of Sirenix

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 The End of Tritannus
Ep25 Battle for the Infinite Ocean
Ep24 Saving Paradise Bay
Ep23 The Shark's Eye
Ep22 Listen to Your Heart
Ep21 A Perfect Date
Ep20 The Problems of Love
Ep19 The Singing Whales
Ep18 The Devourer
Ep17 Faraway Reflections
Ep16 The Eclipse
Ep15 The Pillar of Light
Ep14 The Emperor's Throne
Ep13 A Magix Christmas
Ep12 Sirenix
Ep11 Test of Courage
Ep10 Trix Tricks
Ep9 The Gem of Empathy
Ep8 Secret of the Ruby Reef
Ep7 The Shimmering Shells
Ep6 The Power of Harmonix
Ep5 The Sirenix Book
Ep4 Return to Alfea
Ep3 The Rise of Tritannus
Ep2 The Spill
Ep1 The Lilo

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Duel in the Omega Dimension
Ep25 Home at Last
Ep24 The Wizards Trap
Ep23 Bloom's Challenge
Ep22 Aurora's Tower
Ep21 The Fairy of Justice
Ep20 Diana's Redemption
Ep19 In the Amazon Forest
Ep18 Diana's Attack
Ep17 Island Tricks
Ep16 The Virtual Hideout
Ep15 The New Witch in Town
Ep14 Bringing Magic Back
Ep13 Roxy's Energy
Ep12 The Pets' Pursuit
Ep11 Superheroes
Ep10 The Audition
Ep9 Nebula's White Circle
Ep8 Hidden in the Country
Ep7 I Believe in You
Ep6 A Fairy Found
Ep5 Ogron's Spell
Ep4 Magic Pets
Ep3 Winx on Earth
Ep2 Fear in Pixie Village
Ep1 The Wizards of the Black Circle

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 The Final Battle
Ep29 Valtor's Fury
Ep28 Seeking the Truth
Ep27 The Water Stars
Ep26 Finding Your Way
Ep25 Beyond the Magic Dimension
Ep24 The Pixies Fight Back
Ep23 Back to Solaria
Ep22 The Museum of Magic
Ep21 The Omega Mission
Ep20 Building Hope
Ep19 Dragon Quest
Ep18 Revenge!
Ep17 Tecna's Sacrifice
Ep16 A Journey to Lynphea
Ep15 Facing the Enemy
Ep14 Taking Over Cloudtower
Ep13 Breaking the Mask
Ep12 Diaspro's Deception
Ep11 Heroes of the Past
Ep10 Aisha's Courage
Ep9 Andros in Danger
Ep8 Stella's Truth
Ep7 Monster's Escape
Ep6 Valtor's Plan
Ep5 The Perfect Dress
Ep4 The Shadow Phoenix
Ep3 The Battle for Magix
Ep2 Revenge of the Trix
Ep1 Winx Club

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep7 The New Witch in Town; The Virtual Hideout
Ep5 Superheroes; The Pet's Persuit
Ep4 I Believe in You; Hidden in the Country
Ep3 Ogron's Spell; A Fairy Found
Ep2 Winx on Earth; Magic Pets
Ep1 Wizards of the Black Circle; Fear in Pixie Village
Attack of the Sphinx
The Music Café
The Music Café
Shrine of the Green Dragon
Winx Club: The Battle for Magix
Winx Club: The Battle for Magix
The Anthem
The Lost Library
The Fairy Of Justice
The Pets Pursuit
Winx On Earth
Magic Pets
Winx on Earth
Facing the Enemy
I Believe In You
Island Tricks
Hidden In The Country
Stella's Big Party
Queen for a Day
The Anthem
Test Of Courage
Diana's Attack
The Magic Totem
A Monster Crush
The Curse of Fearwood
The Secret Greenhouse
Shrine of the Green Dragon; The Secret Greenhouse
The Lost Library; Attack of the Sphinx
Bloomix Power; The Golden Auditorium

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